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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day at The Lover's Bridge

Last Saturday, we went for a family outing to Tanjung Sepat and Morib again. This time, we went with Yeh-yeh, Mah-mah, Koo-koo and Koo-jeong. The 7 of us travelled in just one car... Koo-koo's MPV. We left home close to noon and after a bit of dilly-dallying, arrived in Tanjung Sepat at 2pm for a late lunch.

The icon of a fishing village... a fishing boat "docked" permanently on the road, just beside where we parked our car

We headed straight to the Lover Bridge Restaurant for a seafood lunch

We had a scrumptious meal where daddy ordered the following...

Claypot taufu with crabmeat

Lala fried bihun

Steamed white promfet

Or-chien (oyster omelette)

Kam-heong crab

Steamed crab

Lala fried rice with a HUGE topping of whitebait fish

After makan, mummy slathered lots of sunblock on me and we went for a walk at the Lover's Bridge. It was low-tide and we enjoyed watching the crabs and mudhopper fish.

Daddy, look!

Thousands of tiny crabs "marching" around

We walked right up to the end of the bridge (it was wooden and creaky)

Daddy and mummy were caught paktho-ing on the bridge (photo taken by Koo-koo)

Back on land, we just whiled away the whole afternoon at the wooden benches under a big, shady tree. It was very cool and breezy there. We just sat there and relaxed, talked, laughed, sipped coconut water and did nothing. It was fun!
A very happy daddy-daughter moment

Licking my maltose lollipop... err, I didn't like it!

We also went to the Morib waterfront for a short stroll.
Morib Waterfront revisited

With a giant seashell at the Gastropods

Playground time!

From Morib, we drove back to the Lover's Bridge again to view the sunset because Koo-jeong had some photography assignment there.

Sunset at the beach

I had fun playing with sand and kicking sand at the beach. Surprisingly, the sand here was very fine, white and powdery soft!

Also did "facial scrub" *mummy rolled eyes*

We went back to PJ soon after the sun went down and had dinner supper at 10pm in a restaurant near home!

Earlier in the Lover Bridge restaurant, mummy also bought a packet of fishballs to try.

One packet for Mah-mah, one packet for us

Mummy cooked a soupy dish using the fishballs...

With carrot, potato, onion and one whole packet of organic spinach (bor-choy)

Our simple dinner (with rice) the following Monday...


  1. Nice outing, yummy food, bonding moment, happy hours and healhty dinner on the following day. All in.

  2. Wow, the dishes make me drool. Now i wanna go back again and try the other restaurants :) time I should wait for the sunset too eh? It's beautiful. Hey, at least you got to pak toh on the Lover's Bridge. I am too scared to walk on the bridge...hehehheehe

  3. those Or chien makes me drool!!! Have not been to Morib before. worth going?

  4. aiyo!!!!!!!!!! Look at the Or-chien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! faint dy..

  5. Oh I went dine in at that restaurant too, but I never explore around the bridge & beach. Aiks what a waste haha.

  6. omg....the hor chien!!! i am drooling over the yummylicious food.

  7. All the food looks yummy! Chloe did facial scrub? haha :P

  8. You successfully tempted me with crabs! I love crabs!! Such an eventful day - food, lovey-dovey dad & mom and dad-daughter outing..

  9. pakthoing..... so sweet.... it was indeed very fun..... love the crabs watching....

  10. Memorable yet great bonding with the little ones, I'm so tempted to bring my sprouts to Morib right away, lol!!!

  11. hahahhaa... mummy n daddy caught paktoh'ing... romanticnya.

  12. Very nice outing and the food make me drooling :P Thanks for sharing this wonderful photos :P

  13. wow...the seafood really delicious! tanjung sepat near to morib as well?

  14. The claypot taufu is a must-order dish for me when I go there. So yummy :)

    N you managed to capture such a lovely daddy-daughter moment!! really sweeeet.

  15. Wat a fun day trip. I'm gonna tell hubs abt these 2 plcs. So many things to do -- eat yummy n fresh seafood, play at the beach n playgrd.

  16. The food make me drool lah. Hehe...Luckily I got to eat crabs while in KL. I really suka the "pak toh" photo. :)

  17. Sorry typo error...I mean "get to eat crabs.." :)

  18. The food look so delicious!! I also want to go to this place lah!


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