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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sunday Tantrum

Last Sunday saw me kicking up a HUGE fuss. I was taking my usual afternoon nap when I was awaken by a strange dream (as assumed by mummy). This ignited a crying spell - the worst and longest I've ever had.

Daddy and mummy found themselves scratching their heads as to what pacifying tricks and techniques to use to calm me down. I refused and pushed away everything that was offered to me... milk, water, toys, hugs, cuddles and just stood there crying my lungs out for a good half an hour.

It was much later that I realized I should have accepted one of the offers extended to me earlier... daddy's warm and loving embrace.

The most comfortable place in the world

Friday, October 26, 2007

Little Red Indian

Look, daddy is just as naughty as I am. Now we all know where I inherited that from hehehe...

Weekend Getaway 3

Last weekend, daddy and mummy brought me to yet another fun and interesting place called Genting Highlands. This time, it was with mummy's friends and their families. We stayed at the First World Hotel, courtesy of Mr and Mrs Daryl Tang (Auntie Bee Sien). Also with us were Uncle Chong, Auntie Shellie and the boys. I just loved and enjoyed the rides! Daddy and mummy accompanied me on all the rides (indoor only) that I could ride on. I guess they've never seen me so happy before. Daddy claimed that I even giggled in my sleep that night.

Walking here and there and everywhere....

Riding on the carousel

... the Rio Float

... the Reindeer

Me and the boys. L-R: Nicholas, me, Joshua.

Aren't we cute?

One big, happy family


I went up to mummy as she was folding the clothes, freshly sun-dried and brought back from the clothes line. She was about to fold daddy's socks when she held them up and asked me "What are these, BB?" To answer her, I lifted my right leg and shoved it towards her. Mummy was thrilled! She has never taught me this so I can imagine her surprise *grin* Oh yes, and since I lifted my leg towards her, mummy took it as a sign that I wanted her to put the socks on me.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy feet

Yay!!! I'm no longer confined to the stroller during my evening strolls at the poolside/playground. Look how happy I am, walking around freely on my own (and shaking off mummy's hand when she tries to hold mine). La la la la la la.....

(Note: Just in case your speaker is turned on, you did not hear thunder. Just very strong winds.)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Naughty, Naughty Part 2

Aunties and uncles like to ask mummy "How's Chloe?" "What's Chloe up to lately?" Well, just see for yourselves.

Caught in the act.... playing with tissue paper and littering.

Treasure-hunting beneath the cushions. Yes, I moved those heavy cushions all by myself.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Move aside, Spiderman. Make way for..... Spiderkid!

My favourite book

This is my favourite storybook (as for now). Poor mummy has to re-tell it again and again for at least 10 times a day, everyday! I'm not too sure what makes me so drawn to it. It could be the content or it could be the way mummy narrates it with sound effects and all... and I just love it!
Notice that this is the ONLY book which is spared from the brutal attack of my teeth and rough handling. It is still very much well-preserved in its original good and new condition.

The entertainer

Mummy says I'm getting quite good at entertaining people. Whenever I do something that induces laughter, I'll repeat it again and again because I love and appreciate laughter, especially my daddy and mummy's.
Entertaining daddy with a clown-face

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror in my hands,
Who's the cheekiest kid on land?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

14 months old

I am 14 months old today. I’m a big girl now…

Physical Development
- I am 80cm tall and I weigh about 11kg.
- I have 12 teeth.
- I still drink 5 to 5.5oz of milk, 4 times a day
- I take 2-3 solid meals a day.
- I wear clothes that are meant for toddlers aged 3 or above
- I walk 80% of the time but when speed is required, I regress to crawling.

What I know
- I can identify most of the objects in the house.
- I know who’s who in my family (including daddy and mummy’s family)
- I can point to all the parts of my body correctly except armpit. I think I know where it is, but have trouble finding the exact spot. So I always end up pointing to my chest.
- I know most of the objects or animals in my books.
- I can follow simple commands given by mummy. Eg: Put it back in the drawer. Keep your toys. Pick up the book. Wipe your saliva. Take the handphone for mummy etc.

Speech Development
I’m slow in this department. Compared with other kids my age who can imitate and say words taught to them, I can only say “hi”, “papa” and “daddy”. I do babble and mumble a lot but sadly, nobody understands me.

Things that I like to do (in no particular order)
- Reading books and flipping mummy’s magazines
- Digging for stuff around the house
- Playing with cardboard boxes and empty bottles/containers
- Watching Barney
- Going gai-gai
- Sitting on a swing
- Pom-pom (bathing)
- Playing hide-n-seek cum peek-a-boo
- Putting things into my mouth

Friday, October 12, 2007

Our home then and now...

I think I'm not too bad in giving our home an interior make-over. I've added some new furniture and colourful decos to our otherwise dull and empty home. Mummy doesn't seem quite agreeable with my taste. She clears everything at the end of the day and I redecorate it again the next day. It's funny how we both never get tired of this repetition.

Here is the living room BEFORE and AFTER I joined the family...
And the dining area....

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sleep crawling

Most people would know what sleep-walking or sleep-talking is. Since I can neither walk nor talk properly yet, I’m into “sleep-crawling”. I’ve already done this twice and based on mummy’s curious observation, she suspects that I’ve been crawling in my sleep.

I always nap on a mattress which is placed on the floor. When this strange phenomenon happens, I would first sit up from my sleeping position and immediately start crawling around aimlessly with my eyes half shut. I do not respond to mummy’s call or any other distractions and offers. When mummy carries me and puts me back on the mattress, I go back to sleep without making a sound.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Girl or Boy? Part II

Today is daddy and mummy's 7th wedding anniversary. Since today is a Monday, they celebrated it yesterday. They went to their favourite restaurant and I tagged along too. One of the friendly waitresses there came over and played with me. She couldn't tell if I'm a girl or a boy. Looking really unsure, she asked "Girl? Boy?" *Sigh* This is not the first time. It's a pity that nobody ever notices the leng-leng (pretty) clothes that mummy puts on for me. This was what I wore....

Girl or boy?

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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