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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toy Story 3 and a Popcorn Issue

We finally caught the latest sequel of our favourite movie Toy Story today. Kau-foo gave us a movie treat at the MBO Cinemas in Terminal 2, Seremban.

Our first movie experience in an MBO cinema.

Finally... we're going to watch Toy Story 3!

Overall, it was a very pleasant cinema. However, the service at the snack counter was a big letdown. We bought tickets for the 12:15pm matinee and when we proceeded to the snack counter to get some popcorn, we were told "Sorry ar, popcorn belum siap". I was so disappointed, I stomped into the movie hall with a charcoal-black face.

After settling down comfortably in my seat, I must have forgotten all about the popcorn. I was back to my cheerful self :)

Yay! Couldn't wait for the show to start

I enjoyed the movie very much! I laughed at some of the funny scenes and even talked during the show. When the movie ended, I told daddy the movie was not nice because the cinema was too cold haha.

On our way out, we walked past the snack counters again. Immediately, I dropped hints and told mummy "I want to eat something crunchy". Indirectly, I was asking for the popcorn. Mummy told Kau-foo to get me a small box. However, this time he was told "Popcorn habis". Apa lah!!

Anyway, a big thank you to Kau-foo again for the very entertaining movie! We loved it very, very, very much :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

An Evening At The Beach II

While on our regular fortnightly trip back to Seremban, we took a short drive to Port Dickson to spend an evening at the beach. We went there with Gung-gung and Kau-foo while Ah Ma and Yee-ma stayed back to cook dinner for us hehe.

We headed to our favourite spot called Tanjung Biru or more popularly known as the Blue Lagoon. Mummy used to frequent this beach when she was young. According to Gung-gung, the sea used to be crystal clear blue many, many years ago (in the 1960s), hence the name Blue Lagoon. Although the sea is no longer as beautiful as it used to be, the whole place is quite nicely done up here.

The sea still looked quite blue from afar but on a closer look, it actually appeared to be brown...

Daddy found a shady spot at the corner of the lagoon

Kau-foo relaxing and enjoying the sea breeze and I had a great time playing with sand (in the hot sun!)

Making sandcastles

Squinting at the bright and glaring sun, although it was already 6pm+

This trip brought back a lot of fond memories of mummy's many PD trips during her childhood. Finally, here's (quite a cute) photo of mummy and kau-foo when they were kids...

Little Mummy and toddler Kau-foo squatting in the already not-so crystal clear blue sea (in the early 1980s) but at least it wasn't "brown" like now hehe.

I was only 29 months old in our previous trip here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

FD Special: Hawaiian Happiness

Daddy was invited to my kindy today for a belated Father's Day celebration. He took time-off from work to attend this special event with me.

Too bad, we didn't dress to the theme "Hawaiian Happiness" because we didn't have any suitable outfits. Daddy wore his usual casual-Friday company T-shirt while I put on a blouse which had the most flowers on it haha!

Daddy and I

The day started with a special assembly where all of us and our dads sat in a large circle. We talked about our dads and dedicated a few songs to them.

After singing the I Love You song, I was seen hugging and manja-ing daddy

And then surprise, surprise... I volunteered to stand in front and sing!

Singing Daddy Darling with some pretty girls

Singing in a group... with the K1 and K2 pupils as well

Singing a Mandarin song Qing Ai De Ba Ba

Our next daddy-daughter activity was a special recycling activity to revamp daddy's old T-shirt using the tie-and-dye method.

Ms J briefing us on how to get started

Tied some marbles to the T-shirt with rubber-bands

After tying close to 20 marbles on the T-shirt (both front and back), we then soaked it in a pail of dye. There were two choices of red and blue dye, and I chose the blue one.

Pushing the T-shirt into a pail of blue dye with a stick

A few days later... tada!

Before and after: Daddy's old T-shirt (left) The new look (right)

This is for you, daddy. I love you! Everyday is Father's Day to me as you can see how clingy and manja I am to you every morning *grin*

What's For Lunch? Part 3

Everyday, after returning home from school, I always appear to be starving. However, instead of attending to my growling tummy first, mummy always insists that I should take my bath first. While bathing, I will never fail to moan and whine "I'm very hungry, mummy. I'm hungry. I'm sooooooo hungry. I cannot wait anymore..." etc. Sometimes I even limp and pretend to faint in jest haha!

Taking advantage of my giant appetite for lunch, mummy always ensures that my lunch is wholesome, nutritious and has a healthy serving of fresh fruits and vegetables. Here's the continuation of my healthy lunch collection...

Air-dried noodle soup with homemade mini pork balls (organic pork), carrot, corn and organic green vege (Fruits served separately, usually later during snack time. Applies to the rest of the meals below)

Alphabet pasta with homemade fish paste, free-range chicken egg, carrot, cabbage and celery

Mee-sua soup with organic pork, free-range egg and organic siew pak choy

Colourful fried brown rice with homemade fish paste, free-range chicken egg, organic asparagus, organic purple cabbage, carrot and cherry tomatoes

Alphabet pasta in beetroot free-range chicken soup with carrot, potato, onion, celery and corn

Sometimes, when mummy is too lazy to cook, she just prepares these simple "variety platters" for me...

A thick slice of homemade bread (with flaxseed and pumpkin seed) with jam and cheese, sweet potato, apple, kiwifruit and cherry tomatoes

Baked potato strips with vege omelette, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, kiwifruit and apple

Pancakes with organic oatmilk, banana, apple, blueberries and carrot sticks

Egg mayo wholemeal sandwich with organic lettuce, strawberries, banana and vanilla-flavoured Calciyum (yoghurt)

Although it's just a repetition of the same old thing, I still love my lunch more than my dinner. Reason: I am usually not hungry at all during dinner-time. Too much snacks haha! (Dinner is usually rice with 2-3 dishes)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Misc Holiday Activities

Here are some miscellaneous activities that kept me happily occupied during the recent school holidays...

Learning Fractions: Daddy bought me this very educational set of puzzles (only RM8.97 from Jusco), which teaches the concept of fractions in a fun and easy-to-understand way. I completed all the puzzle cards in one sitting and commented "It's so easy!" Haha! * so action*

The Fraction Puzzle Game

Lego: I played Lego almost every other day. It's my favourite! We created so many things such as robots, playgrounds, towers, houses, furniture, vehicles, pyramids, animals etc..

Left: Me and my "futuristic city" Right: Giraffe, tiger, zebra and elephant (made by mummy)

Arts and Crafts: I made a simple Father's Day card for daddy. Mummy taught me how to fold a paper shirt. I wrote the wordings inside (spelled out by mummy) and coloured the front cover with oil pastels.

Daddy, I Love You!

Books: Of course, daddy and mummy read a lot to me too. During the day, I would "bug" mummy with a big stack of books. At night, daddy would read me bedtime stories. One of my current favourites is this...

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids... my very first self-help book :)

This book was written by Sean Covey. Sean Covey is the son of the famous author Stephen Covey who wrote the bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Daddy is crazy over self-help books such as this, so he bought this kids' version for me. I absolutely LOVE the stories in this book and can understand them very well.

Retelling a story with some hand gestures

Saturday, June 19, 2010

On a Saturday Morning...

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and we had nowhere to go. Actually we were too tired and lazy to go anywhere so the three of us just lepak-ed at home and minded our own business...

Daddy... working

Mummy... blogging and blog-hopping

Me... playing Playhouse Disney games

We just realized something... no need to fight, no need to share, no need to wait :p

Friday, June 18, 2010

Holiday Activity 6 - Aunties and Cousin Visit

I have been looking forward to cousin Leanne's visit since last week. Early this morning, as soon as I found out that today's the day, I quickly passed mummy's mobile phone to her and said, "Mummy, you call Julie yi-yi lah. Remind her to bring Leanne's swimsuit. Call her lah... call now... afterwards she forget". Hahaha! I was really, really eager to go swimming with Leanne, and I especially wanted to try out my new water toy...

Testing, testing... not bad, can shoot quite far too

Leanne had to make do with my old and punctured butterfly floatie

We girls had a whale of a time at the pool

Mummy's old buddy, Auntie BS was here too. Auntie BS drove us out to a nearby Giant for late lunch (snacks for Leanne and I, since we've already taken our home-cooked lunch) and grocery shopping. We had KFC.

They ordered a Buddy Meal and we got a Tweety bird toy each :)

I later told daddy that I got the Tweety bird toy from "KLC" hahaha! That shows how "often" we dine there *smirk*

Enjoying our trolley ride in Giant

FREE kiddy rides in Giant. Sadly, none of the 4 rides there were in working condition!

Later in the evening, Auntie BS joined us for dinner together with daddy. We went to the Empire Gallery again... our 3rd visit in less than a month! We had dinner at the Grand Imperial Kitchen.

Played with my "twin sister" again while waiting to be served

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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