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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Like Mr Greedy

I usually do not have problems finishing my meals but once in a while, I will refuse the last few spoonfuls. Today, when there was just 1 last mouthful left...

Me: I don't want the rice anymore.
Mummy: Come and eat it. Only one more spoonful left.
Me: I don't want. I "bao-bao" (full) already.
Mummy: One more only. Last one. (showing me the empty bowl) See... no more.
Me: I don't waaaaaaaaant. You see my tummy. It's soooooo big like Mr Greedy!
Mummy: Oh, ok. *I got it* Hahaha!


  1. so cute and smart.. u wouldnt want to say no to her when she said that, right? :)

  2. have a smart and witty little girl there Mummy. Gwen's quite square and she is very afraid of me coz I'm talking back. :P


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