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Friday, February 24, 2012

Theme Day: Carat and Carrot

The first Theme Day of the year was held today. Last week, as soon as I brought the circular home, I told mummy eagerly "I choose CARROT!"

Why carrot?

... because I am in K2 Mandarin Elective and our assigned theme was Things Found Underground

Mummy felt that a carrot was too ordinary so she encouraged me to think of something else. She even gave me a few suggestions...

Mummy: How about potatoes?
Me: No
Mummy: A gopher?
Me: No
Mummy: An earthworm?
Me: Eeeeeee... no way!
Mummy: A gemstone? A diamond, perhaps?
Me: *eyes widened* Yes! I want diamond!
Mummy: But I thought you chose carrot? So make up your mind now... diamond or carrot?

So diamond and carrot it was. However, we did not start our diamond project until the very last minute, which was this morning, just before going to school! It was rush-work done in a cincai manner and my diamond necklace was created in under 10 minutes...

Still clad in my pyjamas, I quickly cut out a diamond shape (drawn on a cereal box by mummy)

Applied glue and pasted the diamond picture on it

As for the carrot, mummy just grabbed one from the fridge. How easy is that? :p There was a reason behind why I insisted on bringing a carrot to school.

Things found underground... a no-carat diamond and a carrot ^-^

Now, check out my ENORMOUS diamond pendant hahaha!

The most fun part was what I did after school. Well, here's where the carrot came in. Meet Topsy & Turvy, my kindy's two pet rabbits that I very much wanted to feed...

Feeding Topsy

Feeding Turvy

Extremely cute, soft and fluffy, Topsy & Turvy are loved and adored by all the kids in school, me included. Needless to say, I enjoyed feeding the bunnies and watching them nibble the carrot away. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mummy's Birthday

Yesterday (22.2) was mummy's birthday. It was just like any other ordinary day as we did not do anything special. Being a simple and easy-to-please person, all mummy wanted was a "No Cooking Day" and she got her wish granted. It's not a very good wish though, because we ended up eating out the whole day!

Right after school, I was whisked off to Citta Mall (just mummy and I) where we had lunch at Wondermilk Cafe. Mummy loves the cupcakes here.

We had the El Cheapo set lunch that came with a drink...

... and baked potato with cheese and turkey

Mummy also ordered 2 cupcakes... Foxy Red Velvet (her personal favourite) and Oh My Choc. Yummy!

Not sharing with you, mummy... this is all mine. Mine, mine, mine!

When daddy came home after work, we headed straight to 1 Utama for gai-gai and dinner. We had dinner at TGIF (because mummy was eyeing the free mudcake hehe).

Fooled around and kiss-kissed mummy while waiting for our orders

Appetizer... Fried Mac & Cheese

Daddy's Chicken with Peppers and Mushrooms

Mummy's Key West Whitefish with herb rice

Kids eat free at Friday's... I chose chicken fingers and fries but mummy pandai-pandai changed it to this creamy pasta for me (she doesn't like me to eat greasy, heaty, deep-fried food)

Ooooh, it's so delicious! Thanks for picking this for me!

3 complimentary mini desserts for the birthday girl... no more free cakes :(

Obviously, the happiest one was me!

After filling up our tummies, we did some window-shopping and later went to redeem another free gift from JuiceWorks...

Jumping Jack (honey jackfruit, passionfruit, lemon and mango yoghurt) on the house :) 

And finally, a personalized card for mummy... it's not a birthday card but can lah. It's a sketching of the both of us and it's special :) I did this at the Friso Growing Up Together Days event at 1U, just after our dinner in TGIF

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Mummy bought 3 packs of strawberries from CH and they were all sssssssss.... sour! They were so sour that I refused to eat them. When Koo-koo bought them earlier from the same place, they were large, juicy and very sweet.

So what did mummy do with these 3 packs of sour strawberries? 

For the first pack, she made a small bowl of chocolate fondue for dipping...

Strawberries with homemade chocolate fondue (made from Australian milk and dark chocolate bars) 

Pure indulgence!

*dunk, dunk* Can't wait to taste it!

Mmmmm... good til the very last bit. I scraped and licked the bowl clean! I was clearly more in love with the chocolate fondue than the strawberries

For the 2nd pack, we had it with vanilla ice-cream...

Sweet and sour delight!

The 3rd and last pack was chucked aside in the fridge for many days... until the strawberries became more reddened, ripened and weren't so sour anymore. They were edible so no more sugary accompaniments this time...

Mixed fruits for dessert on Valentine's Day :) 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Water Play

Every year, there would be at least one session of water play in my kindy. I have been looking forward to this day since last week, after being told by my teacher about it.

Mummy has always been curious about how the water play is carried out. This year, since I am already in my third and final year in kindy, she asked for permission to take a look. It is held at the poolside (my kindy is located in an apartment), but in our very own private inflatable pool (which is shallower and smaller thus easier to control).

We all had a splashing good time and I enjoyed every minute in the pool playing with my little friends.

Friday, February 10, 2012

CH - Then and Now...

Our recent trip to Cameron Highlands was my second trip there. My first visit was more than 3 years ago (in November 2008), when I was just 2y3m, immediately after recovering from chicken pox. We re-visited many of the places there and realized that while I have changed and grown a lot in since 2008, everything else there remain unchanged...

Brown sofa of Equatorial Hotel (EH)... then

Brown sofa of EH... now

Checked chair of EH... then

Checked chair of EH... now

Ultraman kiddy ride... then 

Ultraman kiddy ride... now 

Daddy-daughter bonding time... then

Daddy-daughter bonding time... now

The fruit and veggie replicas in the park... then

The fruit and veggie replicas in the park... now (re-painted)

Tyre swing in Strawberry Park Resort... then

Tyre swing in Strawberry Park Resort... now

Big wooden slide in Strawberry Park Resort... then

Big wooden slide in Strawberry Park Resort... now

At the Bharat tea shop... now

Cactus nursery... then

Cactus nursery... now

Our all-strawberry snacks... then

Our all-strawberry snacks... now

Lata Iskandar... then

Lata Iskandar... now

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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