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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Golden Kiwi

Mummy and I were in Giant for our weekly grocery shopping last week. Once again, mummy told me that I could pick one item as a reward for being a good girl. She repeatedly stressed on the word ANYTHING. Yes, I could have anything in the store, anything that I liked!

Mummy was prepared to get me some snacks (she doesn't ban junkfood 100%) while we were browsing at the candies, biscuits and tidbits aisle. Surprisingly, I just kept quiet and did not ask for anything. As soon as we reached the Fresh Market (fruits and vegetables) section, I suddenly asked...

"Mummy, can you buy yellow kiwifruit for me? I tried it in school and I like it. Buy it for me ok. Please?

Of course mummy bought it for me. Moreover, it was on offer that day :)

Golden kiwi and grapes for my afternoon snack... because I made this healthy selection, I'll get another reward on our next shopping trip ;)

It's very sweeeeeet. Love it!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Things I Say

As If I know
The following Monday after visiting the Melaka Zoo, I returned home from school and proudly announced to mummy...
Me: Mummy, I told Aaron (my classmate and best friend) that I went to the zoo that day.
Mummy: Oh, did you tell him that it's the Melaka Zoo?
Me: No, I just said zoo only. I don't think he knows where Melaka is anyway... (as if I know haha!)

Terms of Endearment
Our bedtime chats often lead to amusing endings...

Mummy: Ok, no more talking. It's time to sleep now. Good night!
Me: Good night what?
Mummy: Good night, cutie pie!
Me: Good night, tomato pie!
Mummy: *smile* Good night, lil pumpkin!
Me: Good night, lil coconut!
Mummy: Coconut? *giggle* Good night, sweet darling!
Me: Good night, sweet potato!
Mummy: *roll on bed laughing* (It is so NOT flattering to be called a "sweet potato" a.k.a "fan shu" in Chinese haha!)

Heng Pie Na
One day, as I was drawing some cats...

Me: Mummy, do you know that the cat's nose is actually heng pie na?
Mummy: Huh? Heng pie na?
Me: You see... heng... pie... na! (referring to the strokes of the Chinese character "you" ) It's like writing Chinese hehehe.
Mummy: Yes! You are absolutely correct. Clever la you!

Cats! Can you spot all the "heng pie na" in my drawing?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Creative Play: A Convertible

I love to play with my mini rocking chair. Yes, it's for playing, not for sitting. If only mummy could appreciate my creativity rather than constantly nagging me for cluttering the house with it. (She hates the sight of my rocking chair turned upside down lying around!)

On most days, it is converted into a carriage for my soft toys. This is done by "hooking" the rocking chair to the back spare wheel of my police jeep. This is my favourite way of playing with the rocking chair.

Driving my "kids" to school

Occasionally, I will also turn it into a high chair. A foldable stool is placed in the centre to make a tray.

A double-decked high chair for Tom the bear and his friend...

This is also one of my favourites... as part of a choo-choo train "coach".

Chugga chugga choo choo!

And lastly, as a rocking chair once in a while...

One rocking chair, four functions!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Kissing!

While most people do not bother looking at public notices, I am always on the look out for one. I enjoy reading the list of prohibitions on notices such as this...

No swimming, no fishing, no pets allowed...... etc.

What's this, mummy? No kissing?

Me: Mummy, why no kissing ar?
Mummy: Err...
Me: Why? Why cannot kiss?
Mummy: The park is a public place. Men and women cannot kiss in public like that. It's not nice...
Me: Ooh, kiss already must get married is it?
Mummy: *chuckles*

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Wish Finally Came True

I have been wishing and longing for a bicycle for the longest time... I think since the day I learned how to pedal on Hayley jie-jie's old tricycle at age 2+. All this while, mummy didn't allow daddy to get me one because of space constraint in our house (no place to park it). Poor me... I've been so deprived that I looked forward to hypermarket trips just so that I could ride on the display units there!

Last Monday evening, daddy came home from work earlier than usual. Coincidentally, mummy also cooked dinner earlier than usual (for no particular reason). After dinner, it was still early so we decided to go out for a walk and ended up in where else but Citta Mall (again!). And then we were enticed by something there... a bicycle shop!

Daddy and mummy had planned to get me a bicycle for my birthday next month so they thought this was a good time to start searching for one. Well, the search started here and ended here as well, very unexpectedly haha! There was quite a good selection of bicycles in the shop and it was rather easy for us to pick one. After deciding on "the one" for me, daddy was even more eager than me. He couldn't wait so he bought it right away.

Here are some photos and a video that I kept reminding mummy to "remember to put this in my blog ok!"

Prancing around my new bicycle *too happy*

The proud owner

Test-riding my very own set of wheels in front of the bicycle shop

Raleigh Laguna in 20-inch wheels (size recommended by the shop assistant, big enough to last me until my pre-teens, hopefully)

Isn't this tag cool?

The bicycle shop uncle gave me a bell FOC and I chose a purple one

*Mummy finally decided to convert (and sacrifice) a small corner of her kitchen into a "parking lot" for my bike.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just For Fun

Can I, can I? Please? Pretty pleeeeaaaaaase....

Heh heh heh... it still fits!

The last time my too free, nothing to do mummy did this to me was when I was 2.5 years old...

Sharing clothes with my best buddy, Pooh Bear

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Saturday

We had a very long, hectic, fun-filled and tiring day today. We were out the whole day for more than 13 hours! Our day started with breakfast at Citta Mall, a new neighbourhood mall just a stone's throw away from home. This was our 3rd visit there.

Some fun facts and pictures of famous landmarks plastered all around the mall

Yay, I love this! We had breakfast at Subway, our favourite sandwich deli

After breakfast, I did some kiddy activities which I wanted to do the last time we were here but it was already too late at night. Today, we were the earliest and I was the first kid to register for all the following activities...

I did a piece of sand art for FREE... (I'm getting quite good at this)

I also painted a large sun-catcher key-chain for FREE...

... and got a cartoon character painted on my hand for FREE too. I chose Tweety Bird, which later morphed into the yellow Angry Bird after some of the yellow paint came off ;)

There were FREE popcorn and cotton candy too but I did not go for them because I wasn't interested at all. I did get one on our last visit here and it ended up in the bin...

Posing happily with my cotton candy only to dispose it later on (pic taken 2 weeks ago)

From Citta Mall, we went to The Curve/IPC/Tesco. We had some junkfood here (McD) because I wanted to collect these My Little Pony toys...

Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie from McD's Happy Meal

Later in the evening, we left for Shah Alam to attend a Japanese festival called Bon Odori. Koo-koo came with us too. This was the first time I attended such a crowded and merry event.

We arrived early at 5:30pm... the field was still quite empty

The food bazaar, on the other hand, was teeming with people...

Some of the stalls had mile-long queues, like this one behind me

We bought some Bento sets, sushis, buns and Yakult and had "dinner" at the stadium. We made a mistake of not "booking" our seats earlier so we had to stand at the back because all the seats had already been taken up.

I danced, cheered and did a lot of funny movements

The crowd

A performance

We joined the dance towards the end, just before leaving

We even went for supper before going home. It was very late when we finally reached home *Super TIRED* We brought home 4 hand-fans as souvenir...

The last time daddy and mummy attended this event was 6 years ago in 2005 (when I was not even conceived yet hehe...)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Mummy, a health-freak wannabe, loves cooking all sorts of weird, entah apa-apa and supposedly healthy dishes for us. Poor daddy and I have to (literally) stomach her crappy dishes ever so frequently. One of the regulars on our menu is beetroot. I like beetroot soup and juice but I've never liked eating the beet.

Yesterday, mummy made fish-paste wantan, one of my favourite food. She paired the wantan with beetroot and carrot soup (boiled with homemade fish stock). She cut the beetroot into bite-size cubes and encouraged me to try one. To convince me further, she told me "it tastes just like potato..." (what a silly comparison, all because I love potatoes haha). After a while...

Me: Mummy, I tried the beetroot already and I actually LIKE it :)
Mummy: Good girl!
Me: But it doesn't taste like potato at all...
Mummy: Then, what does it taste like?
Me: Beetroot lah!

And that's how I started liking beetroot :)

The yum-yuck wantan beetroot carrot soup... doesn't look very appealing but I ate it all up!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's In My Lunch Box?

Every Tues-Thurs, I attend Mandarin classes from 1.00pm-2:30pm. On these days, I will have my lunch in school and mummy usually packs lunch for me in the morning (she's too lazy to cook fresh lunch and deliver them to me at lunch time!).

She usually prepares food for me that require minimal cooking and food that won't turn soggy when eaten later. Most of them are just fruits and vegetables. She also makes fishballs in large quantities and deep-freezes them for future convenience (just reheat in the morning). On most mornings, all she does is fry omelettes for me.

Here is a collection of what my lunchbox looks like. It's basically the same old thing every week...

Homemade fishballs, free-range chicken egg, carrot sticks and blueberries

Carrot and egg fried rice with homemade fishballs, blanched organic broccoli and grapes (The rice looks yellow because it was cooked using the red Carotino cooking oil)

2 slices of Butterscotch bread with carrot omelette, banana, grapes and turnip strips

Homemade fishballs, baked potato wedges (with tomato sauce for dipping), blanched organic broccoli, grapes and carrot sticks

Egg sandwich (2 buns with egg and organic lettuce), baked sweet potato wedges, grapes and fresh apricots

Banana pancake (made in a rush, in the morning), blanched organic broccoli, carrot omelette and steamed organic corn with butter

Fried rice with carrot, French beans, egg and diced homemade fishcake, and a banana

Homebaked bread with cheese and jam, steamed peas with butter and salt and a banana

2 butter croissants with long bean omelette and sliced cheese and a packet of fruit juice

Baked sweet potato wedges, asparagus omelette, onion and cheese bun, strawberries and blueberries

2 slices of homebaked multi-seed bread (walnut, almond, hazel nut, flaxseed, sunflower seed, raisins and dried cranberries) with a slice of cheese in between, egg and milk

Spinach omelette, homemade fishballs, steamed organic corn with butter, blueberries and cherry tomatoes

Homebaked wholewheat buns with cheese, grapes and Milo

On most days, I come home with an empty lunch box but on some days when there are leftovers, I will finish them up at home for my afternoon snack.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Melaka Zoo

Last Friday, we went back to Seremban (on our regular fortnightly trip) a day earlier than usual. Since we had the whole Saturday free, we made an impromptu trip to Melaka. Our main objective was to visit the Melaka Zoo after hearing many good reviews about it.

Let's go to the zoo.... I kept Gung-gung and Ah Ma happily entertained in the car with my jokes, stories and antics :)

After a short and pleasant 1-hour journey, we reached the zoo in Ayer Keroh. It was raining heavily and drizzling intermittently so obviously, we could not get down from the car.

What a wet morning...

We drove on to Melaka town and it was just as wet over there. Hampered by the rain, we could not visit the historical sites (but just drove past and viewed from the car) or hunt for food in the nearby areas. Since we've already done that the last time we were here (this was my 3rd trip to Melaka), we decided to look for a sheltered place to go... and where else would that be but Jusco Bandaraya Melaka haha!

I wanted something very, very badly in Jusco but when daddy and mummy said no, I accepted the rejection most positively without any tear, fuss or sulking. Touched by my understanding and good-natured behaviour, mummy felt compelled to reward me with something that I loved... a 20-minute playtime (RM3.00) in Jusco's kiddy playland. I enjoyed every second of my time spent there and the smile written all over my face was simply priceless (to mummy)!

Doing a daredevil act... "driving" a little plane into the ball pit... I did this again and again *mummy rolls eyes* I was the only kid playing there and had the whole ball pit to myself!

After lunch, we realized the rain had stopped so we proceeded with our zoo plan. Since I was officially not 5 yet, I got FREE entrance. Gung-gung and Ah Ma were both entitled to Senior Citizen fee of RM5 each while daddy and mummy paid the full adult fee of RM7 each.

Brightly coloured birds greeted us at the entrance

Are you thinking what I'm thinking, raccoon?

Feeding Time! We had some fruits as snack to lighten our hand-carries

Some of the animals that we saw

We managed to catch the last 10 minutes of an animal show and later, we also watched an elephant show and took the opportunity to feed and touch the elephants here.

Feeding Time 2: Gung-gung bought me an ice-cream to go with the show... and I accidentally dipped my nose in it

Stroking a baby elephant's trunk. I was too scared and only dared to touch it after seeing daddy and mummy do it

Hey you! A funny chimp monkeying around to amuse us

Our favourite animal was the tiger. The tigers here looked very healthy and had the most beautiful enclosure in the whole zoo. We spent about 10 minutes here and even managed to witness one of them poo-pooing hehe.

Wild and ferocious!

Feeding Time 3: Enjoying a butter croissant on the go


We also took a short walk in the Mini Safari. There were deer, zebras and giraffes roaming freely in the open.

Close encounter... we enjoyed watching these two beautiful zebras close up

Soon, it was already 6pm (closing time) and we realized we have been walking for more than 3 hours!

Before we say goodbye... one last pic in the zoo

From the zoo, we headed back to Seremban and called it a day. I was so tired, I dozed off in less than 5 minutes after getting into the car!

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