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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, daddy isn't the only one who buys me boys' toys. My Gung-gung does the same too. This time, he got me a water-gun. Just look at the joy on my face...

Shoot-shoot, squirt-squirt... this is fun!

Busy playing with the boys... (cousin Nathan & Zhong Keat)

At night: Still discussing our attack strategies over dinner at Koo-Kong's (granduncle) house...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Bird Nest

There was a bird nest on Ah Ma's balding avocado tree. Curious to see what's inside, Gung-gung took out his step-ladder so we could peer into it. However, I still wasn't tall enough to see its content.

So daddy came to the "rescue". He climbed the ladder and took a few photos for me to see...

My first response was "No bird? Egg only?"

Monday, January 26, 2009

Got Body

While waiting for the lift at the lift lobby in our apartment, I like to peer out of this window and look at the playground and swimming pool beneath.

Most of the time it's vacant and mummy would say "There's nobody there." Almost every day, the answer would be the same - "nobody there".

Today, I looked out as usual and there were a few people by the poolside so I turned to mummy and said excitedly "Mummy look, got body!"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saree and Hammer

This is what you do after having reunion dinner on CNY eve... the game is called "sek pau mou yeh zhou" (nothing to do after a full stomach).

Wear a saree, hold a hammer and pretend to be the Statue of Liberty

Cousin Jeremy

I met so many people at our family reunion dinner at Mah-mah's house today. One of them was a boy whom I like very much - my cousin, Jeremy. I've been wearing his clothes and playing his toys (hand-me-downs). When asked to give him a hug, I didn't hesitate at all and immediately gave him a big and warm bear-hug!

I think I like you heh heh heh...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wires and Bananas

After scribbling something on my doodle board, I giggled to myself and then turned to daddy and said "Hehehe... BB draw wires on a banana"

A poor artist with a good imagination

Mummy's Little Helper 2

It's that time of the year again. Although we don't really do spring-cleaning at home (mummy spring-cleans everyday, throughout the year!), we just do it because everyone else is doing it.

I wanted to help mummy as usual... I helped her to wipe the console table, tv cabinet, side tables and book shelves in the study room. Mummy praised me for a job well done - it was quite thorough and clean. Just look at how rajin I was...

Mummy's Little Helper 1

I like to help mummy with the house chores. I would happily volunteer by saying "BB wanna help mummy". My favourite chore is doing the laundry. Everytime the washing machine beeps to signal the completion of a wash, I will help to bring out the clothes rack and then go to the washing machine to push the basket of clothes out (to the front, sunny balcony).

Once mummy brought the basket out without realizing that I was waiting to do it. So, I made a small fuss, pushed the basket back to the washing machine and push it out again. Hahaha!

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Fashion

While we were preparing to go out this morning, mummy threw me a skirt and said "Nah, put this on". After a few minutes, she returned to find me still struggling with it. She couldn't resist laughing at my blunder because...

I had worn it terbalik (upside-down) Hahahaha!

Meeting My Cousins

I felt very eager and excited this morning because mummy said we were going out to meet two little cousins - Leanne and Pei Qi. Pei Qi came all the way from Melbourne.

Julie yi-yi came in the morning to pick us up to Auntie Wei Wei's house. I was very well-behaved and felt very at home there. However, I didn't know how to play with the little ones and just stared at them as usual...

Hello lil cousin, I wish I knew how to play with you...

3 little princesses...

After that, we went to Julie yi-yi's house and spent half a day there. There were soooooo many toys to play with! It was good to have a playmate although almost every item that I picked up got snatched away. I enjoyed every moment of my stay there.

In the evening, daddy came to fetch us home. On the way, we dropped by IOI Mall for dinner and did some shopping before going home.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I got my first set of play-dough from Kau-foo on my 2nd birthday. I still can't make anything out of it yet but mummy... she enjoys it more than I do so she bought me another set - the Fairyland set. However, the dough (too soft and sticky) is not as nice as the original Play-doh so she bought another additional 10 mini tubs of Play-Doh to make up for the disappointment.

This is what I do best... tear, pinch, peel, shred and scrape into tiny, shapeless pieces and crumbs...

And here are a few of mummy's handiworks...

The Sesame Street gang

In the garden

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sweet and Caring

Sometimes I can be a very sweet and caring little girl, much to mummy's surprise, especially when I show concern over her safety.

Everytime I move something i.e. a chair or a box and mummy's leg is nearby or in the way, I'll move it slowly, carefully while cautioning her "Excuse me mummy, be careful your leg... your leg... take it away".

Whenever I see mummy climbing a chair to reach out for something in the wall cabinets, I'll warn her "Mummy, don't stand on the chair. Afturds fall down".

Yesterday, while mummy was wiping and cleaning the kitchen window grills (and standing on a small stool), I kept reminding her "Mummy, be careful, mummy be careful... don't fall down".

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gone Bananas

Lately, I think I've gone bananas... over bananas! I used to love this fruit when I was a baby. Then I didn't like it anymore. For quite some time, I wouldn't even look at it, let alone eat it. Now, my love for bananas have returned.

In the last couple of weeks, there has been a constant supply of bananas at home so I was used to the "routine" of having at least one everyday. After that, when there was none left, I kept asking for it. Yesterday I asked again and mummy promised to buy it. However, we went grocery-shopping, came home without any and forgot all about it.

This morning, daddy asked:

Daddy: BB, we are going out. Daddy wants to go to the bank. After that, where do you want to go? (Still totally unaware of the forgotten bananas)
Me: Buy banana

The banana-addict returns

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Is The Way I Comb My Hair

This is the way I comb my hair, comb my hair, comb my hair....

Although mummy has taught me many times on the proper way of combing, I still prefer to do it my own way... combing upwards!

Sometimes, after combing, I will call out to mummy, flash her a mischevious grin and say "Mummy, look... handsome or not?" Hehehe!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

29 Months Old

I am 29 months old today.

- Height: 92cm Weight: Apprx 15kg

- Very talkative (at home only), sometimes in a nagging or bossy manner

- I can pinpoint mummy's mistake and correct her

- Quite neat and organized. The other day, mummy left her slippers at the doorstep so I complained "Hey, why did you put your slipper here? Put here *as I moved it to the shoe mat*"

- Likes to accompany mummy in the kitchen, chat with her and watch her cook/wash up

- Can understand what I watch on tv (children's programs). Sometimes I would answer the questions asked.

Friday, January 9, 2009

An Evening At The Beach

Daddy and mummy had always wanted to bring me to a beach. The first time I was at a beach, I could barely walk as I was only a 10-month-old baby. Not satisfied with the artificial beach that we went to recently, we were determined to make a trip to Port Dickson on our next visit to Seremban. However, it was delayed until today.

Yay! Finally here but I didn't quite like the sandy feeling... and walked with my feet turned to the sides like this

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Half-Son

Besides being a daughter, I sometimes play the role of a son as well. Daddy likes to buy me boys' toys such as cars (the whole collection of Ferraris from Shell), balls, trucks, remote control cars, trains, robots etc. His reason is simple: So that he can play with me comfortably. (Imagine him playing girly stuffs with me? Hahaha!)

I love boy toys

What about mummy? Well, she sometimes buys me boys' clothings. She even calls me BB-boy or Naughty Boy occasionally, just for fun. (No, she's not yearning for a son)

Not very happy to be in this boy's outfit

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Serial Spectacles Murderer

They (daddy & mummy) just don't seem to have learned their lessons. Knowing very well that I've been a repeat offender, especially after Incident 1, Incident 2 and Incident 3, they still let me handle this piece of fragile thing... and then have the cheek to put the blame on me. Sigh!

Well, this is what I am talking about... my new pair of sunglasses that mummy bought as a souvenir from the Aquaria trip.

It has a cute frame made up of 2 kissing fishes

I loved it very much... have been wearing it daily since the day we bought it

Sadly, on Day 5, it got "murdered"...

Broken beyond salvation...

Mummy thinks the title The Serial Spectacles Murderer befits me perfectly now.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bye-bye Playhouse

Potty-training-wise, I have been accident-free for quite some time now. In fact, mummy can't recall any other accidents besides the last one, which happened more than 2 months ago. I can control my bladder very well now and do my "small business" all on my own.

However, today, it happened again. As I was too preoccupied with my playing, I accidentally peed in it. And that was it! Fed-up of cleaning up the mess and worrying about future accidents, daddy and mummy have decided to get rid of it once and for all. It's gone for good now...

Realizing I was at fault, I didn't cry when daddy dragged it out of the house. The last time he did this, I cried like crazy. The house looks so empty now, without the playhouse.

Spaciousness restored...

Friday, January 2, 2009

KLCC & Aquaria

Daddy is currently on a long leave. Not knowing where else to go, we decided to go to KLCC today.

My favourite ride - the Barney Car

And while we were there, we walked all the way to the Aquaria. After hanging around the entrance for a few minutes, we decided to go in. This was totally unplanned. Although the entrance fee was slightly pricey (not much to see), it was quite a nice experience.

Touching and holding a starfish for the 1st time

Yikes... not too near, daddy. That's an electric eel, mind you...

Watching the piranhas...

I think this fish is as big as daddy (if not heavier)

This was the best part of the tour - the ocean tunnel (or whatever they call it) but I was more interested in the walkalator instead... We walked through this tunnel 3 times and everytime daddy or mummy asked me to look at something, I would just take a glance and hastily returned to play on the walkalator.

Close Encounter with Jaws

Later we had our dinner in the park - a picnic. I loved to watch the dancing fountain. However, there were too many people smoking there so we decided to go back into the mall.

Thumbs down for the heavily polluted air

The fountain was on again as we were leaving. It looked prettier at night with the lights on. We also took a few (blur) shots of the Twin Towers while walking back to the carpark...

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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