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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh No! Not Again...

Let me present to you my fourth unlucky victim...

Mah-Mah's reading glasses.

Hey... I just wanted to prove something to daddy and mummy with this hypothesis: The degree of the damage correlates with the cost of the object.

The RM400+ one --- slightly curved

The RM20 one --- badly twisted but still intact

And the RM4 one --- Snap! Broken!

P.S - The 3rd victim was daddy's, quite some time ago. I broke one of the lenses when I banged it against the floor like a hammer. Too bad it wasn't captured and posted.

Happy Girl

Last Friday, for the very first time in years, Daddy came home early from work and brought us to Sunway Pyramid. I was SO happy!

I loved the kiddy rides. After spending some time here, we left and went to another place, which was one floor lower. Then I decided to walk on my own. I walked towards the escalator and pointed upwards. We went up again and I continued walking on my own... and found my way back to the kiddy rides! *Grin*

Monday, April 28, 2008

Daytime Diaper-free

Mah-mah has finally decided to start potty-training (for pee-pee) me today. Mummy has always wanted to start this much earlier but she kept procrastinating it due to laziness. I think she was also waiting to use up the over-stocked pile of diapers:

Daddy can now start saving money on diapers. Yipee! And I'm finally diaper-free during the day. Yipee! Mah-mah even claimed that I could run faster than usual without the "excess baggage" hanging below. Hahaha!

Everything went well except for an "accident" after dinner. I must say I did quite well - just one "accident" on my first day. *Hugs* *Kisses* from mummy and daddy :-)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

City Park @ S2

We went to the City Park in Seremban 2 this evening. Kau-foo and Yi-Ma came along too.

We have not taken photos here for a long time...

Mummy picked this hibiscus from the ground (not plucked).

Then we walk-walked... and saw lots of fish in the lake

Whenever daddy asked "Where are the kites?" I would look up, point and say "kite".

I had fun at the children's playground...

At last I was so tired, I refused to walk any further. I kept kneeling down on the ground. Daddy had to piggy-back me all the way back to the car.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Box

I spent the whole Sunday afternoon playing in my new playhouse. Although it's only a cardboard box, I loved it to bits.

Later, daddy created a door for me. I simply enjoyed opening and closing the door and walking in and out of my "house".

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Frown is My Smile

We celebrated Mah-mah's belated birthday today (actual date 17/4). It was a happy occasion and I showed my happiness... by frowning.

I frowned when Nelson koo-jeong kissed my hand...

I frowned when we took a family photo.

I frowned at the cake...

I frowned while helping Mah-mah to cut the cake.

I frowned after eating the cake.

I frowned when I was being photographed again and again...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chloe the "Queen"

I happened to be dressed in all-white the day we dropped by this giant chess set in a mall. So mummy said hey, I could be a white chess piece... a Queen, perhaps?

I have to be careful not to make the wrong move...

Black knight beware! I am coming to "eat" you! Haha...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

20 Months Old

I am 20 months old today.

- I've grown another centimetre taller, at 85cm now.
- My weight remains at around 12kg because I have not been feeling well lately.
- I am getting more temperamental now compared to the good-natured and cheerful self that I used to be. Hopefully this is only a phase and I will change again.
- I am more vocal now and will say the words I know without being prompted.
- I can recognise and say names of colours like bu (blue), back (black), red and white.
- My memory is quite good. I know and can remember the objects below the flaps of my lift-the-flap-up books.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bend & Twist Part II

The first time I did this was when I was 13 months old. Last weekend, as I was playing and exploring gung-gung and ah-ma's house, I found this thing. It still looked as irresistable as before! So when no one was watching, I did it again... oops!

THE VICTIM... ah-ma's reading glasses (Luckily gung-gung was also good in bending and twisting like me... so he got it fixed!)

THE CULPRIT... me :-p

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sick Again...

I am down with fever again... the 2nd time within a month! Plus a running nose that has been going on for weeks. I rarely had fever, maybe just once. And my running nose? It just won't go away... Since I temporarily "left home" about a month ago, my immune system seemed to have taken a big dip.

I think it must be the different environment that my body is not used to. Daddy said maybe our home is too clean so when I'm placed elsewhere where cleanliness is compromised, I succumb to the nasty germs. It's pretty obvious... I noticed too, that the tip of my fingernails are always filled with those black yucky stuff.

Daddy, mummy... every evening when I cry and want to follow you home, you say "No, not today, dear". Now that I'm a spoilt brat, I've broken my teeth, I've sucked the lead part of a pencil, I've fallen sick again and again... (and many other things that you aren't even aware of in your absence) what else are you waiting for to happen?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Funny Faces

I still love to make funny faces...

... to make people laugh and to expand my funny faces photo collection.

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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