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Friday, June 29, 2012

JMC 1 Mini Concert

Yesterday was a very busy Thursday for me. I woke up at 6:30am to participate in my kindergarten's 3rd field trip of the year. We went to a pizza restaurant where I made my very first pizza (coming up in another post).

Upon reaching home at 3pm, I was forced to take a nap so that I could be "re-charged" for another big event later in the evening.... it was my music class (Yamaha JMC Book 1) mini concert where I had to perform a solo singing presentation and play a repertoire piece on the piano.

I felt very confident and at ease (mummy was obviously more stressed than me!) and I wanted to be the last to perform when my teacher asked for volunteers...

Finally, it was my turn. I was really the last to perform...

Teacher S helped me with my self-introduction

A few of my classmates suffered from severe case of stage-fright where they cried and refused to perform. Mummy was worried that I would follow suit but I turned out to be all cool, calm and steady. Overall, I did quite well but I was very stiff during my solo singing presentation of The Whales' Sneezes. I did not do any actions and I couldn't remember some of the lyrics. My mind was quite blank although I have been practicing hard for this. I was very, very nervous and it was clearly written all over me...

...I clutched on to my skirt like this throughout my performance @_@ 

Playing A Cuckoo Clock on the piano

Phew!! I'm so glad it's all over now! *ran happily back to my seat*

My performance was not excellent but it was not too bad either. For an extremely shy and timid person like me, it was considered good already. My Cuckoo Clock performance on the piano was also mistake-free. Daddy and mummy were very proud of me! 

After the "concert", we had a party, sort of like a mini makan-makan session along one of the narrow corridors of the music studio. It was a pot-luck party and mummy and I contributed this...

J.pops... baby donuts from J.Co

Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 Days In A Row

Daddy and mummy rarely bring me to the cinemas. Mummy thinks it's a waste of money to go out for movies since we've already subscribed to the movie channels at home (nevermind if they are not the latest movies). However, last week was an exception. We watched movies in the cinema not once, not twice but thrice... 3 days in a row actually.

What prompted us into this "movie marathon" was the FREE movie screenings (for 5 days) by GSC in conjunction with their new opening in Paradigm Mall last week. The movie list was quite limited, more so when I could only watch those rated U or PG13. We ended up watching Mirror Mirror on day 1, Star Wars: Episode 1 (in 3D) on day 2 and John Carter on day 3.

The only movie I enjoyed watching from beginning to end was Mirror Mirror. As for the other two, I did not understand the storyline but I managed to sit still, stay awake and keep quiet throughout the show :)

Wearing the 3D glasses for kids (to watch Star Wars)... cool, eh? 

Shaved ice for dessert at Tong Pak Fu before watching one of the movies

(Not many photos to share cos mummy did not bring the camera with her. She only took a few with her phone)

Monday, June 18, 2012

I Love Daddy!

A Father's Day Special was held in my kindergarten on 14th June (Thursday). Just like the previous 2 years, daddy went to school with me to attend this special event. The theme for this year was Cheerful in Yellow...

Daddy and I donning our favourite yellow outfits

Doing the daddy-daughter activity together... guess what did we make?

A simple doughnut decoration... spreading and sprinkling toppings on it :)

Done! Can I have it, daddy?

I love you, you love me...

There was also a special assembly as usual where we answered questions about our dads, sang some "daddy songs" and did action songs together.

D is for Daddy, D is for Doughnut... 

...and the doughnut is all MINE!

The doughnut was supposed to be for daddy but he saved it for me. Mummy brought it home and kept it in the fridge so that I could have it for my afternoon snack. Yummy!

On the actual Father's Day (which was yesterday), I made a card for daddy and we had a simple dinner in Sakae Sushi. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

School Holidays Random Photos

During the 2-week school holidays, I did not go anywhere and stayed at home most of the time. I did very little homework/reading but spent a lot of time watching tv, playing with iPad games, practicing my piano, playing with my toys etc. Besides sitting at home, I went on a few outings too...

Shopping Malls
Most of our outings were spent hanging out at malls (mainly to enjoy the free air-con because it's too hot at home). The newly opened Paradigm Mall is currently the nearest "decent mall"  to our home and we have already been there 6 times since it's opening about a month ago. 

People-watching at Paradigm Mall

Look at this cute, fanciful and tiny little umbrella!

Jump-jump and play-play in Publika

Hitching a ride on Yeh-Yeh's rented motorized buggy in 1 Utama

We spent 3D2N in Seremban, and did the usual stuff of jalan-jalan, makan-makan and having a good time with Ah Ma and Gung-gung.

Morning walk at the Seremban Lake Garden

 Blast from the past... daddy bought me an outdated toy, the Brick Game... it's so obsolete that it costs only RM2.90!

I had two playdates with cousin Leanne and one with Aaron, my classmate and best friend.

At Leanne's house... I miss my baby Stride to Ride so much that everytime I'm there, I will surely ride on it although I'm already too big for it.

Playing the with Aaron at home

An Evening in KLCC
We made another impromptu trip to KLCC again. Instead of taking the straight-forward and convenient LRT there, we took the Commuter (interchanged to LRT at KL Sentral) just because I wanted to sit on the "train".

"Pole dancing" in the train

Spent hours playing in the KLCC playground

Very nice musical fountain at night

We ate out quite often... mummy was in a holiday mood too and was lazy to cook on many occasions tsk tsk tsk...

Hi-tea buffet at The Living Room, Westin KL

First time trying clam chowder in an edible bowl (made of bread)... yummy!

Had KFC breakfast for the first time in my life... it was daddy & mummy's first time too!

Family dinner at an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant. Yeh Yeh loved this place so much that we actually dined here twice within a month!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hotel Stay at PGH

The 2-week school holiday is fast coming to an end. We did not go anywhere and spent most of our time staying at home and hanging out at nearby malls. Going for a 2D1N stay at the Palace of the Golden Horses was about the only "holiday destination" that we had. We were there from 29-30th May.

Running round and round along the circle at the lobby while daddy was checking in

PGH is a hotel that I am very familiar with. Daddy and mummy have been bringing me here (almost every year) since I was a newborn. This year, the hotel had a new look. The room was newly refurbished and we loved it very much...

The rooms looked brighter with their white-gold-beige-grey colour scheme 

Daddy booked 2 adjoining rooms and we had all the 3 beds to ourselves!

Of course, swimming is a must-do activity in all our hotel stays

There were 2 water slides and I went on both of them many times.... I think more than 20 times in total

We drove to the nearby Mines shopping mall for dinner. I loved the spacious play area of the kopitiam where we dined in

The next morning, I "demanded" for a bubble bath because I saw mummy enjoying hers the night before

After bath, it was homework time!

After an extended late check-out at 2pm, we left the car at the hotel and walked to the mini jetty in the hotel compound. I wanted to go on a boat-ride and have been requesting for this since the day before.

We took a boat to the Mines shopping mall... again.

Enjoying my boat-ride... this 10-minute ride cost daddy RM24 (RM8 per pax for everyone above age 3)

The boat that we sat on

The splash park of the Mines Shopping Fair

I spotted this playland in the amusement centre and gazed into mummy's eyes for approval. At only RM3 per entry with unlimited play time, it was difficult for her to say no. Besides, I am going to outgrow this kind of playland very soon. 

Needless to say, I had a blast here... jumping, crawling, sliding, laughing and having loads of fun although I was playing all alone...

From the mall, we took a hotel shuttle back to the hotel to get our car. One last photo before we headed home...

Doing the golden horse gallop...

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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