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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crazy Over The Smurfs

I have fallen deeply in love with The Smurfs, thanks to mummy who kept "influencing" me into liking it just because it was her favourite childhood cartoon. It all started after she bought a DVD of old cartoon collection for herself besides the (then) latest animated movie DVD.

When I watched it with her, I was immediately hooked to the cartoon and claimed the DVD as mine haha!

Daddy has since added 2 more DVDs to my collection (more to come, maybe?)... I just can't stop watching them. I can watch them all day if only mummy allows me to (of course she doesn't!)

Soon, I was constantly on the look out for Smurfs merchandises whenever we went shopping BUT I never asked for any of them. I was happy with just looking at them. I even told mummy "This Smurf soft toy is so cute but I have so many soft toys at home so I don't want lah" and "This Smurf stationary set is so nice but I have so many of these at home so I don't want lah" I'm quite a sensible girl :)

And then... I spotted this in Cold Storage and pestered mummy for it! (simply because I didn't have it at home hehe) 

Mummy bought this Smurf biscuits for me, also from Cold Storage... very crunchy and addictive!

The biscuits that came with a free cute tattoo

Clumsy Smurf tattoo... 

Reading a Smurfs book in a bookshop

We also made Clumsy Smurf with Pyssla beads...

Look, I've turned into a Smurf! Nice, eh?

Here is the template for the Pyssla beads Clumsy Smurf that mummy "curi" from here (No, she did not make this on her own!)

Mummy did the outline for me and I filled in the blue and white part. It was tedious work for me! *wipes sweat*

Clumsy Smurf ready to be "ironed"... 

Every night, I go to bed with this Clumsy Pyssla beads placed next to me and say "I want to dream sweet Smurf dreams tonight" :)


  1. Hey Chloe, thanks for sharing this. My girl would love to try this out~

  2. Smurfs......I am not so on into it.

  3. Awww... Chloe vy 'dai sek' lah. Won't ask for things that she edi has. Good job on making Clumsy with the beads. That's a lot of hard work.
    Happy New Year to Chloe, Mommy and Daddy!

  4. Smurfs cookies? it is so cute and I wish to get it.

  5. Wah how mummy influenced her ah? Gwen hates smurfs. *slap forehead* The surfs cookies are very cute and the clumsy psylla beads is very neat. Good job mummy and Chloe.

    P/S: Happy New Year 2012 to you and family. :)

  6. wah she really like the blue creatures very much wor. Nice smurf template.

  7. I have just currently changed my ring tone to smurf theme song. My daughters love smurfs too after watching the movie. The clumsy smurf pyslla bead is very lovely.

  8. Those buttery biscuits looks so cute! Ur Mummy is really good at making the outline for you. hey Chloe, putting the inner beads is even more difficult ler!

  9. YX also into smurfs these days. And smurfs are my childhood fav. cartoon too!


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