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Monday, July 23, 2012

No Playing on Bed!

Mummy is a cleanaholic and she imposes all sorts of "rules" pertaining to cleanliness around the house. One of them is "No playing on bed or sitting/sleeping on bed with clothes that have been worn outside the house". My bed is strictly for sleeping (with clean pyjamas on) and it has to be CLEAN at all times.

Well, one fine afternoon, I broke this rule. I've never played on my bed before so obviously, I've either forgotten or was not aware that this rule exists! With loud music blaring from my very own CD player in the bedroom (the one I won from my sports carnival), I was having a great time playing "doctor-doctor" with my stuffed animals when mummy walked in.

Dusty toys strewn all over my bed!

She was about to grumble at me but when she saw this, she broke into laughter instead...

Pooh bear with an ill-fitting stethoscope hahaha!

Thanks to Winnie the Pooh, mummy did not scold me but told me to put the toys away and reminded me not to play on bed again. She wanted to change the sheets immediately but was too lazy to do so. Instead, she just wiped the bedsheet with a damp cloth. Crazy, eh?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Too Much Colouring!!

Mummy suggested this doll jelly cake for my birthday next month and my first response was "Nooooo! It has too much colouring!" My health-freak-like comment really caught mummy by surprise haha!

Pic taken from jellycakehouse website

This attractive jelly cake may look impressive to many little girls out there (maybe including old ladies like mummy) but I shook my head in disapproval because I found it too colourful for consumption.  

I also had another good reason for rejecting this "cake". I told mummy "I already have a Barbie doll at home. Why do I need so many dolls for?" Yeah, true also. Besides, I hardly play with dolls!

In the end, I told her "Just go to Citta Mall and buy Wondermilk cupcakes for me".

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Way I Sit

I have many quirky habits and one of them is the way I sit when I'm dining out. Yes, I like to sit like this when I'm dining out, although I've been warned many times by mummy to sit properly!

Because of my "creative way" of sitting, I've actually fallen off the chair a few times! However, the few accidents did not deter me at all and I still continue to sit like this until now. My reason:  It's very comfortable and it feels nice *Mummy and daddy shake head*

How not to fall when I'm sitting at the edge of the seat like this?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Want and Don't Want

One day, while having a meal together, I kept "stealing glances" at daddy's fish and chips (although mine was something equally unhealthy and delicious). Sensing my interest in his food, daddy offered...

Daddy: You want some of my fish?
Me: Want and don't want.
Daddy: Huh? What do you mean? Want means want. Don't want means don't want.
Me: Actually I want but I don't want to take some from you because I'm afraid you won't have enough to eat...
Daddy: *Awww*

~ The sensible thoughts of a little girl who loves and adores her daddy to bits! ~

I love him sooooooooooo much!
*at age 5 years 11 months

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Marco's Pizza

Last Thursday (28 June), I went on a very fun-filled field trip to Marco's Pizza. I kept telling mummy how fun it was to roll the dough (with a rolling pin), spread the pizza sauce, sprinkle toppings on it and send it for baking.

Let's make pizza!

Besides pizza, we also made ourselves a bowl of healthy salad with lettuce, egg, apple, raisin and salad sauce.

Caught on camera with my blur-blur look

*All the photos above are taken from my kindergarten's Facebook album

Besides making pizza and salad, we also had a fun session of singing, colouring and decorating our pizza boxes.

My colouring... bad mummy laughed at my mouldy and rotten mushrooms... LOL! 

However, we did not have pizza for lunch. Instead, we had pasta, nuggets and ice cream. The pizza became our "takeaway souvenir". We brought it home to be shared with our loved ones...

My very simple pizza box decoration... I just drew a small pizza man with a big slice of pizza

I made this all by myself... classic hand-tossed with chicken ham, mushroom, cheese and pineapple

Yummy!!! I loved my self-made pizza and thanked myself again and again hahaha!

I had 2 slices of pizza plus a big scoop of mummy's vegetable mashed potato for dinner, before going for my JMC concert

Prior to this field trip, I've already been here many times with daddy and mummy. We came here to utilize the many food vouchers received in the goodie bags from my Sports Carnival in Sunway Lagoon.

Yay! We're having pizza again!

Some of the pizza, pasta and soup that we ordered...

And here are some of the FREE stuff that we had, redeemed with the food vouchers...

Free regular pizza, free pasta, free tiramisu, free ice-cream (this was for liking their Facebook page on the spot)

This is not a paid post but we would like to say that the food here is good, especially their thin crust pizzas... and this explains why we kept going back again and again :)

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