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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

D is for Doughnut

"D is for Doughnut", says Barney in my alphabet book and I finally know what it means.

There's this new donut shop just a few skips away from our home. We can even see its roof from our balcony. One day, my very greedy daddy and mummy bought a dozen.

But I only got to taste a few mouthfuls. Mmmm... I love it!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Daddy's girl

Right after mummy posted "No Attachments, please" below, I felt offended and decided to let her know that I am not so hard-hearted and detached after all. And so, last Saturday morning saw me waking up to a pathetically loud cry. I went to daddy and clung on to him dearly, afraid that he will leave for work. I refused to be put down or be separated from him. The following video was taken much later, showing my adoration for my daddy...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No attachments, please

Mummy says I’m a very unusual kid. Maybe it’s the little extra dose of toughness, independence and confidence in me that makes me different from most other kids.

- I don’t form attachment to anyone at all, not even my daddy or mummy. I don’t care if mummy is out of my sight in a strange place. I don’t care if mummy leaves me at somebody else’s house and walks away. I will wave bye-bye to mummy and leave without turning back if someone offers to bring me “gai-gai”. Bottom line is, I just don’t care if mummy is not around.

- I don’t form attachment to things as well. Blanket, pillow, bolster, pacifier, toy… all these have many times been offered to me or even forced into my arms. I feel secure enough not to need or hold on to any of them. Or I simply do not like them.

- I am quite unaffectionate. I won’t hug or kiss anyone. I don’t really fancy being hugged, kissed or cuddled for more than 10 seconds or I will squirm and wriggle to free myself out of it.

You mean all these are negative qualities that I shouldn't have?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

17 months old

I am 17 months old today.

- At last! I can finally imitate some sounds. Besides calling daddy, papa and mi-mi (mummy), I can also say bear, no-no, baby, Beebee (my nickname), mmm… nice!, ta-ta (beat)
- Every night, I go to bed and fall asleep on my own without requiring daddy or mummy to accompany me.
- I love nursery rhymes and will perform the actions as mummy sings/reads to me.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Playing masak-masak is my latest passion. I just love to dig out mummy's kitchen utensils, pretend to be a cook, stir up a quick meal and "eat" my imaginary food. It is through this game that I learned to say the phrase "Mmmm... nice!" clearly and accurately while "savouring" my tasty cooking.

Mmmm... nice. Brick salad, anyone?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Messy New Year

Today is the first day of year 2008! While most people greeted the new year with cheer and celebration, I decided to throw a little challenge for daddy and mummy simply by... throwing up! Fear and anxiety struck when I couldn't seem to keep my food down. I even threw up in the middle of my nap...

So that was how I greeted year 2008 - with wet & stinky mattresses, sticky & gooey floor and lots of cleaning-up work for mummy (wipes sweat!) What a way to start a new year...

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