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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Asia's 1st M&M's World

M&M's World is one of the latest places that we like to visit. Daddy and mummy first came across this store in Las Vegas about a decade ago. When they heard that it was coming to Shanghai, they were excited.

Opened just a few months ago along Shanghai's busiest tourist shopping area - the Nanjing Road pedestrian mall, this is Asia's very first outlet. We have already been there twice since it's opening and on both ocassions, we were equally delighted to browse through the hundreds, of not thousands, of cute merchandise there! Here are just some of them...

The entrance of the double-storey outlet

Colourful lanterns (with changing lights) adorn the upper floor

Candies galore!!!

Cute pillows...



Plush toys...

Key chains...


Fridge magnets (in many designs)...

Hair accessories...

Kitchen things

... and even golf balls. Macam-macam ada :)

With Yellow in a panda suit

With Yellow mascot

With Blue mascot

This is cool!

The wall is so huge that we had to take a "panoramic view" to capture the whole thing in

On our second visit, mummy allowed me a small M&M's treat (I was more interested in playing with the dispenser actually haha) 

I chose pastel colours because I thought they had less colouring. I rolled my eyes when mummy said "What less colouring? Even the WHITE is colouring!" Haha :D

Pretty in pastels

Just a few souvenirs for me.... not many cos the things there are quite overpriced! :p

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Summer Holidays

Post basi. Below are happenings between June and August, during my 2-month-long end of school term break, also known as the Summer Holidays.

I spent the first half of my holiday in Shanghai. Besides doing Math and BM practice at home, watching TV, getting engrossed in the Rainbow Loom, mummy and I went out quite often too...

I tagged along with mummy on her many "auntie outings" (her weekly outings with friends), mainly for grocery shopping and makan-makan...

 and jalan-jalan too...

We ate a lot of good food around the city. Sometimes we had lunch, sometimes we had afternoon tea and sometimes we had both :)

Mummy tried to fatten me up before we went back to Malaysia... but somehow, all the fat grew on her instead while I remained stick-thin haha...

On the days when we had no where to go, we went to the library. The district library is only 5 minutes' walk from home but only Chinese books were available there (in the kid's section). 

The second half of my holiday was spent in Malaysia, from 19 July to 18 Aug...

Our flight home was just 2 days after the MH17 tragedy. We flew home in fear! (I went back with mummy first... daddy joined us later) 

Back in Seremban, we went for my first buka puasa dinner in Gung-gung's friend's restaurant. 

We spent most of our days in Seremban... we explored some new places and discovered a new park in S2 Hill Park.

I love this park!

We spent a lot of time with Gung-Gung, Ah Ma and Kau-foo :)

We also took a day trip to Raub (Gung-Gung's birth place) and visited some of my grand uncles and grand aunts. My late great-grandfather had a shop here. The shop is no longer around now but long ago, mummy spent many of her school holidays staying here. This is where mummy used to play when she was a kid (at the corridor where I'm standing).

Visited the lake gardens before taking a slow drive back to PJ

I had a few play dates with cousins and friends too. With cousin Leanne here.

Play date with more cousins from KL and Singapore

With adorable little Abbygail

With cousins Hayley and Jeremy

I fell in love with Hayley jiejie's dog, Shadow :)


We shopped a lot too. Besides mall-hopping, we also raided the hypermarkets and accumulated more than 70kg worth of groceries (to be carted back to Shanghai!)

I celebrated my 8th birthday in Seremban and PJ. In Seremban, we had a family lunch in a restaurant of my choice and I chose the Manhattan Fish Market. Back in PJ, I only had one birthday wish - Kids E World. I wasn't interested in parties or meals or cakes or anything birthday-related so Kids E World (in IPC) it was for me...

I really had a ball of a time here and guess what, I refused to leave until 7 hours later! 7 hours in Kids E World sounds so crazy haha. Daddy and mummy took turns keeping me company here. Best birthday present ever.

Simple Mini cuppies for my birthday

More cakes in Baci, where Aunty BS and Uncle T came to celebrate with me and belanja us makan :)

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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