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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

School Updates for Term 1

In the blink of an eye, I have already completed one-third of my academic year in Grade 2. Here are some of my school updates: 

PTC and Progress Report

Last Saturday was Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) day. Daddy and mummy were beaming from ear to ear after hearing only praises and positive comments from my class teacher and subject teachers :) 

Overall, I'm doing quite well in my studies. Monthly and topical tests (only for English, Chinese Language and Math) are held quite often. So far, my marks have always been above 90% if not 100%. I do very well in my weekly "Ting Xie" and Spelling too, scoring full marks almost every time :) 

Socially, I've also improved by leaps and bounds. According to my class teacher, I am not as timid as before and have started to be more vocal. I'm even "courageous" enough to raise my hand in class to answer questions! That, to daddy and mummy, is quite an achievement! Every student in class is given a small role in leadership so for this semester, I am the English Language Group Leader as well as our Class Library Monitor.

My Chinese Language teacher commented that my reading is good. I can read very expressively with clear articulation and just recently, I won 2nd prize in a reading competition in class :) I can also recognise Chinese characters very well and my handwriting is beautiful (that's what my teacher said la, but mummy thinks it is messy!) haha.

This year, the school started a new report card format where they replaced assessment marks and grades with progress status like EE (Exceeded Expectation), ME (Meeting Expectation) and WE (Working towards Expectation). I scored mostly EE's, except for computer studies (ICT) and physical education.

Autumn Excursion

On 18/10, I joined the school's autumn excursion to Sun Island Resort. It was a fun and relaxing trip that brought us closer to nature. We took nature walks and also participated in an outdoor nature-themed drawing. The following photos are stolen taken from my schools's weekly newsletter and bulletin board...

Fun time at Sun Island Resort

I drew a bird house on a tree (and I claimed that my friend copied my drawing hehe)

Nature walk

Class photo

Library Week

Library week was held quite recently with many interesting activities lined up. I wanted to take part in the Book Character Parade where mummy had promised to make me a Gingerbreadman costume but she never got around to doing it. I was very, very disappointed! :(

Anyway, I took part in a Book Swap and went to the library everyday to listen to stories narrated by a "Giant Panda". I also wore a hat (cap actually) to school everyday for a week because some "surprise visitors" would drop by our classes to read us poems and we had to take out hats off to them. "Hats off to Reading", that was the theme for our Library Week.

See the drawing there... familiar? It is the bird house tree that I drew on my autumn excursion. It was chosen to appear in the school's newsletter :) Mummy did not even notice it until I pointed it out to her!

Storytelling by the "Giant Panda"

I love my school library very much and I go there every day to read with my friends on these comfy beanbags.


Several stalls were set up in the school gym during the Deepavali week to enable students to learn a thing or two about Indian cultures. We got the opportunity to sample some Indian snacks and even brought home some souvenirs...

An Indian bangle and a fake henna mendi art in the form of a "tattoo"

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Scowl

Long ago, when I was a cheeky toddler, I liked to make this face. It is the same scowling face that I like to make until now...

Maybe I'm just tired of being a frequent target of the camera but mummy finds this too amusing not to snap hahaha :D

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saturday Outing - Century Park

Century Park or 世纪公园 is the biggest park in the city of Shanghai. Yes, balik-balik, we only know how to visit parks haha! Here's our recent visit...

There is an admission fee of RMB10 (RM5) per person. The ticketing staff gave me free entrance although I have already exceeded the height limit of 130cm (for free admission).

Stalls outside the main gate selling various goods like toys and food

The first thing we did was to rent this "bicycle", which sits 3 adults and 2 toddlers comfortably. Cost: RMB50 (RM25) per hour.

The weather was beautiful and the walking/bicycle path was wide and pleasant

The lovely sunflower garden was in full bloom!

Sunflowers and me

Sunflower and bumblebee

Green autumn

Spotted some nice butterflies too

Bonsai garden

My idea of "rock climbing" haha

Had lots of fun playing with dead leaves @-@

I even collected some (of the leaves) and brought them home

"Island" on a lake

Walking to the amusement park (on the left)

It's just a small one but has quite a number of rides including a roller coaster! The pay-per-rides cost between RMB10-15 (RM5-7.50) each.

Since I scored 100% in my recent Maths exam, daddy bought me a few rides :)

Bumper car

An elevated duno what ride

Boat-rowing for kids

I was so happy!!

Overall, this is a nice park and we would like to visit again in another season, probably next spring.

We also did our favourite park activity... sitting and rolling on grass! A lot of locals do this too ;)

We spent the whole day here and stayed until sunset! (The sun currently sets at 5.15pm)

Before leaving for home, we had some street snacks at the gate of the park.... tau fu fa and a cup of fresh pomegranate juice.

Savoury tau fu fa with dried shrimps, seaweed flakes, preserved veggies, coriander and soy sauce for only RMB2.50 (RM1.20) a bowl. Very tasty!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Saturday Outing - Lujiazui

Lujiazui business district is the area flooded with skyscrapers that we see from across the river at The Bund. We quite like this place and have since been here twice (in Sept and Oct).  

The most prominent landmark of Shanghai... The Oriental Pearl Tower

The main attraction here is this large, circular pedestrian bridge 

Aerial view of the huge bridge. Photo taken from here

Close up of the tower from the bridge

Year of the Snake landscape

There are a few nice malls here and this is our favourite... it has all the popular shopping outlets that we like...

... including a big Toys R Us store (seen here at the entrance with Woody made of Lego)

We had afternoon snack in Hooters (daddy and mummy were curious to see China Hooter Girls hehe)

We enjoyed a dance performance by the sexy Hooter Girls halfway through our meal, after which I declared that "I love this restaurant" haha :)

Our simple and unhealthy "snack"... chicken burger

Vegetarian flatbread

And cheese sandwich

We then walked to a nearby park

Lujiazui Central Lake Park

Lots of fish in the lake

I had fun posing with these statues

Lovely flowers just outside the IFC Mall

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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