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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What We Did Today

The bead fever is still ON! Both mummy and I are still hooked to it like it's our "life-support" haha. Here are some of the stuff that we made today, according to categories...

Food... 3-flavoured popsicle, milk shake, hamburger, Chloe fries (the letter C terbalik... hmm, silly mistake) and watermelon

Nature... apple tree, tulip field, rainbow and a bright and scorching red sun

More animals and insects...

Vehicles... mini car, fire-engine, choo-choo train and yacht

Our collection so far...

At night, we did something really different and impromptu... something that we have never done before. It was already close to my bedtime at about 9:30pm when daddy suggested going out for a car-ride. So, a car-ride we went... to see the bright and beautifully lighted streets around Sunway Pyramid.

Nice, hor? :)


  1. Wah, now I'm really tempted to buy the Pyssla beads liao! You have an awesome collection of beads' masterpieces!^-^

  2. Eh, drooling over your creative brain! After I buy dy do you mind I copy and follow all your templates? LOL!

  3. Wow, I really like your creation from the Pyssla colourful and variety.
    The nightview at Sunway Pyramid is awesome.

  4. Pyssla beads again?! That thing is really addictive, eh? I think I'm going to invest on one too :D

    The nightview of Christmas decoration at Sunway Pyramid is breathtaking... magical for children and adults.

  5. Yep, the nightview is great!! This weekend still got or not?

  6. i nak main the beads also! the 'C'.. will the surface look the same if you flip it over? Then you'll get a C lor? no?

    we've been talking about going to sunway to snap pics of the lights.. but tak jadi jadi till now. was it crowded/jammed?

  7. haha.. must always bear in mind that it will turn out terbalik.. macam ur msia flag... that's the tricky part kan?

  8. Got template or you create yourself? The collection so far is really impressive!

  9. niceeeeeeee! i cant wait philip to be older ...i scare he put the beads into the nose n the hot iron..paranoid la

  10. Mummy Moon: Haha.. Go ahead n copy lah. No copyright one, dun worry :)

    Hayley: I think the lights in Sunway should be around until new year. Not sure also. Hope u'll still get to see it when u r here.

    JC: It was not crowded when we went there. First, it was raining. Second, late already, almost 10pm when we were there. Go n take a look lah. Wanna play beads, just come over lah :) Flip over cacat a bit lo, as u can c in the last pic.

    Merryn: Ya, always forget about the terbalik part until it's too late :(

    Adrine: Thanks :) Those are all my own creations. Templates are not provided one.

    Littlelamb: If play under your supervision should be ok geh. As for the hot iron, of course I didn't let C handle it. That one strictly for adults la..

  11. Wow, Sunway Pyramid night view is so amazing. It reminded me of the lanterns on Rapunzel's birthday.

  12. very nice beads, i relaize very 'heng' lately about this colourful beads .... so nice.

    May this year of 2011 be ....
    A year of health and Happiness ...
    A year of wealth and wisdom ...
    A year of peace and prosperity ...
    A year of Glee and Glow ...
    & also a year of Love and Laughter ...
    Happy New Year !!

    From anggie and The J Brothers

  13. ya lor.... very nice view..... haha

  14. Wah...your Mummy is so creative lah. :) Happy New Year 2011 to Mummy, Daddy and Chloe!


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