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Friday, September 17, 2010

This Is How You Bop It!

Bop It! is the latest craze to hit our home.

It is actually a very simple toy but highly addictive and entertaining, especially when played in a group (in a party) where the device is passed from one player to another. The game requires concentration, good hand and eye coordination and reflexes.

Watch me Bop It!
Responding to the 3 actions in random - Bop It, Pull It and Twist It (Novice Level)

My current high-score is 53. Not bad for a beginner like me!


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! she is soooooo cute! hahaha!

  2. She's good at it! Yeah yeah..looks real fun. :)

  3. Am I outdated or something?? Never heard of this hor. Maybe too old for it lah. hahaha. stumble upon your page. very unique page you have :) :)

    have a lovely weekend!!
    jen @

  4. where did you get this gadget? Maxis ah?

  5. OK. I m in. get me for my bday k???

    This game will definitely increase her concentration level..

  6. Wah...I feel so out edi!! I am sooooo gonna get this for Maine!

  7. smallkucing: Hah? Why Maxis? We got it from Toys R Us. Actually any departmental store also got lah but we just wanted to use our TRU voucher :)

  8. Coz saw the wrapping looks like Hotlink's wrapping. Thought maybe Maxis giving out gifts at their road shows or what :p

  9. Wah....have to concentrate while playing with this toy! Interesting.

  10. She is extremely cute in the video. She was so concentrating in "twisting" it till her shoulder also will wiggled.


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