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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Family Holiday in Cameron Highlands

We went for a family trip to Cameron Highlands for a 3D2N stay (5th-7th Feb) with Mah-mah, Yeh-yeh, Koo-koo, Koo-jeong and Hayley jie-jie over the long weekend. We started our journey on Sunday morning and the eight of us went in two cars. We headed to Ipoh for breakfast as planned and packed an assortment of Ipoh goodies up the hill resort for lunch.

Traffic was good all along the way until the final 6km of our journey. Inching uphill at snail's pace, it took us about 1.5 hours to move 6km to get to the Equatorial Hotel. Traffic jams and crowded places aside, the trip was overall good and enjoyable. Here are the highlights of the trip...

Had "donkey noodles" (hor hee) for breakfast in Ipoh... I call it the donkey noodle because "hor hee" sounds like a donkey's bray haw-hee-haw-hee-haw when it is repeated multiple times haha!

Checked-in to our Vacation Club's 2-room apartment at the Equatorial Hotel where we had our lunch of Foh San dimsum, egg tarts, JJ swissrolls and Pusing rice dumplings ... all tapau-ed from Ipoh

While the rest of them stayed at the apartment (which could only accommodate 4), daddy, mummy and I stayed at the newly refurbished hotel room :p

The traffic there was so bad that we didn't dare to drive anywhere. Luckily the Kea Farm was just a 5-minute walk from the hotel. We even had our dinner in a restaurant just within the hotel compound. 

Checking out some of the stuff at a stall in the Kea Farm market

A strawberry popsicle treat

At the main entrance of the hotel lobby, ready to go for dinner. The weather was cool and just nice.

Dinner time... steamboat and bak-kut-teh to warm us up

Day 2 - Family breakfast at a coffeeshop in Brinchang

Some of the food that we had

We visited the Smokehouse... but they didn't welcome non-patrons so we just "lepak-ed" outside

Hayley jie-jie and I were fascinated by something on the wooden bench there...

A newly metamorphosized butterfly! 

At the park in Tanah Rata

Sitting on a giant corn!

Got playground, will smile :) We spent about an hour here. It was scorching hot and some of us got sun-burned.

From playground to tea plantation... very scenic! (Bharat tea plantation)

Let's go down for a tea-plantation walk!

Daddy and I walked down to explore... and I asked "Is this a giant maze?" Hahaha!

Happy family :)

Tea-time! (at the Bharat Tea House)

More snacks... yummylicious strawberry waffle with vanilla ice-cream at Glory 78

Mummy, look! I see little fishes in the little pond

At the children's playground in Strawberry Park Resort

Colourful cacti at Cactus Point (a flower and cactus nursery)

Thorny beauties... different types of cacti all planted in one pot

Rows and rows of pretty flowers in the nursery
Day 3 - Walking on the deserted street of Kea Farm. Unfortunately, at almost 8am, the stalls were not opened yet. The early bird had nothing to catch! :(

We left CH soon after the ladies' morning marketing in Kea Farm. Stopped at the Iskandar Waterfalls on our way down to Tapah.

Lunch at Bidor before heading home to PJ... I had wantan mee (my favourite) as usual. 


  1. I like the beautiful view of tea plantation, assorted cactus pots and red hues of flowers.

    Chloe enjoyed this Cameron family trip very much, look at the happy faces :D

  2. Steamboat is a must at Cameron Highlands! I miss this place so much~

  3. Beautiful pics! ANother great family trip! We hv nvr been to Glory78 nor the Playground in Tanah Rata, won't miss it nxt time!

    p/s:Yeah, has been away for abt 3 months. I usually spent my blogging time digging into fic, lol! As the gal growing up, I also spent more time to tutor her... it's hard to blieve she has piles of homework frm her kindie.

  4. what a lovely trip. now you made me wanna go there soon :) hey, how come Smokehouse don't welcome non-resident eh?

  5. Love your family pic. You looking great with your hair let down like that :)

    Steamboat is a must when we are up in Cameron but sad to say so many mushroom-ed and quality control is slacking..

  6. mommy to chumsy: We think the Smokehouse is just being cocky... maybe they don't want too many people to swarm their premises. They erected a "For Patrons Only" sign at the entrance and hired a guard to "shoo" the non-patrons away. It wasn't like this when we were there 3 years ago.

  7. Oh...we ve been to the playground before. It is beautiful!

  8. It was wonderful trip for you and family at CH. CH is a very peaceful and relaxing place, I reckon. But I can really stand the winding road, I may get motion sickness.

  9. Yeah, smokehouse very cocky wan. I remembered I had high tea there once b4. Wanted to use the loo inside but they didn't allow just bcos I was wearing shorts. Bleuk!

  10. I like the butterfly, very sharp picture... It's been a while since I last went to CH, almost 5 years ago....

  11. Looks like it's time we paid a long due visit to CH. The picture looks great!

  12. Such a lovely trip, with all the family members..... nice weather, nice scenery..

  13. Awesome holiday at Cameron. Love the tea plantation the strawberry waffle too.

  14. Nice trip to CH. Miss the steambot there!

  15. Love the nice view at Cameron..I miss this place alot.Hope one day can bring Ryan go there for holiday.

  16. You look a lot different now. Wear spec some more.

    You grow up so much.

    Look a bit serious now.

  17. Donkey noodles!!!hahaha!!! Now I know.....hahahahahaha!!!!

  18. bercuti ke CH, singgah di Galeri BiGDee House of Magic Potions Taman Royal Lily, Tanah Rata. satu-satunya galeri nano microfungus aromaterapi di dunia!

  19. May i know if the 2 bedroom apartment at EQ clean? I read some comment which it's mostly negative about it.

  20. Hi Anonymous, the apartment's cleanliness level is acceptable but the whole place is a bit rundown and the furniture looks old. If you expect something better, do opt for their newly refurbished rooms :)

  21. Having hot steaming food at Cameron, nice!


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