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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cranky No More

My crying spell has ended. It lasted exactly one week. While we were back in Seremban last weekend...

Ah Ma: I heard that you've been crying a lot everyday.
Me: How do you know? You can hear meh?
Ah Ma: *chuckled* Yes, Ah Ma can hear you. You cried so loudly.
Me: No lah, you are so far away. You can't hear!
Ah Ma: Yes, I can... *blah, blah, lecture, lecture* Promise me you won't cry anymore?
Me: OK (hooked my pinkie to hers)

Surprisingly, I kept my promise. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... the days have come and gone and I'm still tear-free. The crying and crankiness had really stopped!

Peace and happiness in the house restored. *big smile*


  1. Happy girl, happy mummy..Ah Ma lecture so powerful...

  2. good girl lor... ya lor, your Ah Ma can hear you de.. so, better be good..

  3. Hmm..good to hear that she has restored her happy happy mood. Mummy feel relief.

  4. Good girl!! Smile and stay happy always... :)

  5. growing up ma.. hormone changes.. hahaha.. cute!

  6. No wonder I suddenly 'hear' peace and quiet in the air! :D

  7. hahaha! good lo, grandma terer!

  8. Oooo...see needs grandma's kisses and hugs la.


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