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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Joyride in Grandpa's New Car

We went for a ride to nowhere in Gung-gung's 2-week-old car today, and ended up some 30km away, in a popular waterfall called Jeram Toi (located in the Jelebu district of Negeri Sembilan).

I was thrilled when told that we were approaching a waterfall...

At the entrance of the waterfall

Nice... enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds of the cascading falls

Natural vs Man-made... the wading pool was fitted with slides! I like!

I was clearly very disappointed because we did not come prepared (with a change of clothes) and I kept tugging at daddy's hand, silently hinting to him "I want to swim, I want to play in the water, I want! I want!" Look at the photo above... I kept staring at the "pool" and did not even bother to look at the camera!

Seeing how disappointed I was, Gung-gung brought me to this shallow spot to let me dip my legs in...

Cannot wet the body, wet the legs also enough lah. I enjoyed kicking and stirring the water with my legs *satisfied*

With grandpa's new car

It was only a very brief 20-minute visit. Gung-gung promised to bring me here again and we will definitely come prepared the next time, with camera, food, clothes and all.

(Mummy did not even bring the camera with her. All the photos here were taken with her phone camera)


  1. The waterfall looks so cooling, must be so tempting for Chloe :-). Looking forward to read about your next trip there.

  2. looks like a nice place for family :) are there any signs leading to this place?

  3. Hey...your hp camera real clear :)

    Very nice place for family outing. Picnic. :) Must ask gong Gong to bring here soon.

  4. Wah, your kung kung got nice car wor. Lucky girl lah you, kung kung bring you out to play play. Be respectful to kung kung all the time ok. Good girl.

  5. wah so shiok...'yao ceh hor' till there...a very nice waterfall time sure can have fun when prepared for it...

    Your phone camera got clear pic la..

  6. BoeyJoey: Ya, very tempting even for mummy hehe. Dunno when our next trip will be ;-)

    MTC: Sorry to tell you that you can't rely on the road signs la. We only saw the sign a few km from the waterfall, that's it.

    Family First: Any new car is a nice car :P Ya, I'm not only a daddy's girl. I'm a 100% gung-gung's girl as well :D

    Smallkucing & Lemonjude: I also think the photo quality is not too bad hehe. Very, very CHEAP phone only la :-)

  7. Yes...this is a very nice waterfall. The water are crystal clear and got man made stairs. But poor Chloe, only got to dip her leg. time made sure mummy bring extra clothings ok.

  8. nice nice.. the only water fall I know is Ulu Bendol only...

  9. next time remember to take camera, waterfall have nice sceneries ... actually i m very scared to go near waterfall.. heard too many stories about that.. cos i dont know how to swim one..

  10. Your pics turned out very clear wor. Chloe is such a good girl lor, she just hinted quietly to Daddy she wanted to play water. Gung Gung's car is so kilat. Nice. :)

  11. Love nice and refreshing. It was a good experince for the kids as they get nearer to the mother nature.

  12. hey, i like yr gung gung new car le. nice. a very nice waterfall place! i wanna go leh!

  13. so niceeee! din know that they even got man made slides at the waterfall nowadays.


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