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Monday, August 31, 2009

Independence Day

This is my version of independence day, in conjunction with our National Day - I have been sleeping on my own since the day I got my new bed. It has been more than 2 weeks now.

On the first night, I gladly slept on my own without making the slightest fuss! Daddy and mummy were extremely pleased, impressed and thrilled!

In the following nights, I did just as great. I slept through all the nights without making a sound except for a few days when I cried a little because:
1. I had a nightmare
2. I rolled off my bed and fell onto the lower trundle

I guess daddy and mummy had never expected such a smooth and easy transition. Training me to sleep on my own was indeed a breeze for them.

Not only that, I also slept with the lights off. I didn't even need a dim light or night light. Every morning when I wake up, I will also make my bed by arranging the pillow nicely and pushing in the lower trundle, without being told.

For this, I think I deserve every word of compliment there is...

Bravo! Good job! I did it!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Can't Live Without Going To The Mall

After only 1 weekend of not going to a mall, mummy kinda went into a "no-shopping withdrawal syndrome" so we went for a very short stroll in Sunway Pyramid today. We went there first thing in the morning, when parking spaces were ample and there was less crowd.

Our main objective of coming here was to play in the Enfa Smart Camp. After getting the goodie bag and the mystery gift, we had lunch followed by a short walk.

Just when it was starting to get crowded, we left. As soon as our car zoomed out of the covered parking, I was surprised to see the bright sunshine and exclaimed "Hey, why we simply go home? It's not dark yet!" Hahahaha! It's funny how I used the word "simply".

Here are the freebies in the goodie bag...

There was a T-shirt, tissue box cover, colouring and sticker book, additional stickers, milk samples, a DIY windmill and a CD. I also received a cap and 3 colourful rubber wrist bands while playing the games there.

Mummy also bought 2 tins of milk powder for me with these free gifts, thus expanding the variety on my existing cut-and-play masak-masak set.

Not A Very Happy Meal

Mummy bought me my very 1st Happy Meal from McDonald's today. Fastfood is quite a rare treat for us because mummy follows a health-freak diet whenever possible. Most of our McD visits are only for the sake of enjoying a sundae and if there's a playground there, it's for me to play there.

Well, she bought this Happy Meal for me because she was attracted by the Tamagotchi toy haha. She got me a set of chicken nuggets with french fries and Milo. Guess what? I REFUSED to eat the nuggets. I did not even want to take a look at it, sniff it or touch it, let alone eat it. I was also not interested in the Milo. However, I LOVED the flattened fries and ate only that (flattened because mummy squeezed out the excess oil with a big pile of serviettes).

Mummy had to add a bit of angry tone in her voice, put on her angry face and force me to take a bite of the nuggets. Very unwillingly, I obliged and took a teeny-weeny bite. That was it. I didn't like it at all. Daddy offered me a bite of his burger and I didn't like it either.

In a way, mummy was both disappointed and glad that I didn't like the meal. Disappointed because I didn't have a proper lunch and she had to look for something else for me. Glad because I'm not into junk food and she has one less problem to worry about.

Mummy says I'm quite an unusual kid. I also dislike sweets and candies. While most kids fuss their way to have these little treats, I actually reject them when they are given to me!

The Tamagotchi toy

Friday, August 28, 2009

I'd Rather Sleep In The Tub Too

Before this, it was I'd rather sleep on the floor. Today, I'd rather sleep in the tub instead. It is this same place and same spot that I like to sleep almost every afternoon but today, mummy didn't allow me to sleep on the floor because it has been raining day and night and the floor was too cold. So I reached out for the bathtub and...

Like this also can sleep haha...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Day With My Cousins

Bored of the mundane routine of staying at home facing mummy everyday, we decided to do something different today. We went to 4th Yee Por's house to play with ZK and ZW, my cousins. Julie yi-yi came to pick us up in the morning, together with cousin Leanne.

At first, being a very shy and timid girl, I just sat down and stared at the kids. It took me about 15 minutes to warm-up to them and play with them.

We played jigsaw puzzles, toys and read books together

Posing for a photo with the boys...

After lunch, we proceeded to Julie yi-yi's house to continue with another session of play, with an entirely different set of toys and books.

Playing the cash register with Leanne

I was the copycat here, imitating Leanne's every movement instead of the other way around haha.

Sek-sek (embracing) my little sister

Later in the evening, daddy came to fetch us home, after work. It was a very fun but tiring day...


What's that?

Well, coined by me, this word is uniquely mine. Pronounced as dee-ven, it's actually a cross between "didn't" and "haven't" because I'm always too confused to choose between these two words. Here's how it is used...

- You diven't make my milk for me yet.
- No, I diven't put it there.
- We diven't ride on the horse that day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Appetite Day

On a normal day, I am quite a small eater and would usually stick to my 3 main meals, 3 servings of milk and very little snack. Today, I ate exceptionally much more...

- 8oz milk
- 1 medium-sized banana
- 1 slice wholemeal bread with 1/2 slice of cheese

- Animal pasta in anchovies soup with spinach, corn, egg and wolfberries
- 1 Twiggies

My heavy lunch...

Afternoon Snack
- 8oz milk
- 2 pieces of oats biscuits
- a handful of blueberries

- Rice with chicken, potato, carrot & onion stew and stirfried siew pak choy
- 1/4 of a fairly large apple

My dinner and "dessert"...

Night Snack
- 1/8 piece of a mooncake
- 8oz milk

It all started when I kept asking for the Twiggies (that mummy bought for me on our way back from the kindy) during lunch. Mummy said no and insisted that I finished my lunch first. It was quite a big bowl of animal pasta that mummy did not expect me to finish. Surprisingly, I did.

I continued to request for my Twiggies. Mummy said no again and asked me to wait a little while more. She was afraid that I would over-stuff myself. I made a small fuss and told her "but I'm not bao-bao (full) yet!" I walloped the whole Twiggies immediately after lunch and left not even a crumb behind!

For the rest of the day, I continued to eat and eat and eat... It's indeed very rare to see me eat as much as I did today. ~Burp!~

A Visit to the Kindy

Daddy and Mummy plan to send me to nursery class next year. They have been eyeing this particular kindergarten for quite some time now, mainly because it is the nearest to our home. The fact that it is quite an established and well-known kindergarten makes it an added advantage.

This morning, mummy finally brought me there to check out the place and to make some enquiries. We arrived at the kindy after a slow, 10 minutes' walk. At the entrance, we had to have our hands and feet sanitized (with disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer) before we were allowed into the school compound.

Overall, the place looked very clean, neat, spacious, condusive and presentable. After scrutinizing the place for about 15 minutes and had some questions answered by a teacher there, mummy kinda decided that this was the place for me.

When asked if I'd like to study here, I nodded my head and happily said "YES!"

Monday, August 24, 2009

The WHY Era...

... has begun.

My current interest is to churn out a long chain of "why" questions, one after another for every answer given. It often goes on until daddy and mummy reach the "dead end" of all questions - "I don't know".

This afternoon when mummy accidentally (but lightly) hit my right eye, I got very angry and annoyed, and snapped at her...

Me: Hey, why did you poke my eye? Why? Why? Why????
Mummy: I'm sorry. It was an accident. Sorry ya...
Me: Why? Why did you accident?
Mummy: *Explanation A*
Me: But why A?
Mummy: *Explanation B*
Me: Why B?
Mummy: *Explanation C*
Me: Why C?
Mummy: *Dunno how to answer anymore*

Why did you put the duck on my head? Why did you do that? WHY??

Friday, August 21, 2009

Play Dough Part II

I got another new set of Fabulous Fruits Play Doh from Tai Koo Ma for my recent birthday.

Coincidentally, mummy also made these fruits before I got the present!

I sometimes have mixed feelings whenever mummy suggests playing this. I still don't know how to make anything out of it yet. I can only roll bits and pieces of out-of-shape balls or uneven cylindrical rolls.

Most of the time, it is mummy who ends up playing with it while I do nothing but disturb her. Very often, the play would turn ugly... where mummy would scold me (for creating horrible, hard-to-clean mess) and we end up "quarreling" with each other. Sigh...

Here are a few more cartoon characters that mummy made yesterday:

Clockwise from top left: Hello Kitty, Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls, Barney (so ugly hehe) and Dora the Explorer

Mummy also made the Sesame Street gang in Part 1.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Do You Spell CUP?

I love to watch WordWorld. In the world of WordWorld, every character and everything is made up of the chunks of alphabets that spell their names...

Today, in a very loud and confident tone, I spelled...

C - H - L - O - E ... Cup!

Here's why:

The Chloe sippy cup that Auntie BS bought for me from Australia

Hahaha! I must have thought that the same thing applies here too (although mummy has already explained to me that C-h-l-o-e spells my name).

Like Mr Greedy

I usually do not have problems finishing my meals but once in a while, I will refuse the last few spoonfuls. Today, when there was just 1 last mouthful left...

Me: I don't want the rice anymore.
Mummy: Come and eat it. Only one more spoonful left.
Me: I don't want. I "bao-bao" (full) already.
Mummy: One more only. Last one. (showing me the empty bowl) See... no more.
Me: I don't waaaaaaaaant. You see my tummy. It's soooooo big like Mr Greedy!
Mummy: Oh, ok. *I got it* Hahaha!

Monday, August 17, 2009

How I Argue

When mummy saw a food wrapper lying around...

Mummy: Please pick up the wrapper and throw it away.
Me: You throw for me.
Mummy: You ate it, you throw.
Me: You gave me one, you throw.
Mummy: No, you ate, you throw!
Me: YOU gave me. YOU throw!!

I was too lazy to move my heavy butt so mummy's order was ignored. After some time, when she really couldn't stand seeing the thing still lying around, she picked it up herself and threw it for me. Haha. *I won* Yay!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cupcakes Compensation

To make up for the less-than-perfect cake ceremony in Genting, mummy bought 3 cute cupcakes for me today, as replacement...

For our family, 3 is the ideal age for cupcakes - one for me, one for daddy and one for mummy.

Ffffffff.... ffffffffff... fffffffffffff... Believe it or not, I couldn't blow out the candles! (and I still can't blow bubbles) I only managed to sprinkle saliva on the cupcakes!

I ate the cake like I was eating ice-cream... by scooping it with a spoon. I demanded for a spoon because I didn't want to dirty my hands.

Not to be eaten...

And lastly, I think mummy went crazy. She threw away the BEST PART! The frosting was a tad too sweet (and colourful) so she forbade me from eating them. *Boohoo*

Friday, August 14, 2009

1st Cable Car Ride

After breakfast, we went for a two-way cable car ride. Since I've never been on one before and since we were holding a discount voucher, daddy insisted to let me have my first experience. It was also not crowded, no queue at all in fact... and small kids like me got free rides too.

I was busy commenting about the animals in the forest haha... Did I enjoy it? Yes!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

36 Months Old

I am three years old today.

- Height: 100cm Weight: Apprx 17kg

Here's a brief description about my overall personality and behaviour:

- Since I was born, I seldom gave daddy and mummy any problem and I was a very easy baby to care for.

- I am still a very easy child now – easy to handle, easy to entertain, easy to feed, easy to teach, easy to adapt to new things/environment and also easy to “maintain” hehe.

- I rarely fuss over stuff and I’m almost tantrum-free. I don’t even have a temper! Sometimes I’ll show my anger and displeasure by simply keeping quiet or crying silently.

-I guess the most difficult part about me is my mischief. Blame it on my itchy fingers that love breaking things, getting things stuck somewhere and vandalising things in the house.

- Mischief aside, I’m actually a very well-behaved and obedient child.

- I am quite independent. Whenever mummy is busy, I will play on my own or read my books or do my colouring or watch tv quietly without bugging her.

- I am very shy and reserved in front of strangers or when I see someone whom I've not met for a long time.

Fun At The Peak

I celebrated my birthday in Genting Highlands. Although it was my 3rd visit there, I loved it as if it was a whole new place to me!

This time, we played in the Outdoor Theme Park. Me, the birthday girl, got a FREE entrance by flashing a photocopied copy of my birth cert. However, there were occassional showers followed by bright sunshine intermittently. Everytime it rained, we played the Indoor rides. Since it was a weekday, there was hardly any crowd. We didn't even need to queue up for most of them. We managed to cover ALL the children and family rides, some as many as 3 times!

Daddy and me on the Astro Fighter

The Flying Jumbo (Look, the whole ride to ourselves!)

On the upper deck of the double-decker carousel (almost the whole ride to ourselves)

Riding in the Tea Cup

Happily "feasting" on my kiddy-ride "buffet" (the whole ride to myself again!)

I even tried the junior bumper car for the first time! However, I was going nowhere... just kept turning round and round in circles haha!

The Rodeo Rider - This was the kid's version of the Space Shot (the one that glides up and plunges down in jerking movements). I couldn't stand the continuous jerking, shaking and sudden change in altitude . Within 20 seconds, my face turned pale and I looked like I was going to faint. Sensing something wrong, mummy quickly told the ride operator to stop the ride. I must thank mummy for saving me from this torturous ride. I didn't like it at all.

My two FAVOURITE rides were the Indoor Carousel and the Ride De Paris...

Checking my height on this Mr Caterpillar height chart... Looks like I'm already above 100cm!

After the Rodeo Ride, I fell sick to the stomach, literally. After nearly 10 hours of non-stop rides, I was overwhelmed, over-stimulated and over-thrilled (and maybe taken in too much air too). I lost my appetite and rejected dinner but daddy and mummy managed to coax me to eat a small bowl of rice with some fish and cauliflower. We even continued playing after dinner and took our last ride at 10:30pm!

On the way back to our hotel room, we happened to walk past a bakery and mummy couldn't resist buying me 2 cakes simply because there was a sign saying "50% off". However, we didn't have any matches or a lighter to light up the candles so I had to settle with just plain singing.

While eating the cake, I kept wincing and wriggling in discomfort. I told mummy I had a stomachache. Luckily mummy could read my about-to-vomit facial expression. The moment daddy scooped me in his arms and dashed me to the wash basin, I threw up everything, including the 8oz of milk I took just before eating the cake.

Phew! What a big relief! The discomfort was finally gone. I slept immediately after that... and very soundly too.

I Am 3!

I am 3 years old today!

Here's how much I have "evolved" hehe...

My first year (0-12 months)

My second year (13-24 months)

My third year (25-36 months)

I received another love letter from daddy and mummy:

To Our Precious & Beloved Princess Queen Ruoyi,

You are 3 years old today. How time flies. Besides being a year older, you have also become wiser, wittier, naughtier, more charming, more unpredictable, more independent and definitely more loveable!

Since the day of your arrival, you have given us tremendous joy, love, laughter and surprises. You have made our lives complete and fulfilled. There is nothing more important in the world to us than to see you being happy, healthy and loved.

Daddy and mummy want you to know that we LOVE you very, very much. Our love for you multiplies by the minutes (seconds also can, if you want... haha!). Be a good girl, ok. Less mischiefs, please :-)

With Infinite Love,
Daddy & Mummy

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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