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Friday, July 30, 2010

Of Ostriches and Lucky Buns

Last weekend, we were in Seremban. Gung-gung suggested bringing me to the ostrich farm. What? Birds again? I just went to the KL Bird Park a few days ago (kindy's field trip). I've already seen so many birds there, including ostriches. Still want to go? Gung-gung seemed very keen, so off we went, to the Ostrich Farm near Pantai, Negeri Sembilan.

Besides ostriches, we also saw other animals such as deer, cows, buffaloes, a camel and cranes

Mummy kept shouting to daddy "Please don't go too near, please don't go too near!!" She was afraid that the ostrich might peck my head or face haha

The ostriches we saw here belonged to the Negeri Sembilan Veterinarian Department so entrance was free. We didn't go into the Jelita Ostrich Farm because kiamsiap (stingy) mummy refused to pay the entrance fee of RM8 per person. She felt that the three activities offered were not interesting enough. The 3 simple activities were... a chance to stand on a real ostrich egg (which I've already tried before), watch an ostrich race and sit on an ostrich (sit only, on a stationary one).

When I overheard the adults' conversation about not entering the farm, I quickly insisted on sitting on an ostrich. Mummy didn't believe I would dare to sit on an ostrich because being the coward that I am, I wouldn't even touch a kitten or a puppy! I kicked up a small fuss when she turned down my request.

We spent a little more time "bird-watching" before leaving for Giant in Senawang for some grocery shopping.

And later, mummy bought my FAVOURITE bun for me from one of the coffeeshops in town. The LUCKY vanilla cream bun in the same old yellow packaging that mummy used to love as a kid...

Still looks the same as it was decades ago

We always come home with at least 5 buns. I love it very, very much and everytime I eat this, I would tell mummy "can you buy this bun for me forever and ever and ever?"

Mmmmm... How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

A younger me eating the same bun (pic taken last year)

After eating, blow up the wrapper and "POP" it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Catch of the Day

Last Thursday, Daddy went "prawning" (prawn-fishing) after work with his colleagues and came home with these...

22 big-headed freshwater prawns (don't know what they are called)

Some of them were still kicking and very much alive! Surprisingly, I was brave enough to lift them up and play with them

That night, we had an unusual late-night snack. Mummy chose a few dead ones, wrapped them in an aluminium foil and dumped them into the oven...

Baked prawns with butter and cheese (grated Parmesan)

Mmmm... finger-lickin' good. I LOVE prawns!

The rest put up a few nights in the freezer until today, when mummy attempted to cook prawn noodles for the very first time. It turned out not too bad :)

My portion... prawn beehoon with homemade fish cake, hard-boiled egg and spinach (mummy replaced the kang-kung with spinach)

Mummy's portion... with dried-shrimp chilli

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Field Trips

I went for my 3rd field trip today. It was to the KL Bird Park. I was so excited, I pestered mummy to let me go although I was down with a mild cold. Mummy did not have the heart to let me down so...

Yay! Bird park, here we come! (4 of the 9 kids who went)

Mummy did not go on the trip with me, so no photos to post.

When I came back from the trip...

Mummy: How was your trip to the bird park?
Me: I did not see a woodpecker! *sulk*
Mummy: But you saw many other birds right? Was it fun?
Me: Yes. But I also did not see a peacock! *sulk again*

A minute later, in the shower...
Mummy: Just now when you were not around, I missed you so much. Did you miss me?
Me: No. I didn't even think of you!
Mummy: :-(


However, there is still a pending post for my 2nd field trip to Zoo Negara. We went there on 27th May 2010. Ok, this is really backdated and outdated.

Mummy did not go on this trip too. The following photos are all courtesy of my classmate, MX's daddy and mummy. Thank you, MX's daddy and mummy!

Group photo with my classmates and teacher, Ms J

Baby giraffe is hungry?

Another group photo with the apes haha

Penguins! The last time I came here with daddy and mummy, we didn't see any penguins.

Waiting for the animal show to start

Camel taking a rest

Drink water

Fierce-looking lion

Makan time

Enjoying my favourite dessert... icy creamy ice cream!

After makan, made faces, then went home...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Happy Weekend

Prior to my temper tantrum on Monday, I actually had a very happy weekend.

On Saturday morning, mummy and I tagged along with daddy when he sent his car for service. We have never done this previously because it was too boring for us. This time, however, we decided to follow him because there was a (quite) new shopping mall nearby :)

Having my mid-morning snack at the waiting area of the service centre

And then I spotted a kiddie play area at the showroom... loved playing here!

And beside the kid's play area, daddy spotted his "dream car", the Toyota Prius. He finally test-drove it and was one very happy man after that haha..

We then walked over to the Empire Shopping Gallery (this was the mall that we were referring to), which was just diagonally opposite the Toyota Sales and Service Centre in Subang, to while away some time.

Kiddy rides as usual...

Nice car! Daddy had his eyes fixed on the all-new Hyundai Sonata

We spent most of our time at ToysRUs, Popular bookstore and enjoyed a slow lunch at Lameeya. After spending a few hours here, we walked back to the Toyota service centre to collect our car and left for 1 Utama.

We just window-shopped here and later had dinner in New York New York.

We had mushroom sandwich and seafood pasta

It was quite a light dinner because we were reserving space for our Haagen Dazs dessert. We ordered a creation called Paradise.

*Drooling* Faster la mummy, I can't wait to eat it...

After savouring our sweet indulgence, we bought a pint of hand-packed home too (all paid using our redeemed HD vouchers).

The following day (Sunday), we spent the whole day at See-yee Por's (4th Grandaunt) house in Bangsar. Ah Ma and Gung-gung were here too. I was very happy to see cousin ZK. I told mummy that he's my favourite cousin and best friend haha. For 9 hours straight, both ZK and I played non-stop. We even skipped our naps and played till we dropped.

A "tender moment" with ZK. I liked him so much, I kept sticking close to him and even sat on his lap! *mummy shakes head* I also did this to him last year.

See-yee Por made popiah (spring rolls) for dinner. It was a mini family gathering because Tua-koo Kong and Grandaunt Carol (eldest Granduncle and his wife) were on a visit from Melbourne, Australia.

One big happy family and a table full of "liu" (ingredients) for the popiah

Some of the yummy condiments for the popiah

Mummy made quite a fat roll for me with braised turnip, egg strips, French beans, prawns and cucumber

Jom makan!

I had 1.5 rolls. Mummy had 5 big, fat rolls and daddy had 6! Absolutely delicious!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Long-Winded Temper Tantrum

I rarely have temper tantrums. Daddy and mummy are quite strict and stern in disciplining me. They will not tolerate nonsense such as unreasonable crankiness, leaving me no chance to express my frustrations and unhappiness through tantrums. Terrible 2s and Horrible 3s? I've never had the "privilege" to go through that because I know very well that tantrum = cane.

This morning, I woke up with severe Monday morning blues. Feeling extremely sluggish and moody, I had difficulty moving and responding to mummy's commands (asking me to drink my milk, brush my teeth, change into my uniform etc). Irritated by my unresponsiveness (I practically just ignored her), mummy shouted at me and lightly slapped me twice to fully wake me up.

We did not talk to each other the whole morning after that. Upon arrival at school, I suddenly clung on to her, cried and refused to let her go. Mummy left without turning back to smile and wave goodbye to me, like she usually did.

Little did she know that I actually cried for 4 hours, from 8.30am until 12.30pm, from the moment class started until class dismissed! Little did she know that I had my "battery" fully charged for crying! Later, when told what happened, mummy felt so bad and embarrassed that she quickly apologized to my teacher for making her endure the torture of my misbehaviour!

I was still crying when we reached home. Can you believe how crazy I was? I was given a stroke of the rotan and barred from watching tv, having snacks and playing with my toys as additional punishment. Having nothing left to do or play, I slept the whole afternoon away...

... and also slept all my blues away...

Despite my annoying crying-spell, I was given a Tinkerbell balloon (all my classmates got one, of different design each), which mummy thought I didn't deserve at all. But it did put a smile back on my face again.

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