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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mini Stroller

While shopping at Tesco, I came across this cute little mini stroller and got instantly attracted to it. I seldom demanded for toys in our shopping trips but on this particularly unusual day, I just refused to put the stroller back. I had it tightly wrapped in my arms and said "I want!"

Since it was quite cheap at only RM9.90, mummy said I could have it, and asked daddy to pay for it haha...

La la la la la.... enjoying an evening stroll at home

Cousin Visit

Cousin Leanne came to play with me again today...

The friendly little girl greeted me by offering her sheep toy to me but I didn't respond to her kind gesture at all. I just stood there with my hands covering my mouth... duh!

We had fun playing together... It was a nice feeling to see Leanne immitating all my actions hahaha!

Went gai-gai together... I walked with her, holding her hands like a big sister.

Had lunch in Fullhouse @ NZX.

Tap-dancing on the wooden platform at one of the display areas

I took my afternoon nap almost immediately after they have left. I was really, really exhausted and slept soundly for nearly 2 hours...

That's my leg in between the sofa cushions

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Big Bath

Mummy has been waiting to do this since this day. Taking advantage of the current burning, scorching and searing hot weather, she decided to dump everything into the washing machine today...

In went all the little ones... including those with labels stated "Surface wash only". There were too many of them for a single wash so mummy had to divide them into 2 loads.

Within just a couple of hours, they were completely dry... and clean!

As soon as they were brought in from the drying rack, I started arranging them in a square like this...

Finally... no more "ah-choo, ah-choo!" interrupting my teddy bear picnic *grin*

Now, mummy scratches her head when she thinks about how to wash the big fellars... (to be continued, in Part 2)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Miss Tough

Besides being Fearless, I am also quite rough and tough at times. This morning, something happened that caused quite a deep gash on my lower lip. It was bleeding too...

Mummy knew nothing about it because I did not cry or complain to her at all. She only noticed it much later when she was feeding me lunch. When asked what happened, I just casually said "I knocked on the Little Mermaid book".

Well, that Little Mermaid book is very thick and heavy so mummy accepted it as a valid reason.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The "New" Lake Gardens

Since we woke up quite early this morning, we decided to go for a morning walk at the newly and beautifully re-landscaped Seremban Lake Gardens.

It was fun. Mummy brought along a bottle of "liquid soap" for me to blow bubbles. I didn't know how to blow the bubbles yet but I enjoyed catching and bursting them very much!
We ended the walk with a brief stop at the A&W playground (just to satisfy my playground addiction) because the sunny sun was out and it was very, very hot!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Mummy was reading something interesting about common fears among kids. Then she paused to think about mine. What do I fear? She started thinking. She thought hard… “Hmm… what is BB afraid of?” In the end, she realized the answer was NOTHING. I’m indeed quite fearless.

Here are some of the common things/scenarios that many kids would freak out at, but not me:

- Going for jabs – not scared (never cried)
- Burst a balloon with my hands – not scared
- Loud sounds like thunder, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer – not scared
- Creepy crawlies – not scared
- Dark or confined places – not scared
- Clowns and ugly or weird-looking mascots – not scared
- Splash/pour water over my head and face during shower – not scared

Maybe it’s because mummy has never instilled unnecessary fear in me since I was born. She wants me to grow up in a safe and secure environment.

Curious to find out my response, she asked me:

Mummy: BB, what are you afraid of?
Me: Big Bad Wolf.

*mummy rolls eyes*

Bear-bear Puzzle

Tai Koo-Ma gave me this wooden bear-bear puzzle many months back. At first, I didn't really know how to cherish or enjoy playing it.

A few days ago, mummy sat down to really play with me. She told me a story for each set of clothing that the bears put on. I enjoyed her stories (craps, actually) so much, that got me really interested. From that day onwards, I have been waking up every morning looking for my bear-bear puzzle to play with.

Thank you, tai koo-ma. I like it very much!

My Wish Came True BUT...

Guess what? After the not-so-satisfying swim on the bed yesterday, mummy got my hint and brought me for a real swim in a real pool today. Yippeee! Since the weather has been crazily hot lately, she thought why not?

Before that, mummy made me pose like a bikini model first...

After that, we went to "chill out" in the pool. And nearly got chilled.

It was extremely, extremely windy and the water was freeeeeeezing! Strange but true. After about 5 minutes into the pool, mummy noticed that my body was shivering, my teeth were chattering and she could feel goosebumps all over my arms! I was shaking and trembling so badly (from the cold), I couldn't even speak properly. Mummy had no choice but to end my excitement immediately.

She had to drag me out of the pool because I simply refused to get up. She was mumbling something about not wanting me to catch a cold yada yada... but I wasn't listening. All I could think of was "What? Are you kidding? That's it? Cheh... what a big letdown!!"

I kept asking "Why ar? Why so windy? Why so cold? Why ar?"

After changing into my dry clothes, I headed straight to where else but the playground and played to my heart's content...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dry Swimming Pool

Guess what am I doing........

Swimming, of course.
This morning, mummy chuckled to herself again when she caught me yelling noisily and happily "swimming pool... swimming pool... swimming pool!" while jumping, tossing, rolling and "swimming" on her bed.

Why? Because the bed sheet is plain blue ma... it does look like a swimming pool, doesn't it? I must be really, really swimming pool-deprived to come up with such an imagination... hahaha.

My New Study Table

In the last couple of weeks, daddy and mummy have been hunting for a proper table for me do my writing, drawing and colouring. And for the longest time, I have been eyeing this cute cartoon-y set whenever we went to Ikea.

Everytime we came home empty handed, I would ask "where is my red chair? where is my red table??" Well, daddy has been postponing the purchase because the matching chair was always temporarily out of stock.

After a few attempts to get the complete set for me, there was still no sign of new stock for that little red chair. Not wanting to disappoint me again, daddy decided to buy the table first. That's how we came home with the table, without the chair...

Thank you daddy, but where is my red chair??

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Got Moustache

"Mummy see me, see me. I'm soooooo comot!" The word "comot" (grubby) is one of my most frequently spoken BM word. That's because I am... well... comot most of the time hahaha.

While eating this chocolate coated biscuit, I purposely rubbed the melted chocolate around my mouth like this...

I didn't know I had a "moustache" until mummy took my photo and showed it to me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Washing the Stool

- Mummy was busy cooking dinner.
- I was playing quietly in the living room as usual

Inter-house Q&A:
Mummy: BB what are you doing?
Me: I'm washing the stool

Although mummy didn't quite understand what I meant, she didn't pay much attention either and continued with her cooking. After 5 mins, she asked again. And again. When she heard the same answer for the 3rd time, she knew something was amiss so she hurriedly came to check on me.

To her horror, I greeted her with this white and fragrant mess...

*Smile* (Still sempat smile for the camera) Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle... I emptied the whole canister of baby powder into the stool.

I knew mummy was angry. Looking into her fiery eyes, I could almost feel her strangling me, eventhough she was only imagining it. As she stretched out her hands, I was sure she was going to spank me but she reached out for the camera instead. Blogging instinct haha. Phew!

With one of our dinner dishes sizzling on the kitchen stove, mummy had no time to deal with the mess... or me. She straightaway shoved me into the bathroom and made me stand there until she finished her cooking, which lasted around half an hour. I stood until I cried. In between sobs, I moaned pitifully "very tired... very tired".

Later, feeling guilty over the harsh punishment, she brought me to the playground to cheer me up again.

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