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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Socks II

This is a sequel to Socks.

Today while mummy was busy cooking dinner, I decided to help her with some of the house chores.

As usual, mummy would take a peek at me every 5-10 minutes, or ask "What are you doing?" from the kitchen. I told her I was folding daddy's socks. When she saw this pile of folded socks, she was very impressed. She told me to fold the rest and returned to the kitchen.

Neatly folded but not quite right (not in pairs)

5 minutes later:
Mummy took another peek and saw me in this.

Look... I can also catwalk in them

Realizing I was of no further help, she told me to take them off before I start "wiping" the floor in them.

After another 5 minutes:
I was still in it...
Inseparable... daddy's socks and I

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