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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We went to Genting Highlands today for a simple pre-new year holiday. It was my second trip there. I was only 14 months old when we came here last year. I was too young to fully enjoy the trip then.

This time around, I was ABSOLUTELY thrilled and excited. I loved and enjoyed all the rides there...

At night, just before bedtime, I couldn't stop talking about the rides, and could even remember their names.

We spent a night there and when we left the following day, I told daddy "wanna come again".

Monday, December 29, 2008

"Eat Cane"

Today, I had my very first taste of the cane. It matches with the Chinese phrase "eat cane".

Here's why: I wet (drenched, to be precise) my pyjamas again for the umpteenth time, just before bedtime.

How? By doing any one or more of the following:
1. Deliberately spitting and spewing water from my mouth while drinking
2. Pouring and sprinkling the remaining water all over myself
3. Playing with water at the wash basin and splashing water all over, wetting the bathroom and myself

I have been warned again and again not to do it and promises have been made and broken far too many times.

Since the warnings, scoldings and light beatings didn't work, daddy had to resort to the cane. And yes, surprise... surprise... it was daddy who did it first! When mummy heard the commotion, she too, joined in and caned me on my palm.

Have no mercy - I was also told to hold my ears and squat at a corner

And since we did not have a real cane (rotan) at home, these balloon sticks proved to be rather handy as well...

Plenty of stock...

When Chloe Met Chloe

We went to Midvalley today because mummy wanted to meet up with her online-mummy friends. Mummy had always wanted me to meet this little jie-jie, also called Chloe, because we have so many similarities...

At last! Nice to meet you but...

... but I was very, very unfriendly and REFUSED to shake hands with her or even go near her. Mummy had to "force" me to stand here so that she could snap this photo.

We also met this cute little boy called Jonas. I also refused to shake hands with him but later, we did... and our hands got stuck! We held hands like this for several minutes and didn't want to let go hahaha...

I'm holding his hand because he is a boy hehehe...

And then, we spent the rest of the day shopping there... and went home after 9pm.

My second home - feeling so at home here

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Today I learnt that creativity is not appreciated in the house. It is a punishable offence instead. Armed with a pencil, I suddenly went on a scribbling "rampage" and scribbled on more than 10 floor tiles in the house, plus the wall near the bedrooms.

This annoyed mummy so much, she forced me to wipe the floor… nevermind if it wasn’t clean as long as she earned my labour and I learned my lesson.

But labour it was not, for I’ve always loved to play “wipe-wipe the floor”

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cow vs Pig

Sometimes when I am overly rough during playtime, daddy would describe me as a "cow".

Daddy: Aiyo BB, you are very "cow" lah...
Me: No, BB an na (is a) pig. I like pig. Pig very cute... (what I meant to say was that pigs are cuter, so I'd rather be a pig)
Daddy & Mummy: Hahahaha...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Socks II

This is a sequel to Socks.

Today while mummy was busy cooking dinner, I decided to help her with some of the house chores.

As usual, mummy would take a peek at me every 5-10 minutes, or ask "What are you doing?" from the kitchen. I told her I was folding daddy's socks. When she saw this pile of folded socks, she was very impressed. She told me to fold the rest and returned to the kitchen.

Neatly folded but not quite right (not in pairs)

5 minutes later:
Mummy took another peek and saw me in this.

Look... I can also catwalk in them

Realizing I was of no further help, she told me to take them off before I start "wiping" the floor in them.

After another 5 minutes:
I was still in it...
Inseparable... daddy's socks and I

Bread Tags

I have been eyeing this cup since I was little but mummy always kept it away from me and said "No" everytime I wanted to play with it.

This is how much bread my folks have eaten since:

Good old days... back then, the Gardenia/High-5 wholemeal loaf was only RM1.90!

Today, surprisingly, she gave it to me although I did not ask for it. She thinks I am a big girl now... From a banned (choking hazard) item for babies, it is now a toddler's toy. They can be used as a learning tool for counting, colour-sorting/grouping and linking them into a chain. However, I wasn't interested in any of them and preferred to throw them around.

It has since returned to that out-of-reach place.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Festive Fun-tasy @ NZX

This Disney lantern display has been here for almost a month and today we finally went there. We had early dinner and quickly hopped over before the sky turned dark (so that we could see both day and night scenes).

I almost had to pay to enter because I was taller than 90cm. It was stated that children under 3 get free admission but I was made to stand at the height-measuring wall first. Eventhough I was under 3 (only 2Y4M) but slightly taller than 90cm, I had to pay! Mummy bravely "negotiated" with the ticketing staff and won. This is just one of the many disadvantages of being at an advantaged height!

For the two RM10 adult tickets that we bought, we redeemed a water tumbler (with soft-drink) and a ceramic mug:

We also went for a stroll in the NZX street mall. Not much Christmas deco there but it was simple and nice...

Did I enjoy myself? Well, when mummy asked me this question, I said "Yes, BB wanna go again. Go again...".

Ugly but Funny Part 2

Trying to be funny again... It started off ok, and then there I went again...

Singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at age 2y4m

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Miss Blackberry

I like to "read" my blog using daddy's Blackberry. I like to imitate his actions too... holding it with one hand and I even know how to use the trackwheel (scroll button) with my thumb.

I love to look at my photos, and talk about the events featured such as "BB made sandcastle, remember? Remember?" or "Mummy made the gingerbreadman for BB, remember? I like to end each sentence with "Remember?"

Sometimes, after holding it long enough, I'd go "Aiyah... this hand tired already" and switch hands.

Ada gaya or not? Hehehe...

Monday, December 15, 2008

2 Noses?

Mummy: BB, how many eyes do you have?
Me: (Pointing to my eyes) One... two.
Mummy: Yes. How many ears do you have?
Me: (Touching my ears) One... two.
Mummy: Correct! How many nose do you have?
Me: (Poking my finger into my nostrils) One... two!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread Man

The search is finally over. Mummy has found a real gingerbreadman for me (a reasonably priced one, that is) cos Christmas is just round the corner. She bought it discreetly to give me a surprise at home.

I was extremely happy when I got my surprise... I was eager, excited and couldn't wait to eat it.

However, it didn't smell as good as I had anticipated. After getting a whiff of it, I lost interest in eating it altogether. I didn't like its spicy-gingery aroma. Taste-wise, I still preferred the fake and cincai one that mummy made for me...

It wasn't a total disappointment for me though, thanks to the chocolate buttons, while poor gingerbreadman ended up in two other separate stomachs instead of mine. And thanks to me, mummy and daddy got to eat a gingerbread for the very 1st time, at their respective ripe old ages hehehe...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

28 Months Old

I am 28 months old today.

- Height: 92cm Weight: 14kg
- I love to ask questions and I'm becoming more and more inquisitive. My all-time favourite question is "What is that?". Other FAQs are "Where are we? What place is this? Who bought this? Who gave this? Where is BB's ...(whatever)...?
- Totally diaper-free during the day, even when I'm taking my afternoon nap.
- Very sensitive: Will burst into tears when being scolded, given warnings or when intimidated
- Very shy and afraid of strangers

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Look what happens when you don't give me proper make-up tools and lessons, ma...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Palace of the Golden Horses

From the MINES hotel, we moved to another hotel today, our favourite hotel. After checking-in, we had tea at the Grand Salon.

Then I saw a gingerbread house that was made from real gingerbread!

Later, Auntie Shellie and her boys joined us too. We went for dinner and shopping together.

Too bad I was down with running nose and cough. I missed all the activities planned, which included swimming, bubble bath in the bathtub and a pyjama party. In fact, I almost ruined our holiday because I was cranky and cried all the time.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The MINES Beach and Spa

We went for another weekend getaway today, this time with Gung-gung, Ah Ma and Kau-foo. This is my second stay at this hotel. The last time we were here, I was only this little...

Then (baby) and now (toddler)...

The "highlight" of this trip was to make sandcastles in the artificial beach. However, I enjoyed playing with water more than sand. So, I kept myself busy scooping water to water the sandcastles that mummy and daddy have made.

Hop-hop-hopping in a mini cave

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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