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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Aqua Beads

One of the things that kept me really busy during the 1-week Hari Raya/semester break was this box of beads. It was a birthday gift from Kau-foo.

Ooh, I just can't wait! Let's play...

The colourful candy-like beads

The various templates of parts and patterns for making small items like a pen holder and mini photo frame

Just place the template at the bottom of the tray and lay the beads on top accordingly

Using the bead plopper... press the button to release the bead

Spray water evenly on the beads

When wet, the beads become very sticky and get glued to each other

Some of the designs that we made using the templates... I made the little flowers all by myself

Pencil holder (a bit "cacat"-looking though)

Thank you, Kau-foo. We (including mummy) love this Aqua Beads very much!


  1. This is something interesting. When baby XJ is older, might consider buying this for her to play.

  2. This beads dingy is very interesting. What a colourful pencil holder, it doesn't seem 'cacat' to me, in fact very creative. Well done, Chloe and her mommy.

  3. Wow, didn't know got such a thing. Really pretty and I think putting the beads is good for hand/eye coordination too. I'll be looking out for this!! ;)

  4. This Agua Beads is famous in JKT. All toy stores selling. Got Disney characters design like Princess, Pooh and many more. I feel like buying for Gwen too.

  5. wow this is so special. She really have talent for this sort of things. pattern and etc. Try teach her knitting la

  6. This is new toys for me.

    Never play this kind of toys before.

  7. This is a very lovely toy set for girl. My girls will scream at it too when they see it.

  8. Fooyoh! Interesting toys they make these days...

  9. No cacat ler..i think it looks great!

  10. Wow nice! Those colorful beads look like candies leh.. haha..

  11. Very interesting art work set. She done it very well and neat.

  12. good for hand eye coordination. can dismantle and remake again after it sticks? surely its pricey!

  13. Beautiful pencil holder, where got 'cacat'?!!

  14. I have seen this type of toys before but I have no idea how to play it.
    And thanks for sharing this post.
    But I think I would not buy it for Sarah at this moment, coz she has no patient:-(

    Chloe has the art talent lah, did you sent her to art class?


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