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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The 4-Year-Old Says...

Ah Ma was trying to explain a volcano eruption to me. She said something about "very, very hot liquid coming out" (trying to make it comprehensible for me) to which I told her "That's called lava lah!"


When I saw a banana (detached from the bunch but un-peeled) on the dining table, I walked over to mummy and asked "Why did you pull out the banana and didn't eat it? Afterwards oxidized how?" l

(To me, any fruit that has been left exposed and uneaten will get oxidized)


I was playing with my favourite magnet toy when mummy interrupted me and asked if my cube could spin. Instantly, I replied "Of course! It's symmetrical!"

(Daddy had earlier taught me that in order to make an object/ structure from this magnet building set spin, it must be symmetrical in shape)

Watch my magnet creation spin... I made this all by myself!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

She Sings

She sings all day long. Sometimes, her mummy complains "VERY NOISY!" but she doesn't care. She turns on the music (CD) on her own and starts singing whenever she feels like it...

She sings during the day...

She sings at night...

She also sings in the car, in the toilet or when she's playing with her toys. She loves singing!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wantan Mee Moments

My latest favourite food is wantan mee. I absolutely love the "kon lou" (dry) preparation. I used to like the soup one and disliked "kon lou"... don't know what had triggered the change.

Every alternate Sunday, when we are back in Seremban, having wantan mee for breakfast is almost like a routine. Gung-gung is just as crazy over the noodles as I am. He would drive us all the way (quite a distance away from home) to a coffeeshop in the Sikamat New Village for this...

I like to eat the noodles only... no wantan, no char-siew, no vege... just plain noodles, please.

Enjoying my small bowl of noodle because I came with my tummy already half-filled with 8oz milk and one medium-sized banana

Totally in love with wantan mee!

After finishing my bowl of noodles, I had a few sips of mummy's drink...
Sluuuuurp... mummy's Milo-kosong was very nice too

Mummy, being a non wantan mee fan, would usually opt for something "healthier", less oily and non-porky...

Steamed whole-meal bread and 3/4-boiled kampung chicken egg

Thursday, September 23, 2010

From Flossing To Fishing

Remember these cute dental floss that mummy bought for me a few months back?

Let's recycle... Dental floss in the shape of fish, lobster, octopus and starfish

Well, daddy has been diligently flossing my teeth daily since then and mummy has been keeping all my used floss until one day, *ting* an idea emerged in her head. Gathering the used (but thoroughly washed) floss and a stick (salvaged from a broken lantern), she created a fishing set for me to play...

This is the way you hook the fish, hook the lobster, hook the octopus...


Fresh starfish, anyone? Aauuuummm!

Besides having clean teeth, playing with this is so much fun, it makes me happy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Aqua Beads

One of the things that kept me really busy during the 1-week Hari Raya/semester break was this box of beads. It was a birthday gift from Kau-foo.

Ooh, I just can't wait! Let's play...

The colourful candy-like beads

The various templates of parts and patterns for making small items like a pen holder and mini photo frame

Just place the template at the bottom of the tray and lay the beads on top accordingly

Using the bead plopper... press the button to release the bead

Spray water evenly on the beads

When wet, the beads become very sticky and get glued to each other

Some of the designs that we made using the templates... I made the little flowers all by myself

Pencil holder (a bit "cacat"-looking though)

Thank you, Kau-foo. We (including mummy) love this Aqua Beads very much!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shoo Fly... From Dream to Reality

One morning, I woke up from bed and told mummy...

Mummy, just now I had a dream. I dream there were sooooooo many flies in our house. We had to wear shoes in the house because the floor was full of flies...

Hahaha! Mummy found my dream cute and funny.

Later in the afternoon, on the very same day, while having an afternoon tea in a cafe (in a hotel), we were bugged by a fly. It kept hovering near our drinks, cakes and pastries. Moments later, while we did not notice its sudden disappearance...

... daddy found it dead. In his cup of coffee! (caffeine overdose, maybe?)
Not my cup of tea (coffee, in this case)

This incident reminded mummy about the dream that I told her this morning. What a coincidence!

Of course, daddy got a new cup of coffee even without the need to complain. Just showed the waiter the cup :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

This Is How You Bop It!

Bop It! is the latest craze to hit our home.

It is actually a very simple toy but highly addictive and entertaining, especially when played in a group (in a party) where the device is passed from one player to another. The game requires concentration, good hand and eye coordination and reflexes.

Watch me Bop It!
Responding to the 3 actions in random - Bop It, Pull It and Twist It (Novice Level)

My current high-score is 53. Not bad for a beginner like me!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Naked M&M's

I brought home another party pack from school yesterday. One of the items in it was a small packet of M&M's. Mummy allowed me to have it as a reward for finishing my lunch quickly.

However, when I saw the bright colours of the M&M's, I told mummy "So colourful, cannot eat! Got poison!" Hahaha! That's how effective mummy's brainwashing is!

M&M's showing off their "true colours"

Mummy gave my colourful treat a few rinse in boiled (but cooled) water and the outcome was not as bad as she had expected. They just looked more plain.... like chocolates.

"True colours" no more haha...

Nibble, nibble.. ooooh... so this is how M&M's taste like... soft-soft one (crunchy coating gone). Nice! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Daddy's Big Day

Today is daddy's birthday. For the first time in his (nearly two decades of) working life, he went to work as usual on his big day (because of the unresolved issue at work plus the absence of his many Muslim staff who were still on Raya leave).

In my long-winded morning goodbye today, I reminded him to come home before dark. He kept his promise and came home quite early so we went out for dinner. We went to Sunway Pyramid and had dinner in TGIF.

Planting a kiss on my beloved papa's cheek

We had a very shrimp-y dinner...

Left: Daddy's Miami Key West Shrimp Rice Right: Mummy's Chili Garlic Shrimp Pasta

My FREE kiddy meal... Fish Fingers and Fries and Daddy's FREE birthday cake.

Mummy felt really guilty for ordering such unhealthy deep-fried food for me. She squeezed out the excess oil and flattened all my fries for me as usual but I ate only less than half of what was on my plate. I kept eye-ing the shrimps on the two plates next to mine ^-^

Throughout the evening, I kept sticking close to him and wished him HB (and also kissed him) many, many times...
More kisses for the birthday boy

Daddy, we wish you GOOD HEALTH always and may you be blessed with lots of love and happiness too! We (mummy and I) love you!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sept Birthday Bash

During the Hari Raya holidays, we held a small open-house at our home to celebrate the birthdays of 3 family members, namely daddy, Hayley jie-jie and Koo-koo. We had potluck lunch where every family came with a home-cooked dish...

A table full of food... 100% home-cooked (except for the snacks)

Tai Koo-Ma's Korean Soba (thick glass noodles)

Mah-mah's signature fried bee-hoon

Mummy's baked creamy fish pie

Koo-koo's colourful salad with grilled chicken (single portion here)

Red eggs (prepared by Mah-mah)

Yee Koo-Ma baked two cakes... Cake No. 1 - Strawberry Shortcake

Yee Koo-Ma's Cake No. 2 - Coffee Walnut

Both were just as yummy!

Hayley jie-jie made this refreshing drink called Limey George (7-Up, Ribena, lemon juice and lots of ice)

The three September babies: (from left) cousin Hayley (14.9), Koo-koo (29.9) and daddy (13.9)

I had a great day playing with Hayley and Jeremy. We also went swimming in the evening.

With my two cousins, Hayley and Jeremy

I was so preoccupied with entertaining and playing that I lost my appetite for food. I was hungry only after 8pm, when everyone has left!

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