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Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Sang In My School Concert

My kindergarten's annual concert was held on Sunday, 14th October, in the Dewan Sivik Petaling Jaya. My classmates and I took part in the first item in the program lineup titled Nursery Rhyme Time where I danced to the chanting of My Grandfather's Clock and Bunyi Jam. I also sang a Chinese number, Wo Jia De Zhong and earned compliments from my teachers and family members. For the finale, we also "twisted" to the upbeat tune of Rock Around the Clock.

In my white and black polka-dot concert attire... pretty or not? *bashful smile*

View from the top... this year, daddy, mummy and Mah-mah who came along to support me, sat in the upper tier of the hall where they had a better view of the stage (though a bit too far for our camera to zoom in)

Opening performance by all the K2 pupils.  Can you spot me? Hint: I'm right in the centre of the photo, standing.

Dancing to the groovy beat of "Stand By Me" in the K2 Opening Performance (my face is partially hidden by someone's fist)

Cool and stylish dance moves in My Grandfather's Clock

Look who's singing?

Belting out "Wo Jia De Zhong" (The Clock in My Home) in my solo-singing presentation

Bravo to our splendid performance!

Rocking to the finale of the first segment... Rock Around the Clock

The grand finale... The Greatest Love of All presented by all the teachers and students

Kudos to all the teachers and students for putting up a great show. Daddy, mummy and Mah Mah enjoyed the performances very much and they were very proud of me :)

The concert ended with a big bang as usual where the stage rained confetti on us (concert kids) and the hall rained balloons on the audience, just like last year. My friends and I quickly helped ourselves to the balloons on our way out :)

With my friends, Nicole and Debora

We had dinner in Sushi King (I asked for this!) after the concert where I couldn't stop viewing the concert videos taken by daddy. I also received funny stares from shoppers who must be wondering "why is this little girl wearing such a fanciful outfit to a hypermarket?" hahaha!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Road Trip to JB - Day 3: UTM & JPO

With the highlight of our trip (to Legoland) all done and over with, Day 3 was just another ordinary day for us to take a slow and relaxing drive home. Along the way, we managed to drop by a few "places of interest".

The day started with a hearty breakfast in a kopitiam just a few shops away from our hotel.

Savouring my favourite... soft-boiled egg with butter-kaya toast

The food here was just mediocre but being simple eaters, we enjoyed it anyway ;)

First stop... Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Skudai. More than two decades ago, daddy graduated from this university after studying here for 4 years.

Walking down memory lane with daddy in his alma matter. While the campus has changed quite a lot, the memories in his heart will always remain unchanged...

Daddy's department... Physics

Next stop... Johor Premium Outlets. None of us were into branded stuff so this was just another "look-see" place that would not see us again as repeat customers. Furthermore, this place wasn't weather-friendly at all. Soon, we found ourselves stranded here for more than an hour due to a heavy downpour. We couldn't get to our car, no thanks to the open-air car park with no covered walkway or shelter :( 

Johor Premium Outlet

We had lunch in the food court here to save time. After that, we travelled in the rain all the way home (which made us super thankful for yesterday's fine, sunny weather!). I slept and snacked on lots of junk food in the car... what better way to enjoy a long and boring journey haha.

Protecting my KitKat ice-cream from "predators"... it's mine, mine, all mine! The ice-cream was a reward for finishing my lunch.

Indulging in junk food in the car *horrors*
Finally, our souvenirs... 

(Mummy is sad to note that we did not manage to shop for any Johor specialties and we came back almost empty-handed except for these few Lego things that cost an arm and a leg)

My "Kopi-O lesen"... mummy paid RM25 for this! (she kinda regret buying this because my photo was not nice. She should have waited and picked a nicer photo because I went to the driving school 3 times and had 3 photos taken... ~sigh~)

A brick separator (no need to use our fingernails or teeth or sharp objects to help separate tightly joined bricks anymore hehe)

Spongebob and Patrick keychains

Overall, the souvenirs in Legoland are very exorbitantly priced. Mummy couldn't find anything worth buying at all. The 2 keychains actually came from a very reluctant purchase, at RM19.95 each!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Road Trip to JB - Day 2: Legoland

Here comes Surprise No. 2... Legoland. Actually it wasn't really a surprise for me, no thanks to the adults, for accidentally mentioning the place several times. From their conversations, I picked up hints and knew where we were going but I just played along and pretended to be ignorant hehe...

First of all, mummy felt quite guilty for making me skip 2 days of school. It was concert practice week so I actually didn't miss much at school. This was my first time ponteng-ing school for this year (besides the 3 days of "compassionate leave" taken to attend Yeh Yeh's funeral). After much consideration and self-justification, she felt that being absent for just 5 days in the whole school year isn't that bad after all la...

Day 2 (8th Oct) started with us eager-beavers waking up at 7am for breakfast and reaching Legoland at 9am. The park only opened an hour later at 10am. We killed time by hanging around at the Mall of Medini (the adjoining mall to Legoland).

*Runs* I wanna be the first, I wanna be the first! The whole park entrance was deserted... we were THAT early :p

Yes!! I'm the first visitor of the day (the man in the distant background is a Legoland staff) *happy dance* 

No queue at all at the ticketing counters... 

Saying hello to Legoland's mascot, Ollie the Dragon

The very first ride that caught our attention was this... Aquazone Wave Racers. I think I went on this ride no less than 6 times! 

Driving School... this was one of my favourites

See, I drove on the red car, the blue car and the yellow car, basically all the colours available :p

Flying an aircraft in the Lego City Airport

Putting out fire at the Lego Rescue Academy

Kid Power Towers

Boating School

The Legoland Express... a very colourful choo-choo train that I enjoyed riding on

Taking a spin in the Technic Twister

With the pretzel man in front of The Cafe, where we had lunch

Tuna sandwiches for lunch. The tomatoes (and some other fruits not in pic) were smuggled in by mummy from home :p

Duplo playtown

This was my FAVOURITE ride...  Royal Joust. Since there was no crowd for this ride, I went on it multiple times without having to get down to queue again. 

My very first roller coaster ride. It's a mini one called Dragon's Apprentice. I loved this ride so much that I wanted to ride on it again but too bad, it was closed for maintenance when we came back later

This was the very first thrill ride of my life... The Dino Island. Mummy was very surprised when I said I wanted to ride on this.

S-P-L-A-S-H!!!! It was fun. I was only a bit scared. Daddy and Koo-koo sat in front and surprisingly, both of them remained dry...

As for mummy and I sitting in the 2nd row, we were both drenched! I was soaking wet from my shoulder downwards while mummy was drenched from her waist down... both our shoes were also filled with water! We had to squeeze water out from our socks (we should have just worn our Crocs!)...

The few "drying stations" nearby didn't work and mummy did not bring any spare clothes along... so how? 
Well, we didn't need a dryer after all, especially when the heat from the blazing sun was FOC haha! After a few hours of walking under the hot sun, our clothes were naturally sun-dried. Even mummy's thick denim shorts was thouroughly dried when we left the park at closing time.

Of course, a couple of rounds on spinning rides (with washing machine spin-dry effect) such as this Merlin's Challenge helped too hahaha! 

Huge pharaoh at the Lego Kingdoms

Lost Kingdom Adventure

At the Miniland

Besides watching a 4D movie in the Lego Studios, we also watched a live performance in the City Stage.

Pretending to be asleep beside the snoring man, feeling tired and ready to leave (few minutes to closing time)

Overall, it was 8 hours well-spent in Legoland. The weather was sunny and good. We managed to cover all the rides (except for the 2 big roller coasters for me), we had tonnes of fun, we had a great work-out (sweat like pigs) and we left with a happy heart and a big smile on our faces. The best part about going on a weekday was, there was no crowd at all. There was no need to queue for most of the rides and even if we did, the queuing time was never longer than 5 minutes. Will we come back again? Certainly!

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