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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I Say

Love? What Love?
I was sitting on mummy's lap and leaning on her when she started kissing, cuddling and squeezing me tightly...
Mummy: I love you sooooooooo much. So, so, so much! Can you feel my love?
Me: No, but I can feel your bones... and your skeleton!
Mummy: *Rolling on the floor laughing*

The Nursery Rhyme Critic
While reading (not singing) a popular rhyme one day...
Me: Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are... *paused for a moment and went into smart alec mode* It's a star lah. Why need to wonder? Why like that also don't know?

American Influence
I asked for a few sips of Revive isotonic drink in Pizza Hut recently...

Me: Mummy, my tongue feels prickly when I drink this.
Mummy: That's because the drink has gas in it.
Me: Gas? You mean it has petrol in it? *laughs*
Mummy: @_@

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Latest Craze

A few months ago, I was hit by the UNO card game craze. For days, weeks and months, I was an addict high on UNO. Every night without fail, just before bedtime, I would drag daddy into a session of at least 10 games. On our fortnightly trips back to Seremban, I would "victimize" Gung-gung instead. With Gung-gung, we could play all day (from morning to night, no kidding!) and he was the only person patient enough to entertain my whims and fancies. I was declared the family's UNO champion after acing the game repeatedly and achieving numerous winning streaks.

Recently, I have moved on to another new card game... "fishing". Again, I am obsessed with this game.

"Fishing" after dinner...

"Fishing" before bedtime...

At the end of this game, some mental calculation (adding up the points) is required. Through this game, my addition has improved a lot. Counting in tens is easy-peasy for me now. I can also pair up numbers to form 10 rather quickly like 1 and 9, 2 and 8, 3 and 7 etc.

I'm also able to mentally add up 3-4 small numbers like 1+2+3, 2+2+4, 5+ 3+1 etc. Daddy doesn't mind playing this with me every night because it is good for polishing up my Maths.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Field Trip to Petrosains, KLCC

Yesterday, I went on another kindergarten field trip to Petrosains, KLCC. I have been looking forward to this trip since last week!

Mummy did not tag along this time, so no photos to share here. However, we just viewed over a hundred photos in the kindergarten's Facebook fan page. While viewing the photos together, mummy asked me dozens of questions... "did you play with this?" "did you see this?" "did you ride on this?" "how about this?" "or this?" "this?" to which I replied NO to all of them! *mummy slapped forehead* So what did I actually do there?

When asked what was my favourite part of the trip, I told her it was the dark ride in the gondola and lunch at Burger King. I've never been to Burger King before. It was my first time and I loved it. I asked mummy "Can you please bring me there next time?"

Lunch-ing with my little friends in Burger King (pic stolen from the kindy's Facebook)

I came home looking like I've just crawled out of a war zone. My hair was in a great mess! I told mummy I fell asleep in the bus on our way home.

Mom, I'm home!

I loved and enjoyed the trip so much that I refused to have the wrist band removed until today. I told mummy I want to wear it forever!

A ticket as my souvenir...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If It's Not Nice, It's Gotta Be Bad

While walking along some eateries in The Curve during the school holidays, a very friendly staff at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. greeted us Good Morning and gave me a balloon. Mummy paid no attention to the balloon at all until much later when I told her...

Me: Mummy, there's a bad word on my balloon.
Mummy: Bad word? What bad word?
Me: Neh, you see... *shoved the balloon to her*

I am not allowed to mention the S word because long, long ago, (when I was only 2 years 6 months) mummy told me that stupid is not a nice word to say. Therefore, I just I referred to it as the "bad word" haha.

The words on the balloon made mummy wonder... of all the quotes in the Forrest Gump movie, why did they choose to print this one on a balloon meant for kids? Probably they didn't expect the kids to read them! Do you read what's printed on your balloon?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day at The Lover's Bridge

Last Saturday, we went for a family outing to Tanjung Sepat and Morib again. This time, we went with Yeh-yeh, Mah-mah, Koo-koo and Koo-jeong. The 7 of us travelled in just one car... Koo-koo's MPV. We left home close to noon and after a bit of dilly-dallying, arrived in Tanjung Sepat at 2pm for a late lunch.

The icon of a fishing village... a fishing boat "docked" permanently on the road, just beside where we parked our car

We headed straight to the Lover Bridge Restaurant for a seafood lunch

We had a scrumptious meal where daddy ordered the following...

Claypot taufu with crabmeat

Lala fried bihun

Steamed white promfet

Or-chien (oyster omelette)

Kam-heong crab

Steamed crab

Lala fried rice with a HUGE topping of whitebait fish

After makan, mummy slathered lots of sunblock on me and we went for a walk at the Lover's Bridge. It was low-tide and we enjoyed watching the crabs and mudhopper fish.

Daddy, look!

Thousands of tiny crabs "marching" around

We walked right up to the end of the bridge (it was wooden and creaky)

Daddy and mummy were caught paktho-ing on the bridge (photo taken by Koo-koo)

Back on land, we just whiled away the whole afternoon at the wooden benches under a big, shady tree. It was very cool and breezy there. We just sat there and relaxed, talked, laughed, sipped coconut water and did nothing. It was fun!
A very happy daddy-daughter moment

Licking my maltose lollipop... err, I didn't like it!

We also went to the Morib waterfront for a short stroll.
Morib Waterfront revisited

With a giant seashell at the Gastropods

Playground time!

From Morib, we drove back to the Lover's Bridge again to view the sunset because Koo-jeong had some photography assignment there.

Sunset at the beach

I had fun playing with sand and kicking sand at the beach. Surprisingly, the sand here was very fine, white and powdery soft!

Also did "facial scrub" *mummy rolled eyes*

We went back to PJ soon after the sun went down and had dinner supper at 10pm in a restaurant near home!

Earlier in the Lover Bridge restaurant, mummy also bought a packet of fishballs to try.

One packet for Mah-mah, one packet for us

Mummy cooked a soupy dish using the fishballs...

With carrot, potato, onion and one whole packet of organic spinach (bor-choy)

Our simple dinner (with rice) the following Monday...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Daddy's Day

A Father's Day celebration was held in my kindergarten today. As usual, daddy took time-off from work to attend this special celebration with me.

Daddy and I dressed to the theme of Checks and Stripes where we both wore striped tops (we didn't have any outfits with checks). The first activity was a special assembly where we sat in a large circle and talked about our dads. We also sang and dedicated a few "daddy songs" to our darling daddies.

Special assembly with our daddy dearest

When teacher told us to give our daddy a big hug and a kiss, I quickly climbed on him and showered him with kisses...

I love you, daddy!

Next, we made something special for daddy, with daddy's help, of course.

Daddy and daughter activity... cut like this, glue this here etc.

A special "medal" for my No. 1 Dad

Daddy and I... with the medal clipped on his T-shirt

I also made a FD card earlier in class... with a cute batik-inspired shirt on it

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Field Trip to Tenmoku Pottery Factory

Backdated post

On 28th April, I participated in my kindergarten's field trip to Tenmoku Pottery Factory. Mummy tagged along as an assistant "child-supervisor" :) I woke up earlier than usual at 6:30am and leaped out of bed enthusiastically (I have been looking forward to this day) but as soon as I realized that the sky was still dark, I exclaimed "but it's not even morning yet!!" That goes to show how "early" I wake up every morning haha.

We went to the flagship school in Mutiara Damansara to join the rest of the kids from other branches and assembled there for a short briefing on the dos and don'ts during the trip

Queuing up to board the bus *excited*

At the factory, we saw how the clay was prepared, shaped, "cooked" and painted with details... all very manually done by hand.

One of the teachers helping me to pour clay into a mould

After a short tour around the factory, we were also given a teacup each to paint on

Painting my very own teacup

Our handiwork... ready to be "baked" in an "oven" for 8 hours at 1000 degree Celsius. The stripey one (3rd from left) in the first row is mummy's. Mummy didn't have the time to paint a nice one. She painted hers in just 20 seconds so that she could help my classmates and I with ours.

That's mine... mummy painted my name on it for a more personalized touch

Next, we proceeded to McDonald's for lunch. I was a very happy girl because McD was a very rare treat for me. I had half a chicken burger, 2 chicken nuggets, some fries and finished a small cup of Coke!

Aaah... perut kenyang, hati senang...

As usual, followed by lunch was a round of singing session. Mummy captured a shaky, poor-quality video of me singing with my fellow schoolmates...

Belting out our school song

Next, we were each given a sweet surprise... sundaes!

Soon after dessert, we headed back to our respective schools and that was the end of the trip.

Nearly 2 months later, which is today...

... we got back our teacups, nicely packed in these boxes (they were sent back to our schools)

They are real teacups that we can pour hot tea into. The one of the left is mine and that's how it looks like on the other side of my name. We were told that these cute little cups can last up to 500 years if they are not broken by carelessness :)

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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