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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Waterfall Trip

We went to a waterfall again, on our second consecutive trip back to Seremban. (Our first trip two weeks ago, is here) We went to the very popular recreational park called Ulu Bendul... this time, with some extra clothing and camera!

At the entrance of the park. It looked SO different now! (Daddy and mummy used to frequent this park during their early courting days some 12 years ago)

It's a very modern recreational park, heavily re-landscaped to accommodate a huge swimming pool along the river (but it was closed for maintenance when we visited).

Free WiFi for those who enjoy a different kind of "recreational activity"...

This part of the "river" had water slides too. However, it was too crowded so mummy did not let me play here. I just watched longingly at all the other kids at play *sad* We walked along the jungle-trekking trail to look for a nicer spot to take a cool dip.

Along the way, we saw many of these very, very tall trees everywhere...

Aaah... found a nice spot here, which looked like a beach. However, Gung-gung said the water here was too still so we continued searching for that "better" spot.

This looked like a good spot... we finally settled here.

At least there was some flowing water for me to play with.

Wet and wild... Heh heh heh. I like!

Splish splash I was takin' a dip...

Gung-gung borrowed this swimming board from some strangers there but I didn't know how to use it.

Swimming in a waterfall/river for the very first time! It was very, very cold! Brrrrr....

On the way back, we saw a giant man-made turtle stone.

Time to go home... I was quite reluctant to leave and gave all kinds of excuses to prolong our stay there, like "I want to sit here for a while and I want to go there and let me take a look at that first etc."

Okay, terima kasih, jumpa lagi! (Thank you, see you again)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cheered-up By The Plaster

Let's put the blame on mummy... for buying me that cheap pair of fake Crocs, which "beat" my leg and caused a painful blister on it!

It was a brief, after-dinner shopping at the Tropicana City Mall with Mah-mah and Yeh-yeh. After walking around for just 1 hour plus, I started to complain "leg pain". I kept crying and refused to walk anymore so daddy had to carry me.

Back home, I was still crying and fretting over the small lesion on my leg and refused to go to bed... until mummy took out a box of Hansaplast Junior with cute animal prints...

Sssssss... pain-pain

My face lit up instantly the moment I saw those cute and colourful plasters! I even giggled at the very sight of them haha. I had a hard time choosing one, though. Each one was equally cute and I liked them all.

All smiles :-)

Finally, after about 10 minutes of indecisiveness, I chose the green one with a kangaroo.

No more pain-pain

I was so happy and felt so "healed", I fell asleep right away!

The Things I Say

The Cute
Mummy was talking to me while I was brushing my teeth. All I heard was some mumbling sound so I told her "Brush teeth is very noisy. I cannot hear you!"

The Funny
I was watching tv when mummy asked me to go and wash up and get ready for school. She called a few times but I just ignored her. She then raised a voice a bit and asked me to hurry up. I looked at her and said "You say 1...2...3... first" (referring to the warning counting)

The Silly
Mummy took away a stack of puzzles that have been left on a small table for a very long time. When I saw the cleared spot on the table, I asked "Where are the puzzles? *looked around the house* Are we in another house?"

The "Action"
I was helping Ah Ma with the laundry. Mummy noticed my helpfulness and complimented me. With that, I said "I'm always helpful, you know. Always!" (I emphasized on the word "always" haha)

The Loving
I say this to daddy every morning without fail when he leaves for work... "Bye! Enjoy your work. I love you" (mummy did not teach me this)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bedtime Stories

Very often, it is daddy who reads me bedtime stories and accompanies me during bedtime. However, daddy is not the type who enjoys reading kiddie stories, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, making cute and funny sound effects and all (he leaves those to mummy). He'd rather read his books and share them with me...

Reading the very popular bestseller called Who Moved My Cheese?

Sometimes daddy reads to me half-heartedly in the hope of boring me to sleep sooner. Sometimes he thinks I'm not listening but surprisingly, I will even ask him questions! And most of the time, I can even answer random questions that he asks!

Most of the books that daddy reads to me are self-improvement and motivational books, while some are business and management-related materials. Here are some of the books (the lighter ones with easy-to-understand stories) that I enjoy listening to...

Have you read these before?

(Mummy finds this very amusing, everytime she takes a peek and discovers the books that I'm "reading" haha.)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nothing Special

Some random pics of our mall outing in The Curve/Ikea/Ikano/Tesco today...

So happy to be sitting on this high pillar where my feet couldn't touch the ground

Bamboo garden... pretty and colourful lanterns adorn the main concourse of The Curve

While browsing the toy section in Metrojaya, we came across something very familiar but seldom (almost never) seen on the shelves of toy stores... it's Elmo's Boom Box! I have one at home, bought by Yee Ma when I was a little baby.

We had dinner in Ikea. Everytime we dine here, 100% of the time, I would eat nothing else but this kids' spaghetti. That's how unadventurous I am when it comes to food :-( Today's portion was surprisingly XL... look at that generous topping of tomatoes! Yums! I nearly finished the whole plate (ate about 3/4 of it)

Friday, January 22, 2010

My New Snacks

Mummy has never bought me sugar-laden cereals before. After making that unflattering remark about her a few days ago, she went and bought not one but two boxes home haha...

Never eaten them before

She was contemplating on getting the third box to get Mr Krabs but after thinking real hard, nah! She has decided not to. It's too sweet to gain her approval :-(

Stars in a bowl... the main stars are the two inedible ones

Spongebob and Patrick... I ended up eating sweetened cereal because of you guys!

Naughty, Naughty!

Guess who did this?

And this?

Well, I have not broken anything at home for quite some time and I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be mischievous. So I snapped the comb into pieces and disfigured mummy's lip balm. Boy! That felt really GOOD! *naughty grin*

Behaving like a monkey... sometimes I can't even sit properly while watching tv

Naughty or not, you say?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Party Pack

Everytime mummy picks me up from school, she will ask "What did you learn/do today?" Most of the time, my answer is a pathetic "dunno". But when there's a special occasion, I'll furnish her with more details...

- Today is N's birthday. I ate cake. It's a Minnie Mouse cake.
- Today is C's birthday. Got Spiderman cake. Chocolate cake.
- Today is RP's birthday. Her cake got only cream... and strawberries!

Yes, so far this month, there has been 3 birthday celebrations in my class. And today's celebration is the most special because I got a goodie bag! Yay! My very first party pack from a birthday friend.

Right after my bath, I quickly grabbed my party pack and started rummaging through its content.

Tada! The goodies (junkies) in my goodie bag where some of the "forbidden" food have been confiscated by mummy *big frown*

There... all dressed up in a party costume but I'm all alone.... how sad.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't Buy Cheap-Cheap Things!

After school today, mummy brought me to 99 Speedmart to buy a loaf of bread. While browsing some of the things in the mini market, I was attracted to some Nestle breakfast cereal which came with Spongebob/Patrick/Mr Krabs figurine free gifts. I kept hinting to her "So long never eat this, hor?" (actually mummy has never bought this for me). I repeated it a few times. That's my usual, indirect and subtle way of saying "I want...".

However, mummy had only RM10 in her pocket and that box of cereal cost RM8.50. Since that loaf of bread was her priority, she told me "I don't have enough money, dear. This cereal is too expensive. Mummy got very little money only. Can only buy cheap-cheap things. Next time, ok". I accepted her explanation and did not make any fuss.

Later in the evening, I asked her "Why you never go to work? You go to work then you can earn lots of money then you don't buy cheap-cheap things anymore lah!"

Mummy was deeply shocked to hear that. Amboi... only 3 weeks in school and what did I learn? Economics?? *mummy shakes head*

Cranky No More

My crying spell has ended. It lasted exactly one week. While we were back in Seremban last weekend...

Ah Ma: I heard that you've been crying a lot everyday.
Me: How do you know? You can hear meh?
Ah Ma: *chuckled* Yes, Ah Ma can hear you. You cried so loudly.
Me: No lah, you are so far away. You can't hear!
Ah Ma: Yes, I can... *blah, blah, lecture, lecture* Promise me you won't cry anymore?
Me: OK (hooked my pinkie to hers)

Surprisingly, I kept my promise. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... the days have come and gone and I'm still tear-free. The crying and crankiness had really stopped!

Peace and happiness in the house restored. *big smile*

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Joyride in Grandpa's New Car

We went for a ride to nowhere in Gung-gung's 2-week-old car today, and ended up some 30km away, in a popular waterfall called Jeram Toi (located in the Jelebu district of Negeri Sembilan).

I was thrilled when told that we were approaching a waterfall...

At the entrance of the waterfall

Nice... enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of the cascading falls

Natural vs Man-made... the wading pool was fitted with slides! I like!

I was clearly very disappointed because we did not come prepared (with a change of clothes) and I kept tugging at daddy's hand, silently hinting to him "I want to swim, I want to play in the water, I want! I want!" Look at the photo above... I kept staring at the "pool" and did not even bother to look at the camera!

Seeing how disappointed I was, Gung-gung brought me to this shallow spot to let me dip my legs in...

Cannot wet the body, wet the legs also enough lah. I enjoyed kicking and stirring the water with my legs *satisfied*

With grandpa's new car

It was only a very brief 20-minute visit. Gung-gung promised to bring me here again and we will definitely come prepared the next time, with camera, food, clothes and all.

(Mummy did not even bring the camera with her. All the photos here were taken with her phone camera)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Crying Spell

Lately, dunno what has gotten into me. I've turned into a cry-baby for no apparent reason. I have been horribly irritable and ill-tempered, which is so unlike my usual jolly self. I behaved very well in school only to return home to... cry! I refused to open my mouth to talk and tell what I want. I choose to cry over almost everything!

When I'm hungry, CRY.
When told to drink water, CRY.
When I spill a few drops of water on myself, CRY.
When I can't position myself comfortably on the sofa, CRY.
When I need my nap, CRY.
Halfway through my nap, CRY.
When I wake up from my nap, CRY.
When I want to pass urine, CRY.
When I can't put on my panties (cos it's inside-out), CRY.
When mummy changes the tv channel, CRY.
When told to pick up my toys, CRY.
When I want to go to bed at night, CRY.
In the middle of the night, CRY.

This has been going on everyday, for a week! Little bit, little bit, cry. Really fan sei yan and mummy is at the brink of going cuckoo! Today, she got so irritated and enraged with my non-stop crying spell that she pointed the cane (balloon stick) at me and forced me to smile and be happy!

Now, how do you smile when you are crying?

Evil or not, my mummy?

Now, compare that to this... taken on the same day, when I'm not crying... so sweet and angelic, right?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

TV Talk

Help! There's a tv addict in our house...

Talk 1 - Can't Live Without PHD
Mummy: Tomorrow you go to Mah-mah's house and stay there for a night, ok?
Me: (After asking a few questions on why I need to be there) But I don't like to stay there.
Mummy: Why not?
Me: Because there don't have Playhouse Disney!

Talk 2 - Lamest Excuse
Me: This cartoon is not nice.
Mummy: Not nice don't watch. Switch off the tv.
Me: Eehh (protest sound) But I like it a little bit....
Mummy: *What kind of excuse is that?*

Talk 3 - Fighting Over TV Channels With Daddy
Daddy: It's my turn!
Me: It's my turn!
Daddy: What do you mean it's your turn? You've been watching it the whole day. My turn!
Me: It's my tv!
Daddy: *Huh? Since when?*

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pusat Sains Negara

We went to the National Science Centre today after Koo-Ma informed us about the free entrance. On the way here, I puked in the car. I felt much better after that and instantly bounced back to my usual, cheerful self. Oh, what a big relief!

The first-timers - none of us has been here before.

The tunnel aquarium at the entrance

There were so many interesting things to play with!

The mirror-effect inside the Cloning Room - if there were so many me in real life, daddy and mummy would faint every minute! Haha!

The Light & Music room - stepping on the colourful lights on the floor produced sounds of different instruments in different pitch. I liked this a lot and had a great time jumping and dancing on them.

That's Pegasus, that's Lynx, that's Virgo etc. ... learning about constellations (that lit up on the ceiling at the push of buttons)

More things to see, experiment and play with...

Err... daddy, what are these again?

Playing with the static electricity machine and some IQ puzzles

Admiring a skeleton... mummy what's this?

There was also a ball pool in the children's corner. It was too shallow and not too fun to play in.

The roof of the building

In conjunction with the Da Vinci exhibition which was being held there, there was a booth selling some Da Vinci memorabilia. One of the items was this 4R photo of your face super-imposed on the famous Monalisa painting. Mummy wanted to have a photo printed for me. However, I refused to have my photo taken and threw a small tantrum over it so the offer went to Hayley jie-jie...

Cool, eh?

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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