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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Daddy, Mummy and I

Mummy was wiping this photo frame recently when she noticed that the photos (of daddy and her) were taken at my current age...

These two photos were put together since their courting days!

Mummy then added my photo in and here's the three of us at about the same age (between 6-7 years old)...

Who is the cutest? ;p

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Arts and Crafts Day - Jack O Lantern

Arts and crafts is an activity long forgotten since we moved to Shanghai. The last post was dated Sept 2012.... oh my, more than a year ago! Although mummy and I love arts and crafts very much, we just do not have the time for it. 

Last Sunday, mummy did pumpkin carving (this craft was more for her actually hehe). It all started when we saw this in Tesco a day earlier...

Really didn't expect to see Halloween decor in China!

That's not all. We even spotted some nicely carved Jack O Lanterns among a pile of pumpkins. Feeling somewhat "inspired", mummy quickly grabbed one without hesitation. 

She had always wanted to try making this but never got the chance to do so because these orange-coloured pumpkins are not cheap back in Malaysia. Over here, it is inexpensive and mummy got a 1.2kg one for only RMB4.70 (RM2.40). It was quite a solid one with thick flesh...

There was also a pomelo at home and it got "victimised" too ;) The pomelo was also very cheap at RMB2.60 (RM1.30). Sweet and juicy!

Mummy searched for some JOL images on the Internet and "started work" immediately. The pumpkin was quite big with enough surface to make 3 faces so mummy did just that. This was the first face that she drew and cut...

First she drew the outline of the features. Then she picked one of her kitchen knives and sharpened it really, really sharp

Within minutes, tadaaaa! Although this was her first attempt in pumpkin carving, she felt that it wasn't too difficult after all. 

The second face for both turned out very ugly... Lol!

And finally, the third face... all 3 of us voted this as our favourite :)

At night, we played with "fire". Yes, today's craft was all about playing with sharp knives and fire :p

We had only 1 miserable candle so the pomelo had to make do with a blue-light torchlight ;)

The next day, here is what's left of poor Mr 3-faced Jack O Lantern... he (they) landed on our dinner table haha...

Pumpkin chicken rice with raw veggies (lettuce, red capsicum and turnip). Yummy!!!

This was probably our best pumpkin purchase so far. We crafted it, played with it and ate it too. No wastage! :) 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Daddy's Home!

Daddy came back late last night from his 6-day business trip to Taiwan. This was the first time mummy and I were left alone in a foreign land... just the two of us for almost a week. While he was away, I had some "security issues" at home every night.

Obviously, I didn't feel very secure when the man of the house was not around. Every night at bedtime, I would remind mummy over and over again if she had double-locked the main door. I would check the windows to make sure they were closed too, although mummy told me that Shanghai is relatively very much safer than KL/PJ. Over here, house break-ins are very rare and snatch thefts on the streets are almost unheard of. But I still felt safer with daddy around ;)

Anyway, daddy's home and I can go to bed with peace in my mind again :) 

Video-chatted with daddy almost every night before going to bed as usual

Due to his tight schedule, he did not have time to go shopping this time but he still did not come home empty-handed. Here are the little bit of local snacks that he got from a nearby mini market (mini market also sells a wide range of Hello Kitty merchandise!). The junkie snacks were all taken from his hotel room mini bar (FOC and replenished daily) while the French chocolate on the left was a last minute purchase at the airport...

A little something for his girls :p

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family Day

Last Saturday, we had a very fun outing in daddy's company's Family Day. This fun occasion was one of the many events held to commemorate the company's 25th anniversary. The weather was extremely good and that was one crucial "requirement" met because all the activities were held outdoors, in the parking lot of the factory compound...

Yes, daddy works in a semiconductor factory and hence contributes to "Made in China" goods. We have since learned not to look down on things that are Made in China hahahaha! If you own a smartphone, camera or drive a luxury car, there is a high chance of them containing electronic components made in this factory ;)

Lively dragon dance (performed by their own staff including bosses) at the launch of the event

And then the fun began! My favourite was this inflated playland.

Followed by this grain-pit (sand pits are outdated already)

These "grains" are actually made of plastic so we were told.

In deep concentration... fishing was fun too!


My catch of the day

I queued up twice for animal balloons

I played many simple carnival games

There were many, many such game "stalls"...

... as well as something more "violent" like Sumo wrestling

There were quite a lot of activities for kids... I enjoyed doing sand art too

We had lunch at the factory cafeteria but it was a catered meal from McD. I squealed in delight when I saw the Happy Meal box! :) However, they didn't serve fries (which was a good thing) and it was replaced by a grapefruit instead. 

These were all stuffed inside my Happy Meal box. Daddy had 4 meal vouchers so we had 4 of everything which was way too much for us to finish. We ended up lugging around 3 bottles of Coke, 2 grapefruits and 2 pieces of chicken chop... until we reached home!

Daddy brought us for a factory tour. The screens on the right are actually videos of the production floor in real time. He showed us his work station so now we know what daddy does at work every day :)

A clearer view of the factory that daddy works in

Some of the coupons that we "earned" from playing games (there were even more after this pic was taken).

At the end of the event, we made some gift redemptions. There were not many choices left (all the good gifts were snapped up) so we went for these made-on-the-spot ones...

Chinese dough figurine... I chose this colourful bird

Candy art... "drawn" with caramelised sugar/maltose syrup and placed on a stick to resemble a lollipop

Mummy ordered a giraffe one for me and the uncle got it done in under 30 seconds. Amazing!

My giraffe candy... nice?

And finally, we also redeemed a Dove toiletries pack and this cute "pillow" shaped like a bunch of bananas :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Eating Out 5 - Yunnan Restaurant

It was just one of our casual jalan-jalan cari makan weekends and something in this restaurant attracted us to dine here... 

Also curious to sample some Yunnan cuisine so we thought, why not?

The highlight of this restaurant (to us) has got to be its menu with crappy but amusing English translation :D Some of them were so funny that they had us in stitches. Reading the restaurant menu seemed to be more enjoyable than the actual dining itself haha! Here are just some of them...

Now, here's what we ordered... the food here was quite good, surprisingly (although it might not appear so in these pics)...

Crossing the Bridge Noodle... the soup was very tasty (something like Chinese herbs). Just put everything into the piping hot soup (hot enough to cook the raw egg). Then just mix and eat. Nice :)

Soupy fish slices with black fungus, ginkgo and bamboo shoot served in a bamboo "bowl". 

Greens with mushroom

Fried rice... very fragrant and I loved this!

Some vegetarian saucy noodles... delish!

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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