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Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy Kitchen: Doughnuts

In our recent home trip, I received a gift from Aunty Ivy. It's something that I've always wanted to play with but due to my busy schedule during the weekdays, mummy kept it aside until the recent Golden Week Holiday (China's week-long National Day holidays). This was the first thing on my holiday activities to-do list...

Happy Kitchen edible toy doughnuts 

The contents (all in powdered form, mainly just starch and flavourings)

The ingredients were super easy to prepare. Just add water and mix to form a paste.

Next, press the paste into the doughnut moulds

There you have it... cute mini doughnuts!

The toppings

Adding some finishing touches to my little doughnuts


They may look like doughnuts and smell like doughnuts but they certainly don't taste like doughnuts!

They look quite like the real thing, don't they? Mummy didn't allow me to eat them but I did take a small bite just to know how it tasted like. Anyway, the fun part was in making it, not eating it :)


  1. Very pretty doughnuts and fun to make too but since no baking is involved, I am not surprised that it does not taste like doughnuts. Did mommy taste it too?

    1. Yes, mommy tried a bit too. Not nice one! It's basically just starch plus a bit of sweetness and flavourings.

  2. Wow! No baking at all donuts. I like the way you decorate them, looks just like those done by professionals!

  3. This looks interesting, and you made it look delicious. How could you have resisted not eating all of them.

  4. They looks real wor..... doesnt taste the same ah.... :(

  5. It does look so fun! I wonder if we have these in Malaysia. I would be surprise if Mummy allowed you to eat those donuts... haha. But you said it right, the fun is in making them, not eating them.

  6. Yes, these are available in Msia. My friend bought it locally and I saw someone selling it in FB too. I think AEON also has something similar...

  7. I really can't believe those "donuts" can be eaten =.="

  8. Looks so pretty. I knew it..mummy will not let you eat it..haha.

  9. Those donuts look really good! I wont let my kid eat them too though :D


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