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Friday, December 28, 2012

New Year, New Life in a New City

A big change is happening in our lives. At this moment, while all my peers are preparing to start Year 1 in a primary school, I have nothing.... no new uniform, no school shoes, no school bag, no books etc. but I still attended my Year 1 Orientation Day at school today where I met my class teacher. She's a very nice, soft-spoken and sweet lady and it's such a pity that I can't be her student :(

You see, mummy and I will be tagging along with daddy as he embraces a new career development abroad. Come 1/1/2013, we will be flying off to start a new life in one of the world's biggest and most populated city - Shanghai, China. I will be staying and schooling in Shanghai!

How do I feel about the move? Honestly, I am not keen at all with the news of our big move. My first concern was "China got earthquake or not?" Secondly, I am a very sentimental girl and I cried at almost every single thing that we had to let go of. I cried at the thought of not being able to see Ah Ma and Gung-gung as often as I liked. I cried (3 times!) when daddy sold off his car. I cried when we had to pack up and say goodbye to our house. There are so many things that we are going to miss in Malaysia, especially our loved ones!

Although we will be leaving with a heavy heart, we also look forward to our new life over in Shanghai. We look forward to staying in a "new" home, going to a new school (for me), meeting new people, eating new food, shopping in new malls, exploring new places etc.

Daddy and mummy are currently super busy running last minute errands and packing up! Our days in Malaysia are numbered... only 3 more days to go. Keeping our fingers crossed that everything will turn out fine. Till then, here's wishing everyone a wonderful 2013 ahead!

We might not have Internet access in the coming weeks but there will be several scheduled posts appearing every now and then to keep this blog alive :) Blogspot and Facebook are among the many websites blocked in China but we will find a means to access and post updates... 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Last Day at Yamaha and JMC Concert 2

I attended my last music class on Thursday (20th Dec) and coincidentally, it was also my Book 2 Mini Concert Day (I am already halfway through Book 3 now). Daddy and mummy had wanted me to finish Book 4 before "graduating" to individual piano lessons. However, due to "unforeseen circumstances", I am unable to continue with my lessons here and I am deeply upset by this abrupt stop. No more music classes for me at the moment :( 

Anyway, I had a wonderful year at Yamaha Music School (started in Jan 2012) and I looked forward to my music classes every week. I also practiced the piano at home at my own initiative and I enjoyed playing the pieces and listening to the music in the CD very, very much!

My last day at music class

I sang "Like The Wind, Like the Rain". Teacher Shirlene commented that I had a sweet voice and I could sing in pitch but I did not sing loud enough

I played the piano quite confidently too but slipped a few notes here and there. I played 2 pieces - The Frenchfry Bandit and Sweet Dance

I gave my music teacher, Ms Shirlene, a small parting gift because I liked her very much

Here are what I gave to her... a simple self-made card and a felt "piano puppy" keychain handmade by mummy (copied from the picture on my workbook)

My last day here ended with a pizza party :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

My 1st Experience on the Lex Slide

I got "bitten by a daredevil bug" at Empire Shopping Gallery recently. Although we've been to this mall many times, never once did I ask for a ride on this. On this particular day, however, I kept begging mummy to let me ride on this...

It is the world's tallest indoor tube slide

The slide spiraling 5 floors down

I met the minimum height requirement of 110cm and that's about the only requirement needed to ride on it

Watch me slide all the way down!

Safe landing... loved it! Can I go on it again???

Second round... Yes! I did it! (RM10 for a single ride and RM15 for 2 rides)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rainy Days in Langkawi

To improve my writing skills, mummy makes me write a short journal after coming back from a holiday/outing/fun trip. So from now on, I can very well "take over" the writing of my blog hehe...

Some of the highlights of our 3D2N trip

On Day 1, we visited some places of interest and made many, many beach stops. We practically spent the whole day hopping from one beach to another. It was very fun and relaxing because we love beaches!

On Day 2, it rained the whole day. We could not proceed with our planned activities :( We could not go to the park. We could not go sight-seeing at the mountains. We could not take photos at Dataran Helang. We Mummy spent the whole day... shopping! We came home with one big bag of chocolates and pretzels!

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak... we had a mini picnic here

Sitting on a rocking tree branch!

At the entrance of Oriental Village, where the Langkawi Cable Car station is situated

Walking around Oriental Village

Yay! I like cable car rides...

Very misty after a morning shower... we could not see a thing!

Luckily it cleared up after a while

I spy with my little eyes...

The Skybridge was closed for maintenance... bummer. They did not follow the maintenance schedule that was published in their website... hmmph!

Before leaving Oriental Village, mummy bought me a packet of carrots so that I could feed the cute rabbits

Afternoon walk at the marina (very nice weather, not hot at all)

Pantai Pasir Hitam (large amounts of tourmaline and ilmenite in the granite of Gunung Raya causes the dark-hued sand)

Teluk Yu

Pantai Kok

An evening in Pantai Cenang

Watched people parasailing

Waited for the sun to set

The eagle's back side at Dataran Helang (we made 3 trips here and it was still raining so this pic was taken from the car)

Bye-bye Langkawi!

Monday, December 3, 2012

PGH With Aaron

We spent 2D1N in PGH (again!!) from 19-20th Nov. Daddy booked 2 rooms so I invited my best friend, Aaron and his parents to join us. Having a playmate in a hotel stay was the best thing I could ever ask for. Here is the "report" that I wrote about our mini holiday...

Written all by myself, without any guidance from daddy or mummy (hence the spelling mistakes and mixture of tenses used)

Swimming... our favourite activity!


Snack time!

Playing UNO Spin on bed

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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