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Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Weekend Getaway

We went for a 2D1N weekend getaway in the Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel in KL last weekend. After postponing the stay a few times earlier due to daddy's busy-ness, we finally made it there on Saturday (29 Oct).

I love hotel stays!

The lobby of the hotel looked quite impressive

Daddy bought the hotel package early this year (we still have another night's stay in the Holiday Inn Glenmarie)

The room was pleasant and cosy

After checking-in to the room, we did not go anywhere but spent the whole day relaxing there. We buried ourselves in books, watched tv and stuffed ourselves silly with biscuits, msg-free potato chips and fruits brought from home. I also brought along my homework bag and kept myself very busy with homework :)

Dunno what motivated me so much... I spent HOURS doing homework (workbooks) quietly by myself in the hotel room!

Playtime with daddy dearest *so happy*


I kept pestering mummy for a bubble bath! (We scrapped the idea of going swimming because the hotel did not have a children's wading pool!)

At 7pm sharp, we went for the BBQ Seafood-Night Rendezvous buffet dinner at the Planters' Inn

Some of the scrumptious spread

I was very hungry and walloped everything on these two plates... plus some desserts too

Some of the food that daddy and mummy took... they enjoyed the dinner very much!

While daddy and mummy spent 2.5 hours eating to their hearts' content, I just waited patiently... I was bored to tears *yawn* but I did not complain or hurry them until they were ready to leave hehe!


Burning the midnight oil... Back at the room, after dinner and before bedtime, I continued to do my homework... without being told to :)

The following day, we had lunch at the Planters' Inn again to be eligible for the complimentary cake. We ordered and shared two Japanese rice sets with grilled salmon. 

Our simple, healthy and yummy rice sets , also served with fresh fruits (not in the picture)

Delicious grilled salmon

A clown made this for me!

We finally got the cake! It looked big and felt rather heavy too...

It was "upgraded" to a 2kg Black Forest cake. Quite yummy but a tad too sweet... we brought it back to Mah-mah's house to share it with the rest of our family members :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

2nd Parents-Teacher Conference

First of all, Miss S (my class teacher) mentioned that my social skills have improved a bit. She noticed that although I do attempt to be friendly towards the teachers, I still make minimal conversation with them. However, I am okay with my peers. I appear to be very chatty and playful when I am with my friends. She even mentioned Aaron's name in my report card, saying that I get very "hyper" whenever I am playing with him! *mummy rolls eyes*

As for my studies, I am still above the rest in class (quoting Miss S's remark in my report card). I am able to do all my school work independently. I am quite advanced in Maths and Reading (English). I told one of my friends that our reading book (Book 2) is too simple and boring. I can read everything in it from cover to cover even before it is taught in class! Little did I know that this friend of mine actually "reported" my comment to Miss S haha.

Miss S also mentioned that I have improved a lot in my Bahasa Malaysia. I am able to read and understand simple sentences now. In the first semester, I was still struggling a bit with my sukukata (due to confusion between English phonics).

My statistics... I think my attendance is quite good... I was only absent for 7 days in the whole academic year (3 of the days were because I ponteng-ed to go to Cherating and Melbourne) 

Next year, I will be joining the K2 Mandarin where all the subjects (except for English and BM) will be taught in Mandarin. According to my Mandarin teacher, there will be a lot of reading and writing to do. I better brush up on my spoken Mandarin lest I get lost or left behind in class!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Little Sweet Treats

I just love it everytime daddy comes home from work and says "I have something for you". This would send me running to him eagerly with both my hands cupped while daddy rummages his backpack for the little goodies that he has brought home for me.

More... more... more... just hearing the sound of the rustling plastic wrappers excites me!

Thanks to daddy's very generous visiting colleagues from abroad and colleagues who have just returned from business trips abroad, he never fails to receive something from them. Here is Part 2 of our collection... (Part 1 is here).

The most common goodies are chocolates from the U.S.

Fruit strips from the U.S

More chocolates from the U.S

Durian chips and durian egg rolls from Bangkok

Goodies from Japan and U.S

Snacks from Japan... scallop and black sesame rice craker

More chocolates!!

A big bar of chocolate from Australia (the Astro remote control is for size comparison)

Once, he also came back with a bag of goodies... (from a hamper that daddy's team had won in a team-building activity)

Junkies! Somebody was very, very happy that night haha! (somebody who's very deprived of junk food, of course :p)

Since daddy usually comes home when I am having my dinner, these sweets often become my motivation to finish dinner fast! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

My First Concert

My kindergarten's 30th Annual Concert was held last Saturday (15th Oct) at the Auditorium of The PJ Civic Hall. It started very punctually at 4:30pm sharp and ended about two hours later (as per the time stated in the concert programme). Each pupil was given 3 invitations so Koo-koo came along with us too.

In my dance costume... glittering white and silver sequined-top (with sexy bare-back), pink skirt and matching pink and white ribbons for my hair

More poses... 

The concert was held at the Dewan Sivik Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya

Koo-koo helped to doll me up before I was ushered to the backstage

The opening song performed by the K2 pupils from all centres - The Heat Is On

I took part in the birthday-themed performance called Sam's Party. It was the first item in the programme lineup. This was my very first public performance as well as my very first appearance on stage... in front of a large crowd. I did not experience any stage fright and did okay... phew! 

Hooray-ing after "Passing the Parcel" in Sam's Party.

Doing the "Hokey Pokey"

Doing the "Chicken Dance"

Video of my little friends and I doing the Chicken Dance

Some of the very lively and entertaining dances performed by pupils from different P&J centres

The grand finale... performed by all the pupils and teachers (I was hidden somewhere at the back). We sang "Ge Wu Huan Chang", Enjoy Yourself and Voice of Tomorrow

The concert ended with a big bang... with the popping of confetti and "balloon rain"

The hall was flooded with balloons...

... but mummy only allowed me to take one home

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Love You, Aaron!

That was what I hollered (loud and audible enough to be heard at least two houses away) at the front gate of Aaron's house yesterday afternoon!

Aaron is my kindy classmate, best friend and playmate. We've known each other since last year. Somehow, we get along very well and enjoy each other's company very much (he's also an only child... lonely like me). Yesterday, we went out on our very first "date" (chaperoned by our mummies, of course) right after our school's concert rehearsal at an auditorium in town.

When it was time to say goodbye after spending half a day together, I blurted "I love you, Aaron" as naturally as "Goodbye Aaron, see you tomorrow". Both our mummies chuckled in amusement the moment I said that. While mummy found my "love declaration" innocently cute and funny, daddy found it "inappropriate". He "shame-shamed" me when mummy related the story to him. Hahaha!

What's so funny? We laughed and talked and laughed and talked non-stop in the car

Our concert rehearsal

Playing a board game together (we went to Jaya One for lunch after the concert rehearsal)

We shared a plate of spaghetti carbonara. After lunch, we also went grocery shopping together :)

Aaron and I reading a book together in our house during the last school holidays

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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