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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shoo Fly... From Dream to Reality

One morning, I woke up from bed and told mummy...

Mummy, just now I had a dream. I dream there were sooooooo many flies in our house. We had to wear shoes in the house because the floor was full of flies...

Hahaha! Mummy found my dream cute and funny.

Later in the afternoon, on the very same day, while having an afternoon tea in a cafe (in a hotel), we were bugged by a fly. It kept hovering near our drinks, cakes and pastries. Moments later, while we did not notice its sudden disappearance...

... daddy found it dead. In his cup of coffee! (caffeine overdose, maybe?)
Not my cup of tea (coffee, in this case)

This incident reminded mummy about the dream that I told her this morning. What a coincidence!

Of course, daddy got a new cup of coffee even without the need to complain. Just showed the waiter the cup :)


  1. hmm...the dream must be a sign..haahahahahahaaha.

  2. Haha..the fly also wants to have a hot swim in your daddy's coffee but tragicly not survived.
    Hehe..there was once Shenny hit the fly with her spoon. And she has become the fly killer champion in the family. I blogged this few months ago...

  3. Chloe's dream came true...must buy lottery...They should have the number for "fly" in that BOOK? hmm...

  4. SUch a coincidence...can go buy d4 ..maybe will strike la.

  5. what a co-in ah... chloe can predict the future... hahahha...

  6. Definitely it is an 'interesting' dream...
    Hope u got a replacement for that coffee! :)

  7. wah...Chloe's dream came true! haha

  8. Eww.. I hate flies la.. usually if I see fly in any food/drinks I'd just ask for another one..

  9. Hopefully you got better dream next time...

  10. *playing twilight zone music* hahahahaha

  11. Aijor...pengsan. Ur dream come true ya...hahhahah

  12. LOL! Can probably sue the cafe and earn a fortune!^-^


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