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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crazy Over The Smurfs

I have fallen deeply in love with The Smurfs, thanks to mummy who kept "influencing" me into liking it just because it was her favourite childhood cartoon. It all started after she bought a DVD of old cartoon collection for herself besides the (then) latest animated movie DVD.

When I watched it with her, I was immediately hooked to the cartoon and claimed the DVD as mine haha!

Daddy has since added 2 more DVDs to my collection (more to come, maybe?)... I just can't stop watching them. I can watch them all day if only mummy allows me to (of course she doesn't!)

Soon, I was constantly on the look out for Smurfs merchandises whenever we went shopping BUT I never asked for any of them. I was happy with just looking at them. I even told mummy "This Smurf soft toy is so cute but I have so many soft toys at home so I don't want lah" and "This Smurf stationary set is so nice but I have so many of these at home so I don't want lah" I'm quite a sensible girl :)

And then... I spotted this in Cold Storage and pestered mummy for it! (simply because I didn't have it at home hehe) 

Mummy bought this Smurf biscuits for me, also from Cold Storage... very crunchy and addictive!

The biscuits that came with a free cute tattoo

Clumsy Smurf tattoo... 

Reading a Smurfs book in a bookshop

We also made Clumsy Smurf with Pyssla beads...

Look, I've turned into a Smurf! Nice, eh?

Here is the template for the Pyssla beads Clumsy Smurf that mummy "curi" from here (No, she did not make this on her own!)

Mummy did the outline for me and I filled in the blue and white part. It was tedious work for me! *wipes sweat*

Clumsy Smurf ready to be "ironed"... 

Every night, I go to bed with this Clumsy Pyssla beads placed next to me and say "I want to dream sweet Smurf dreams tonight" :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Emergency Hairwash at 3a.m

A midnight disaster happened early this morning... I threw up suddenly while I was in my deep slumber. It happened so unexpectedly that I did not have time to reach for my "vomit bucket", which was conveniently placed right beside my pillow.

When mummy heard the all-too-familiar sound and came over to check on me, she gasped in horror! Almost half of the hair on my head was covered in thick, slimy, chunky, stinky muck! I must have vomited in a lying-down position. Feeling helpless and panic-stricken, she did not know what to do to clean me up. Wiping was out of the question because the mess was too extensive so she led me to the bathroom and gave me a good scrub... hairwash and bath... at an ungodly hour of 3a.m in the morning! The stench was so unbearable (and lingering) that mummy had to shampoo my hair twice!

Soiled! 90% of the time, disasters like this happens on a freshly changed bedsheet, including this one... ggrrrrr!

At the same time when this happened, mummy was also awaken by an allergy reaction which caused her whole body to break out in itchy, patchy rashes. She was sleepless the whole night and was scratching the night away before she came over to attend to me.

The itchiness drove mummy up the wall!

Mummy is still trying to figure out what has caused both our bodies to react so adversely. We did not eat anything new or unusual. Earlier in the evening, we had some coffeeshop food in a kopitiam at The Curve and we just ate ordinary stuff like toasted bread with kaya and butter, plain chee cheong fun and nasi lemak. Daddy ate the same stuff too but he was alright *baffled*

Anyway, mummy is glad that my body has efficiently expelled whatever toxin it was. I woke up feeling fine and I'm not sick. Oh yes, before resuming my sleep, I also apologized to mummy (for giving her work to do) and thanked her for cleaning me up :) 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Holiday Buddies

Since the school holiday started, I've had quite a number of play-dates with friends. I played with Aaron (my classmate and best friend) most often because we lived nearby. We met almost weekly in each other's house to do nothing but PLAY and have fun!

The 3 Musketeers... with Aaron and Owen (also my classmate) in Aaron's house

I love playing with boys and I get along exceptionally well with them (it's rather obvious that I'm not a girlie girl)

Aaron's mummy prepared a healthy and yummy lunch for us... homemade pizza!

Aaron also came to our house a few times to play

Engrossed in V.Smile... we always waited for our turns and never fought

Aaron is a good lunch-mate too... whenever he's around, I ate a lot faster hehe (got competition)

Morning workout... cycling together in a neighbourhood park

Playground buddy

We also took the LRT to Amcorp Mall and spent some time reading together in BookXcess :)

I also had a great time meeting and playing with other friends outside home...

Having a ball of a time in Ikea's Smaland with Yan Yan and Heng Heng

Had lunch together in Sakae Sushi

Playground and kiddy rides with cousin Leanne

Shopping outing with Philip

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Follow-up Eye Check-up

After one month of wearing glasses, I went back to see the eye specialist (Dr S) again. Daddy and mummy were very delighted to be told that my vision has improved a lot! The specs has also helped to offset my lazy eyes. Dr S commended on my significant improvement a few times. However, I will have to continue wearing my specs and Dr S will monitor my condition closely. She will see me again (next check up) in another 8 months' time to determine if the MyoVision lens is necessary for me.

That's me sitting in the most unladylike manner tsk tsk tsk *mummy rolls eyes* I was watching Mr Bean on tv, feeling very at home while waiting to get my eyes checked at the eye specialist centre...

Eye tests again!

Friday, December 23, 2011

'Tis The Season To Go Mall Hopping

Mummy and I have been spending lots and lots of time in the malls this school holidays... we hit the malls at least 3 times a week. Most of the time, it is just the 2 of us but sometimes, we meet up with some friends as well. 

The Curve/Ikano/Ikea/Tesco is our most frequently visited mall. We can never get bored of this place :p

Christmas decoration in The Curve

A few weeks ago, I had a playdate with Yan Yan and Heng Heng

3-in-1... all three of us squeezed ourselves on this kiddy ride. Luckily the dog could still move hehe!

A Swedish Christmas in IPC

Christmas decoration in Sunway Pyramid

Every year, we "drive-thru" the streets just outside Sunway Pyramid to see the beautiful lights at night

Bright and colourful!

Christmas decoration in 1 Utama

Very nice "Under the Sea" theme

Since KL is out of mummy's "driving range", we were very happy to "tumpang" Aunty Rachel's car and tagged along on her trip to Pavilion and Midvalley last week. I got along very well with Philip and we played and talked a lot!

Sharing a joke with Philip

Christmas decoration in Pavilion

The main attraction here was the carousel (for me)

... albeit it was quite a lousy one with no music and the horses looked rather "old"

The United Buddy Bears... a must-visit since we were already in Pavilion

There were so many (143) of them, I couldn't decide which one to take photo with!

Alright, just settle with this Malaysia one lah

Christmas decoration in Midvalley Megamall

We bumped into cousin ZK at the maze... what a pleasant surprise! 

Oh yes, not forgetting Citta Mall too. This is the most boring mall to me but mummy goes there almost every week for groceries...

Outdoor Christmas decoration in Citta Mall

Aaron and I "pak-tho-ing" in Citta Mall after a morning of cycling in the park together and breakfast at PappaRich here 

Best friends :)

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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