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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Happy Weekend

Prior to my temper tantrum on Monday, I actually had a very happy weekend.

On Saturday morning, mummy and I tagged along with daddy when he sent his car for service. We have never done this previously because it was too boring for us. This time, however, we decided to follow him because there was a (quite) new shopping mall nearby :)

Having my mid-morning snack at the waiting area of the service centre

And then I spotted a kiddie play area at the showroom... loved playing here!

And beside the kid's play area, daddy spotted his "dream car", the Toyota Prius. He finally test-drove it and was one very happy man after that haha..

We then walked over to the Empire Shopping Gallery (this was the mall that we were referring to), which was just diagonally opposite the Toyota Sales and Service Centre in Subang, to while away some time.

Kiddy rides as usual...

Nice car! Daddy had his eyes fixed on the all-new Hyundai Sonata

We spent most of our time at ToysRUs, Popular bookstore and enjoyed a slow lunch at Lameeya. After spending a few hours here, we walked back to the Toyota service centre to collect our car and left for 1 Utama.

We just window-shopped here and later had dinner in New York New York.

We had mushroom sandwich and seafood pasta

It was quite a light dinner because we were reserving space for our Haagen Dazs dessert. We ordered a creation called Paradise.

*Drooling* Faster la mummy, I can't wait to eat it...

After savouring our sweet indulgence, we bought a pint of hand-packed home too (all paid using our redeemed HD vouchers).

The following day (Sunday), we spent the whole day at See-yee Por's (4th Grandaunt) house in Bangsar. Ah Ma and Gung-gung were here too. I was very happy to see cousin ZK. I told mummy that he's my favourite cousin and best friend haha. For 9 hours straight, both ZK and I played non-stop. We even skipped our naps and played till we dropped.

A "tender moment" with ZK. I liked him so much, I kept sticking close to him and even sat on his lap! *mummy shakes head* I also did this to him last year.

See-yee Por made popiah (spring rolls) for dinner. It was a mini family gathering because Tua-koo Kong and Grandaunt Carol (eldest Granduncle and his wife) were on a visit from Melbourne, Australia.

One big happy family and a table full of "liu" (ingredients) for the popiah

Some of the yummy condiments for the popiah

Mummy made quite a fat roll for me with braised turnip, egg strips, French beans, prawns and cucumber

Jom makan!

I had 1.5 rolls. Mummy had 5 big, fat rolls and daddy had 6! Absolutely delicious!


  1. The popiah had me drooling la.

    No wonder Chloe have Monday Blues. After two days of fun then have to go to school pulak

  2. I love home made popiah. I wish to have it everyday so that i can be slim...

  3. Ahh..mum did that popiah too the previous trip she came. But I can only take a max of 2. U can have 5!!! clap clap !! haha....

    What a nice family gathering!

  4. wow..never ate home made popiahs before... last time my mum used to make with koayteow, wrapping up the senkuang.. i miss those years! :P

  5. Go go go and ask your hubby to buy the Hyundai Sonata,, good price for all those features, too bad i bought Vious three months ago, Sonata no come out yet..

    Now i am going for lunch i wil go eat popiah too,,,,,

  6. Wah..showroom also got kids play area one ah. I thought Daddy's car is quite new...wanna change car already meh..hehe.

    Very nice gathering. The popiah is making me hungry. Gwen doesn't like popiah. Chloe is very good not fussy with food at all.

  7. Eugene: Daddy is an ex-Sonata owner for 7 years lah :p Once bitten twice shy... don't dare to buy anymore because of the low resale value haha. But the Sonata is no doubt an EXCELLENT car!

    Mummy Gwen: You are right. Daddy's current car is only 13 months old. We just look-see look-see and admire only la :)

  8. Claire: Kuey teow wrap sengkuang? Never tried that before but it sounds good. I love sengkuang :)

    mnhl: 2 only mana cukup? Mummy ate 5 not at one go lah... Err, actually she ate 4 at one go and another one just before going home hahaha :)

    LittleLamb: Eat popiah can become slim meh? Not if you eat 5 rolls like me :p

    Smalllkucing: Your next cari makan mission, go find a good popiah shop and let me know, please :)

  9. Nice cars!! And a nice weekend too!! The popiahs look so delicious!!!!

  10. The popiah spread had me drooling!! My mum makes it once in a while. Being greedy, I alwiz put so much "liu" until can hardly wrap the popiah. ;)

  11. What a fruitful weekend. Perhaps Chloe was all whingy on Monday because of the hectic weekend? Just a thought cos my kids are like that. The more fun they have the previous weekend, the grouchier they get on monday mornings!

  12. Nice weekend...
    I think Chloe become more and more pretty!~

  13. It is absolutely great idea to have popiah party. Everyone had fun to choose ingredients to make their own popiah. Oh dear, it really makes me drooling now. Haha..I am planning to have popiah dinner for my family too.

  14. Wah, homemade popiah.....spicy sambal also! Yummy!

  15. Your popiah really make me homesick, definitely going to asked my grandaunt make some for me next time.

  16. I love home made popiah......Yummy !!

  17. Never thought of the brand new Hyundai Sonata will be that NICE! Oh yeah I love popiah with sauce/chili very much :-)

  18. Nice kiddie play area at the showroom wor. Fruitful weekend you all spend, eating, fun, gathering ;)

  19. Popiah!!! Oh, how I miss popiah! Looking at your pics, make me yearn for it soooooo much. Your gal had a blast of a weekend huh? Haagen Daaz and family gathering. Wanna try the paradise too. It looks so good:)

  20. Wow, I like popiah! Is it easy to make? hehe, I only know buying popiah fr nearby pasar malam :P

    Chloe's really got so much of energy, can play 9 hrs straIGHT!

  21. Those new cars look nice for me too. YOu never check the price at all? Ask your mummy to put the price if budget ok. uncle plan to buy one too.

  22. What a nice Sunday that you have, play and eat only. Good life. No wonder you were throwing tantrum on Monday, may be because you were tired. Anyway, hope no more thantrum, ok?

  23. Wat a fun n happening weekend. No wonder Chloe's not her usual self on Mon.

  24. looks like a very eventful day wor :) everyone happy! hehe


  25. wah... i also drooling and can't wait to eat your haagan daz leh :-p

    Chloe's very fond of her cousin huh... hope that they grow up to be best buddies :-). the popiah looks so good... i'm salivating for one now :-D'

  26. I want I want....can I have a bite of the popiah? OMG, it looked so delicious.


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