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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Asia's 1st M&M's World

M&M's World is one of the latest places that we like to visit. Daddy and mummy first came across this store in Las Vegas about a decade ago. When they heard that it was coming to Shanghai, they were excited.

Opened just a few months ago along Shanghai's busiest tourist shopping area - the Nanjing Road pedestrian mall, this is Asia's very first outlet. We have already been there twice since it's opening and on both ocassions, we were equally delighted to browse through the hundreds, of not thousands, of cute merchandise there! Here are just some of them...

The entrance of the double-storey outlet

Colourful lanterns (with changing lights) adorn the upper floor

Candies galore!!!

Cute pillows...



Plush toys...

Key chains...


Fridge magnets (in many designs)...

Hair accessories...

Kitchen things

... and even golf balls. Macam-macam ada :)

With Yellow in a panda suit

With Yellow mascot

With Blue mascot

This is cool!

The wall is so huge that we had to take a "panoramic view" to capture the whole thing in

On our second visit, mummy allowed me a small M&M's treat (I was more interested in playing with the dispenser actually haha) 

I chose pastel colours because I thought they had less colouring. I rolled my eyes when mummy said "What less colouring? Even the WHITE is colouring!" Haha :D

Pretty in pastels

Just a few souvenirs for me.... not many cos the things there are quite overpriced! :p


  1. Not a fan of the chocolate but the merchandises do attract me!

  2. I remember when you were younger, your mommy actually washes the colors off the M&Ms before allowing you to eat them :D

    1. Hahaha ingat pun! Your memory is impressive :)

  3. the whole place is soooo colourful..

  4. The great wall of chocolate is so colourful! Good to see Chloe enjoyed the visit. I like to eat chocolate but not the sugar coating.


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