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Sunday, March 29, 2009

LRT Ride

We did something really impromptu today. While relaxing at home on a lazy Sunday morning, daddy asked "What shall we do today?" Mummy said "Very lazy... just rest at home lah". Suddenly she mentioned something about LRT ride and 15 minutes later...

We were already in the choo-choo train (LRT), on our way to KLCC. It was a totally spontaneous and unplanned outing... something that we rarely did.

As usual, I was only interested in the kiddy rides and nothing else. I rode on almost every kiddy ride that we happened to pass by or see (about 10 altogether).

And when I saw this dinosaur at the entrance of Petrosains, I told mummy "I wanna take photo with this dinosaur!"

And while mummy shopped around looking for bargains, I spent the longest time playing here in Isetan:

And when I finally felt tired and started yawning, I asked for my stroller. Sorry, we didn't bring it along so it was nap-time in the LRT on our way home...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

We observed Earth Hour for the very first time today...

I didn't know why daddy turned off the lights. I also didn't know why mummy lighted the candles... esp without a cake! I had no idea what was going on but I didn't ask because I was only interested in blowing out the candles. I kept whining "Wanna blow the candle... wanna blow the candle". Since it was quite bright outside (street lights and lights from neighbouring buildings) mummy said "Aah ok, blow lah, blow lah!"

So I huffed and I puffed and huffed and puffed and huffed and puffed... (but couldn't them blow out haha!)
That was the only fun part and the only thing that I could relate to Earth Hour.

I'm Not A Girly Girl

While window-shopping (without me tagging along), Mummy spotted this Barbie doll which was irresistably CHEAP. Realizing that she seriously needed to instil some girliness in me, she bought it without any hesitation...

Cheap and basic... an ideal "starter/trial" pack for me

Initially, I was quite excited to see the doll. I immediately held her in my hands and stroked her lovingly...

Everytime I see something that I like, something nice or cute, I will rub it on my face like this

That lasted only a few minutes. Afterthat, hmm... so so only. Later, when asked if I preferred the doll to all my boys' toys, my answer was always everything else but the doll.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Just Photos

More pics taken at the Shah Alam park by Koo-koo...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My 1st Baking Experience

Mummy is not a very "kitchen" person. She's not really into cooking or baking kinda stuff so when she suggested making cookies today and invited me to join along, I was more than eager to help!

Her initial idea was to let me play with Play-doh. Then she thought why not use edible stuff and see what we can make from it. With limited ingredients and without a recipe, she just simply threw in some very basic stuff like flour, oats and Milo...

We were so poorly equipped with baking utensils, we had to borrow extra "cookie cutters" from my Play-doh set.

The work of 2 equally novice bakers - Milo Oats cookies

... made with not a single grain of sugar (just a wee bit of honey and condensed milk). Baked using a small toaster oven where the heat was not very even, some browned nicely, some were darker and some were nearly black (at the base) hehehe! Taste-wise, it wasn't too bad lar... the flavour is there, just not sweet.

Chomp, chomp, chomp...

And my cheeky comment was "Mmmmmmmmmm, not nice!" Hahaha! ... but happily wolfed down 3 pieces...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My friend, Daddy

After spending almost half the day with Auntie BS today, mummy asked me this...

Mummy: BB do you know who is Auntie BS? Auntie BS is mummy's friend lor.

Very kiasu-ly, I quickly asked her back...

Me: Mummy, do you know who is daddy? Daddy is BB's friend lor!

Me and my "best friend"

A Special Outing

Gai-gai on a weekday? Without daddy? Yes, thanks to Auntie BS (mummy's old buddy of 20+ years) who came for a visit and brought us out. Mummy and I were happy like released jailbirds. When asked where did I want to go, I chose 1 Utama.

We had lunch (2nd round for me) at Waffle World. Even though I've already taken my lunch at home, I still had plenty of room for some fish finger sandwich, double ice-cream waffle and mixed berries smoothie... yummy!

After lunch, we went grocery shopping in Jusco. And of course, a trip to 1U is never complete without a ride on my favourite Barney car.

Happiness written all over my face

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Girl, Little Girl

While mummy was cuddling and kissing me in our daily bonding routine...

Mummy: Mummy's darling big girl already ler...
Me: I'm not a big girl. I'm a small girl. Little girl ar!
Mummy: Yeah, right hahaha! Correct also...

In mummy's thoughts: So young already know how to deny being old *shakes head*

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Tattoo

I found this tattoo while mummy was de-cluttering one of the drawers at home. It was a free gift that she got quite some time back. She had kept it aside and totally forgotten about it because it was simply too gross and ridiculous.

Since I insisted on playing with it, she let me try...

I kept putting on this pitiful face, as if I was really in pain...

The funniest thing was, I kept groaning in pain "Ssssssssss pain-pain, got blood" when I saw my "wounds" and repeatedly warned mummy not to touch them hahaha!

And later when daddy returned home from work, he fell for it and got quite a shock hahaha!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shah Alam Lake Gardens

We went to a very, very big park today. It was the Shah Alam lake gardens. Daddy and mummy used to come here many, many years ago. Today, they finally brought me here for the 1st time.

Despite starting early at around 5:45pm, we did not manage to walk a complete round. We even nearly panicked towards the end because our car was still so far away when the sky started turning dark!

It's a very nice park - shady and scenic

I sat in the stroller most of the time because I was too lazy to walk

Nowadays I know how to pick my photography spots. I'll point to the place I like and say "I want to take photo here!"

It was a long walk so we had to stop for a snack... thanks to Koo-koo for this chocolate cake

The famous landmark of Shah Alam - the Blue Mosque

As usual, I was only interested in the playground. Luckily it was near the carpark so eventhough it was already past 7.30pm, dark and time to feed the mosquitoes, we still managed to make a brief stop here just to fulfil my request.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The 4-Letter Word

Learning spelling while eating? Well, this was what mummy had in mind when she bought this alphabet biscuit for me from Ikea.

However, after digging and digging the packet for more letters, she discovered that there were only 4 letters inside. This was the only four-letter word that she could make...

Feeling rather "cheated", she took a closer look at the box and realized that the box was absolutely right! Printed on it were just those very 4 letters. It was her mistake for not being observant enough and for assuming that all alphabet biscuits come packed in A-Z. Therefore, the lesson learnt here wasn't spelling. The lesson learnt was "Be more observant!" Hahaha!

Don't fret, mummy. These biscuits are still good for eating!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Like You

Mummy: B, you are very naughty.
Me: Just like you.
Mummy: .............. *stunned* *oh dear, where did she learn this from??*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It Was Me!

We entered the lift.
There were 2 other men inside
but no one was talking
It was very quiet
Suddenly, I broke the silence
In my rather loud voice, I said
BB poot chau-chau (fart smelly-smelly)

Daddy & Mummy: *Slap forehead* (but giggled quietly, faces turning a little red...)

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Great Pretender

Cry until no more tears already... but still wanna force myself to cry more. What a great pretender. So fake and so funny hahaha.

The reason behind this? Fighting over the tv channel with mummy lor... I wanted 613 but mummy said "enough, it's my turn now" and switched to another channel.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Playing With Trash

Everytime this kid engages in silent play, you can be 101% sure that she's up to no good...

Look what happens when you have a box of trash waiting to be disposed and it happens to be within my sight... They will get "processed" by my hands first...

Luckily mummy managed to stop the "production" in time so it was only a small mess. Phew!

Friday, March 13, 2009

31 Months Old

I am 2 years and 7 months old today. I'm currently going through a very rapid growth spurt. I have improved and developed a lot in terms of motor skills and speech.

- Height: 95cm Weight: +-15kg
- I can speak in proper, full sentences. My pronunciation is also improving. I can also understand and speak a few words of Cantonese, Hakka and Mandarin. As for Hokkien, I'm still struggling...
- I can self-correct my mistakes. Everytime I say something wrong, I'll laugh and say "Oops, BB said the wrong thing hahaha".
- I ask a lot of questions, sometimes including the difficult ones where neither daddy or mummy could answer.
- I can colour properly. After doing well with the marker pens, I could do the same with colour pencils too.
- About 80% of my clothes are for ages 5-6 years. Dunno why they make the sizes so small nowadays. I am not that gigantic actually, just tall.

This blouse and shorts set is actually size 6T (for 6 year olds) - given by a kind and special "Auntie".

Got It!

After participating in the blog review a few days ago (and submitted to them on 10th March), we received our free 50x4R and 2x8R prints today! Very efficient indeed. Overall, we are satisfied with the print quality, the price and the convenience. Future orders are definitely worth considering.

Thank you, EOE Online!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Can Colour

Mummy was surprised and impressed at the same time when she saw this...

I could colour within the lines. And it was done neatly too. This was my first time colouring with a marker pen. Maybe it's because the tip glided more smoothly on the smooth surface of the whiteboard-like book, which made colouring easier for me.

Just one colouring session ago, it was still like this...

What a big improvement, in just days.

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