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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Arts & Craft Day: Pops Craft

I miss arts and crafts very much and have been pestering mummy "when can we do arts and crafts?" for a very, very long time. Finally, my wish was granted when she took this out for me...

Something cheap and nice... only RM2.50 from Mr DIY

It's a very simple cut-peel-assemble-paste kind of craft. From these colourful cardboard and stickers, I created...

... this cute little bird!

Girl at work... I enjoyed this simple craft very much and thanked mummy again and again

The outcome... 3 colourful birds

All done by me (with a bit of help from mummy here and there). Nice?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Finally Like It!

I used to hate mooncakes. Even until last year, I refused to have any and I had no interest in trying them at all. This year, however, things took a turn for the better. Not only do I eat mooncakes now, I actually love it!

Are you sure this is nice? Let me try first...

1st bite... mm, not bad. 2nd bite... quite nice. 3rd bite... love it already!

After acquiring the taste for mooncakes, I've grown to love almost everything from the plain "pig biscuits" to the traditional lotus paste as well as those fanciful flavours like green tea, bamboo charcoal, red dates, fruity and cheesy ones... anything as long as it's not durian haha!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Finders, Keepers

I have a pair of rather sharp eyes (although glasses-assisted). Very often during outings, I will find money lying around, gold lying around... did I just say gold? Well, read on hahaha!

Just this afternoon, I found a 5 sen coin on the floor while shopping in Tesco with mummy. Unfortunately, I soon lost the coin after it dropped into the toilet bowl while I was doing my big business (I was holding the coin). Barely 3 minutes after coming out of the washroom (and after a long-winded "ceremony" of saying goodbye and sending the 5 sen coin to poo-poo land), I found another 5 sen coin at another spot in Tesco! Is this pure coincidence or what?

A few days ago, I also found a 10 sen coin while dining in a restaurant plus many other similar incidents in the past. This "coin-finding" happens so often that mummy joked sarcastically to me one day "Why do you only find 5 sens, 10 sens and 20 sens? If only you can find gold this easily one fine day"...

... and that's exactly what happened! Last week, while playing in a children's playground, I actually "struck gold". I found a heart-shaped "gold" pendant on the slide. A kid must have dropped it while running around or playing rough in the playground. Unable to find the owner of the pendant, we brought it home.

This is the "gold" pendant which mummy believes is only gold-plated (but it's heavy and solid to the touch)

Mummy does not want to keep a stranger's personal belonging and had wanted to dispose/donate it away but it has since gone missing among my piles of stuff! One day when we find it again, we will definitely give it away (maybe hide it among my toys and donate).

What do you do if you see money lying around? Do you pick them up too?

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