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Monday, February 28, 2011

I Will Pay It With My Angpau Money

It's that time of the year again... ang-pau money-counting after CNY. This year, I did not get a lot of ang-paus because we did not go visiting at all (besides going back to Mah-Mah and Ah Ma's house).

As usual, I would arrange my collection nicely on the floor and pose with it...

Not all are mine. Some are daddy and mummy's but all are given to me. Yes, they are still RECEIVING despite their ripe, old age and "unqualified status" :p

Here are some of the cuter or special ones that I received this year...

I also received two red packets from Hong Kong. One was from Uncle Foo (mummy's cousin) who works in Ocean Park and the other one was from Uncle Freeman (daddy's cousin) from Macau. Thank you, uncles!

As with every year, mummy would ask me the same question...

Mummy: What would you like to buy with all this money?
Me: Hmmmmm... *thought hard and then whispered into into mummy's ear*: Can I buy toys?

Hooray! The "bread, banana and onion days" are finally over! I finally know how to ask for "normal" things now :D

Mummy: What else would you like to buy?
Me: Books?
Mummy: Okay, sure. What else?
Me: Errrrr... pay the electricity bill?
Mummy: Wuahahahaha!

Well, there is a reason for that funny answer, actually. I have this bad habit of leaving the television set on when I am not watching it. Sometimes I won't even allow mummy to switch it off although I am busy doing something else. Mummy never fails to nag this same thing to me over and over again... "You are wasting electricity. Do you have money to pay for the electricity bill?!!"

Well, now that I have my own money, I must have thought why not. Hahaha!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It all started yesterday afternoon. I was still fine in the morning and went to school as usual. When mummy came to fetch me home at 2:30pm after my Mandarin class, she sensed something wrong the moment she held my hand. It was warmer than usual.

Back at home, the thermometer showed that I had a 37-ish low-grade fever. I had a dose of Paracetamol and took a nap. The fever subsided soon after that. However, I did not have appetite for dinner and ate only a quarter of my usual portion. At night, the fever returned. This time, my body felt even warmer... it was hot to the touch! My fever had shot up to 40C... the highest temperature I've ever had in my whole life!

Throughout the night, mummy could not sleep a wink. She stayed beside me and kept touching me while monitoring my temperature. It was still very high. She gave me another dose of paracetamol (my 3rd dose) and the fever finally went away at 3am+.

I had a very bad cough too. Sometimes, I would vomit a bit when I coughed too much. To be on the safe side, mummy put a mak-kok (water scoop) beside me whenever I was on bed or on the couch.

Me and my Peter Rabbit "mak-kok"

Highest fever ever recorded

At 2:30am - mummy put an ice-pack on my forehead to help bring down the high fever

This morning, I had to skip school. Mummy drove me to my paediatrician's clinic. The doctor said my body was very, very heaty. I had a throat infection too. She gave me a concoction of antibiotic (Augmentin), cough & phlegm and fever medicines.

Pink, white and clear... I ate my medicines without any fuss and only grimaced at their awful tastes

When I finally sat on my toy car this afternoon, mummy knew I was feeling better already. I did not touch any of my toys or things at all yesterday. I could only lie down and watch tv with half-opened eyes... how pitiful :(

Beep-beep... I'm back to my usual self :)

Was it the fish and chips that I had on Tuesday night (on mummy's birthday) that caused this? *Mummy felt soooo GUILTY* Although I ate less than 10 flattened fries and just one piece of the naked fish (with the fried batter removed), mummy believed that it was bad enough to trigger the "over-heat" system in me. Well, no more "junk food" for me again, in a long, long time to come!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mummy's Birthday

It is mummy's birthday today. Many of you asked mummy "So which hotel are you all checking-in today?" Hahaha! Well, we may be crazy over hotel stays but for mummy's big day today, daddy was told to reserve his annual leaves for our few upcoming holidays this year.

Today was just like any other ordinary day. On the way out to fetch me back from school, Koo-koo gave mummy a tray of lovely surprises...

Chocolate cupcakes, home-baked by Koo-koo!

I had one immediately after my bath. It was yuuummmmmmy!

Daddy came home early from work and brought us to Sunway Pyramid for dinner. Since it was still a little early, we window-shopped a bit. As usual, I had my "compulsory" kiddy-rides and "toy-testing"session in Parkson.

I was hooked to this V-tech video game and refused to leave! (until I was threatened)

Dinner was at Tony Roma's. Daddy and mummy ordered just two items and the rest were FREE! They later realized that more freebies were coming their way...

While waiting for our orders, I played a game of Snakes and Ladders with daddy.

After some time, I could not sit still...

The 2 contrasting sides of me... samseng girl and lovey-dovey girl... I kept hugging and kissing mummy all over while wishing her Happy Birthday :)

Here are what we ate. Daddy settled for something simple because he had a heavy buffet lunch.

Chicken Swiss Sandwich

Mummy does not eat meat and deep-fried food, so she ordered this...

Pan-seared cod fish with black sesame, yellow rice and broccoli

Below is my FREE 3-course kiddy meal. This was my 2nd free kiddy meal here. The portion was very substantial and I could eat only half of it.

Freebie 1 - Appetizer: Carrot and celery sticks with Ranch dressing

Freebie 2: Main course - Fish and Chips (the serving was really HUGE, enough for even an adult!)

As usual, mummy flattened my fries (squeezed out the excess oil) and stripped the fried batter off my fish! I still loved them anyway, as long as they were dipped in tomato sauce :)

Freebie 3: Dessert - Vanilla ice-cream with crushed Oreo cookies

Freebie 4 - Birthday Lava for the birthday girl (had to show I.C as proof)

After dinner, mummy went to claim her last freebie of the day. We sat down for a drink and I enjoyed watching people ice-skating below...

Freebie 5 - Berrylicious from JuiceWorks (mummy is a member of their loyalty card)

Before going home, daddy drove us along the brightly-lit boulevards of Sunway Resort (we also came here last Christmas). The beautiful and colourful CNY decorative lights were still around...

The beautiful arch... too bad the photo was partially taken (from a moving car)

Oh yes, daddy also came home with a cake from Holiday Inn Glenmarie, when he dined there this afternoon.

Freebie 6 - Cake from a hotel (it is still sitting in the fridge!)

And finally, mummy bought two tops for me, also considered free, because it was bought using the Parkson vouchers that someone gave to her...

Freebie 7 - I'm The Wise One (Pumpkin Patch) and Cute Chicks Rule! (Seed)

Yeah, it's mummy's birthday and I get presents instead... and right after CNY too :P

Monday, February 21, 2011

Torn Uniform

Little Miss Itchy Fingers is finally back in action again! My last recorded mischief was dated way back in May 2010, when I did this. Since then, my itchy fingers have been "idle" for more than 9 months! Hmm, not bad. Not bad at all hehe. Well, here's what happened...

Last Friday, right after coming home from school, when mummy was about to undress me for my bath, she noticed something amiss on the right sleeve of my uniform.

There was a small hole in it and mummy was mad!

It was a V-shaped tear, and the involvement of a pair of scissors was pretty obvious

After a thorough session of interrogation from mummy, I admitted to the misdeed and denied that it was done by someone else. It was a try-cutting-this-and-that-with-scissors exploration gone wrong. So apa lagi, I got a good scolding from her!

I'm sorry, mummy... I won't do it again... *sobs*

Thursday, February 17, 2011


"Mummy, I want to eat sausage. Can you please buy sausage for me to eat?" This was what I whispered into mummy's ears one day (a few months back). Poor me. Having a health-freak mummy, I am quite deprived of a lot of food. Processed meat is one of them. Mummy has NEVER bought me any sausages, ham, bacon, nuggets etc. because she considers them as junk-food.

Mummy's heart sank a bit upon hearing me plead like that. On that very weekend, she went to her regular meat deli to buy this for me...

"Organic" sausage (RM8.90 for 7 pcs), which claims to be made from pork that is free from beta agonist, antibiotics or any harmful drug residues

In a span of about 6 months, I finished the whole packet of sausages, on an average of one per month (daddy ate one). To make my meals appear less unhealthy, mummy cooked the sausages with healthy accompaniments...

Fried rice with sausage, egg, organic corn, organic asparagus, carrot and cherry tomatoes

Soya noodle soup with sausage, egg, organic Brussels sprouts, carrot

... and serving them with fresh, healthy fruits and veggies

Sausage, cheese and wholemeal bread "lollipop" with egg, carrot, blueberry and apple

Sausage with mac and cheese, egg, blanched organic broccoli, carrot sticks, baked potato strips, grapes and baby strawberries (this was for dinner and I polished the whole plate clean!)

Plain hotdog with a thick slice of home-baked wholemeal bread, carrot sticks, grapes and kiwifruit

Sausage with blanched organic broccoli, egg, grapes and blueberries (I ate this in school)

Well, no more sausages for me in a long, long, long time to come haha!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Happenings Over the Weekend

The Chapati Girl
On Saturday, after scouting around for a "maid" to help mummy with the daily floor-cleaning chore, we had lunch in an Indian restaurant. As usual, I ordered my FAVOURITE... the chapati. It used to be roti canai long ago but ever since I had my first taste of this dry, bland and healthier "cousin" of the roti, there has been no turning back.

Savouring my "appetizer", the crunchy papadam (daddy and mummy had banana-leaf rice so there was a free flow of papadams for me... yay!)

Mmmmmm... can't wait to dig in!

Eat and play... I made a rabbit and kept telling mummy to look

The Sheep Meadow
On Sunday afternoon, I complained to mummy "Mummy, you forgot about my arts and crafts on Friday! You didn't keep your promise. Hmmph!" Mummy quickly brought out all the necessary "trash" and did this for with me...

A very simple sheep meadow made with cereal box, used baran (decorative grass strips for take-away sushi) and foam nets. I coloured the grass with crayon on a piece of white paper and glued the foam nets on the sides to make the fence.

Mummy was supposed to make Papa and Mama sheep using polystyrene but she had to abandon the idea after she (struggled and) failed to come up with one. So who/what protected the little lambs when the Big Bad Wolf came? The coconut tree that I made in school last week haha...

Here comes the Big Bad Wolf. Help!

I enjoyed playing with it, simulating the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

The Patient Girl
I have been extremely patient lately, especially while playing with this toy...

This is my latest love... building blocks.

Mummy noticed that I could sit quietly (without grumbling or giving up) for more than one hour trying to solve the puzzle of building a cube!

I'm almost there... fitting every block into this box may look easy but it is not!

I did it!!! My victorious smile says it all :)

Another craze to hit our home is the UNO card game. I love this game very much and have been pestering mummy to play with me almost every minute!

Mummy, please, please, please.... play with me...

I am getting quite good at it and even won the game a few times while playing with daddy and mummy yesterday (with a bit of help, hint and luck, of course haha).

The Sushi Girl
We had sushi for dinner on Sunday after an unsuccessful trip to the park (it was raining). Actually daddy and mummy wanted to have another round of the mini Yee-Sang in Sushi King before the promotion ends at the end of the month. I am beginning to love sushi and can eat quite a lot!

Enjoying my meal

The Playful Girl
Just some cute and silly pics of me in a shop...

I love fooling around like this :p

The "Maid"
And finally, the search for our "maid" is over. Mummy "employed" this smart, diligent, reliable, no-talking-back, no-bad-habits, no-sour-face helper to help out in the Floor Department of our home...

Meet Roomba, the new addition to our family

With Roomba around, I now have a new pet toy while mummy has a domestic helper and daddy... err... well, daddy has a small hole in his pocket hahaha!

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