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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kajang Country Heights

We had a family weekend getaway in Kajang Country Heights with Mah-Mah, Yeh-Yeh, Koo-Ma and cousin Hayley. We stayed in a 3-room villa which looked like this...

It's a nice place with lush greenery, scenic lakes and beautiful landscaping.

We also went to the Allamanda Putrajaya mall in the afternoon and drove around Putrajaya city.

In the evening, we went swimming in the resort's pool. It was fun! I refused to get off the pool and wailed loudly when daddy carried me up.

At night, we went to Kajang town for satay. I didn't like it. I couldn't finish even 1 stick! Mummy kept grumbling about my "poor taste" and my lack of enthusiasm in trying out new food.

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Little Playmate

I have very poor social skills. I just don't know how to mingle and play with other kids. Today, cousin Leanne paid us a half-day visit.

I was supposed to play with her and keep her entertained but I just sat there like a piece of log instead. Most of the time, I just watched and oberved her from afar. This is how unfriendly I am.

After an hour or so, I finally went near her and gave her a hug (that also after being told a thousand times by mummy to do so).

After breaking the ice, I did play with her a bit. Later, both of us were exhausted but refused to sleep due to the excitement of each other's presence... not even after taking our milk together...

We did sleep soundly after saying goodbye to each other. It was good to have a playmate. I hope Leanne will come and visit me more often.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Daddy is a bookaholic. Mummy is a book-shopaholic. I guess I'm also a book-related-something-holic in the making.

Here are some book-related facts about me:

- Mummy has been reading to me since I was a newborn
- I could sit still, listen and "concentrate" on mummy's reading from as young as 7 months old
- Trained from young to love books, I rarely tear of damage them (except for a few)
- After turning 2, I "graduated" from baby board-books to "normal" books, mainly story-based or something with interesting rhymes
- I love almost any books, including boring books for adults with no pictures and colourful magazines. I enjoy flipping them.
- I bring my favourite books to bed with me every night

Proudly posing with some of my books here

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Gingerbread Man

One of my favourite stories is The Gingerbread Man. Since I love it so much, mummy decided to make one for me (also fake and shortcut), with just plain cut-out bread.

Although it didn't look proportionately good, I ADORED it like it was made of gold...

Wholemealbread Man with raisin eyes, cranberry mouth and sunflower-seed buttons

Play-play with him and then eat him up! Yum-yum...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ugly but Funny

Here's one of the "gu ling jing guai" (weird) faces that I like to make... Though ugly, it's somehow funny and entertaining to watch.

Acting silly while eating some oats cereal

Thursday, November 13, 2008

27 Months Old

I am 27 months old today.

- Height: 92cm
Weight: Approximately 14 kg

- Able to re-tell stories in my own words

- Can answer simple comprehension questions pertaining to my favourite stories such as "What happened to the gingerbread man in the end?" "What are the names of the 3 little piggies?" "The ugly duckling grew up and turned into a ...."

- Daytime diaper-free

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've always loved strawberries so I absolutely enjoyed those big, juicy (but not that sweet) strawberries that we bought from Cameron Highlands.

Strawberry in fake chocolate fondue... just dip it in Milo powder

Mmm... yum-yum

Happy, satisfied and "comot"

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cameron Highlands

We made a trip up to Cameron Highlands from 9-11 Nov. Koo-koo came along with us too. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable holiday. We left home at 7am so that we could reach Ipoh on time for breakfast. After a sumptuous and satisfying breakfast (plus take-aways for lunch), we proceeded our journey to CH via the Simpang Pulai route.

We stayed at the Equatorial Hotel. It was quite a comfy 2-room apartment.

The next day, we spent the whole day out, visiting many places of interest while enjoying the cool, fresh air, scenery and food. Here are just some of them...

At the Kea Farm market: We came here twice, as it was just beside our hotel. First visit was just to jalan-jalan and the second time, to shop!

At a flower and cactus nursery: Cacti and flowers everywhere...

Strawberries galore: Took photos with a giant strawberry, saw real strawberry plants, bought strawberry souvenirs and fruits, ate strawberry cake, strawberry tart, strawberry ice-cream and drank strawberry smoothies & juices.

We had tea at a cafe overlooking a tea plantation: That's me enjoying the breath-taking view.

The Ye Olde Smokehouse: Admiring the beautiful English-style garden instead of "wasting time" looking at the camera...

At a park in Tanah Rata: Where is that Parit Waterfall? We couldn't find it so we settled for these giant fruits and vegetables instead...

We went home via the Tapah road. On the way, we saw Lata Iskandar, a lovely waterfall and just had to make a stop. It was my first time at a waterfall. However, the water was too cold so it was absolutely No Swimming and mummy only allowed me to dip my feet in it.

Overall, it was a fun trip with a very well-tolerated journey. I didn't have any motion sickness (cos daddy was a superb driver hehehe) and enjoyed myself very much.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sleep Talking and Crying

I talk and cry in my sleep very often, so often until daddy and mummy are already immuned to it and don't bother to entertain me anymore... (esp when they are in sweet slumberland)

However, early this morning, my crying was exceptionally loud and non-stop. I kept crying for "Elmo CD, Elmo CD, want my Elmo CD, Elmo CD, want Elmo CD, Elmo CD......................" like a broken record.

I was really annoying so daddy had no choice but to bring me to my CD collection. After a quick rummage, I brought these 2 "gems" back into the room and went back to sleep. *Daddy & mummy shake their heads... sigh*

What a princess! I arranged the CDs side by side like this and went back to sleep

Monday, November 3, 2008

Spicy Girl

I had my first taste of banana leaf rice today. It was a free meal!

The Stare - when the Uncle Boss (jokingly) asked for my order, I gave him the most alluring stare and earned myself a mini serving of rice and vege - on the house!

When told to eat with my hands, I kept asking for a spoon. Later when I saw everyone else eating with their hands, I followed suit too.

The vege dhal was mildly spicy but I ate it without a fuss. Although I just had a bowl of porridge at home, I had no problem with this spicy meal (+ 2 pieces of poppadum) and ate more than half of what was served to me. It was delicious!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Answering Timer's Call

Some things are just meant to be misused. For example, in our home, the kitchen timer is wrongly used for a different kind of production.

It's been 3 weeks since I started my potty-training course. Unfortunately, there have been too many "accidents" throughout those weeks. Feeling a little fed-up of cleaning up my mess, mummy decided to use a kitchen timer to set a specific time for me to do my business.

Like it or not, I have to do my (small) business everytime I hear the bell (set to ring at 30-45 minute intervals depending on how much water I drink). Therefore, I'm no longer answering the call of nature but answering the call of the kitchen timer. Hahaha! The most important thing is, it works! No more messy "accidents".

Nowadays, I can even reset the timer on my own for an extended time if it rings and I don't have the urge to pee yet.

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