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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Buffet Lunch at Genji, PJ Hilton

We went to the Genji Japanese Restaurant in PJ Hilton for lunch today.


The ambience of the restaurant and the dessert spread

Let's dig in... enjoying my sushi, yum-yum!

I'm not a very keen eater. I didn't eat much except for a few pieces of sushi, some fish fillet, a few prawn tempura (minus the greasy fried batter, which I did not like) a glass of jelly, a few bites of cakes and of course, my favourite....

... carrot sticks!!

Desserts... my favourite!

Both daddy and mummy ate reeeaaaally slowly (savouring the food ma). I started getting restless from the second hour onwards and kept hurrying them to finish off whatever they had on their plates. I also kept asking funny questions like "Why is daddy sooooo hungry?" to pleading "Can you please don't eat anymore, mummy?" Haha.

Hurry up, folks! I can't sit another minute!

Here are some (just SOME) of the stuff that we had...

It was a very satisfying meal that lasted about 2.5 hours (11:45am to 2:15pm)! And best of all, it was FREE...

It was actually "prepaid" when daddy bought the hotel package earlier

Saturday, October 30, 2010

2nd Parents-Teachers Conference

Today, daddy and mummy met my teacher (Ms J, who is also the school principal) to discuss about my performance in school. Being extremely shy, quiet and timid was my main issue in the first semester. According to my teacher, I have improved quite a bit in my social skills. While I scored mostly 1s and 2s in this area in the first semester, the second semester saw me scoring more 3s and 4s. I play and communicate well with my friends.

Ms J also commented that I am a clever girl and I am good in my studies. I learn and grasp new ideas rather quickly and easily.

A simple assessment... I didn't score full marks but daddy and mummy are still very proud of my achievement :)

My class teacher, Miss E's comment: This cute girl is slowly blossoming and is now not as shy compared to before. Ruoyi is a very smart little girl who is a keen learner. Very often she observes the teacher very intently during Circle Time and responds correctly when she is questioned about the topic taught. Ruoyi is a diligent child who loves working meticulously on her books. Well done, Ruoyi.

Mummy noticed something "not very right" in my personal particulars section of my report card. While I have grown 4cm taller, I also lost 1kg of weight! Hmm... how is this possible? Am I getting thinner?

As for my attendance, I skipped a total of 8 days of classes in the whole academic year (ponteng-ed 2 days to go to HK Disneyland and the rest of the 6 days were spent recuperating from mild cough and cold on a few occasions). Not too bad, eh?

After that, we headed to Ikea/Ikano/The Curve and spent nearly 11 hours shopping and dining as usual...

Breakfast and playtime in Ikea

Friday, October 29, 2010

What's For Lunch? Part 5

Here's the continuation of my "healthy meals" collection. It's still the same old thing and I'm still not complaining... yet!

Buckwheat noodle with organic greens, tomato, egg and homemade meatballs

Noodle with red spinach, fish paste chunks, potato and egg

Rice with soup (chicken, carrot, corn, spinach and mushroom)

Brown rice beehoon with organic broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and sliced homemade fish cake

Alphabet pasta with organic por-choy, carrot and homemade fishballs

Japanese green-tea noodle with homemade carrot-fishballs, organic veggie and egg

And here are some of my favourite "variety platters"...

Cheese sandwich with carrot sticks, banana, kiwifruit, grapes and cherry tomatoes

Chapati (tapau-ed from nearby mamak shop) with carrot-fish cake, banana, grapes and cherry tomatoes

Homemade (by 4th grand-auntie) raisin buns with hard-boiled egg, steamed corn, grapes and banana

Homemade pizza with free-range chicken chunks, pasta sauce and mozarella cheese, blanched organic broccoli, baked pumpkin strips and grapes (pizza base is homemade bread with flaxseed and pumpkin seed)

Pancake (with egg, milk and oats), purple sweet potato dessert, turnip strips and apple

Baked potato wedges with (homemade) fishcake omelette, carrot sticks, grapes and kiwifruit

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mummy, You See Me...

... is currently my MOST FREQUENTLY used phrase. Almost everyday, I will come up with all sorts of antics to amuse and entertain mummy. Sometimes, all I want is just her attention so it's forever mummy, you see me (this), mummy you see me (that)...

Mummy, mummy, you see me... I do yoga.
I learned this from a classmate, apparently...

Mummy, you see me, I can do two catwalks...
First, I walked with hands on my hips like a catwalk model and next, got down on all fours, crawled around and meow-ed like a cat hahaha.

Mummy you see me... I can swing so high!
Happiest at the playground!

Mummy, you see me... I'm sitting in the car boot!
Ready to be shipped off...

Mummy you see what I draw... (before mummy could say anything... I quickly explained) "I draw... tv spoil already".
Poor artist with a good imagination... "tv spoil already"

Mummy, why did you buy this Little Miss Chatterbox pyjamas for me? I never talk a lot wat. I am Little Miss Sunshine because I am always happy!

... but mummy thinks I AM quite a chatterbox at home

Mummy, mummy you see... I made a zoo!
The "zebra" and "tiger" were made by mummy (long, long ago that I refused to dismantle until now) while the rest were all my own creation. I was really proud of my zoo and "ostrich" (the red and yellow thing)

Mummy, mummy... do you know what is a leafhopper? A leafhopper is a grasshopper's friend. A grasshopper eats grass and a leafhopper eats leaves (I love to come up with all sorts of self-created creatures)

Mummy, mummy... why is this called a zebra-crossing? I think it should be "bee-crossing" because it looks more like a bee, not a zebra!" (referring to the yellow and black-striped zebra-crossing that we walk on every morning on the way to school)

Friday, October 22, 2010

My First Charity Project

A few days ago, I learned a little something about Sharing Is Caring (from school).

When mummy asked me about the circular that she found in my bag, I told her excitedly "I am very lucky, you know. I have so many toys. Some children don't have. So we give some to them... etc."

Mummy suggested giving some of my soft toys away. I have way too many!

Mummy's cuties

Mummy was rather surprised by my generosity. Every item that she suggested giving away, I would nod approvingly and say YES. On the other hand, it was mummy who faced difficulty deciding which one to go. Most of these soft toys were collected by her over a span of more than two decades. Many of them had very sentimental value to her. Every item that I picked, mummy would say "No, this one cannot. Mummy bought this from a special place far, far away in New Zealand (and some from a few other countries). Or, this is an antique bear which belonged to Ah Ma when she was a child so cannot give away.. Or, this one cannot lah, Pakcik Joe (mummy's ex-colleague) gave this to mummy etc. Shame on her!

In the end, we picked these items "to go"...

Some soft toys, clothings that I've outgrown (some are almost new) , toys (including a box of imitation "Lego", some books and colour pencils (totally new)

This afternoon, when I came home from school after donating the stuff, I told mummy "I am not lucky anymore, you know. I gave some of my things away so I am not that lucky anymore". Hahaha!

I hope the children who receive my contribution will take really good care of them and enjoy playing/reading/wearing them as much as I did. I love those baby board books very much and would still flip them occasionally even until now. It is with a very heavy heart that I give them away...

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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