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Friday, July 29, 2011

Things I Say

As If I know
The following Monday after visiting the Melaka Zoo, I returned home from school and proudly announced to mummy...
Me: Mummy, I told Aaron (my classmate and best friend) that I went to the zoo that day.
Mummy: Oh, did you tell him that it's the Melaka Zoo?
Me: No, I just said zoo only. I don't think he knows where Melaka is anyway... (as if I know haha!)

Terms of Endearment
Our bedtime chats often lead to amusing endings...

Mummy: Ok, no more talking. It's time to sleep now. Good night!
Me: Good night what?
Mummy: Good night, cutie pie!
Me: Good night, tomato pie!
Mummy: *smile* Good night, lil pumpkin!
Me: Good night, lil coconut!
Mummy: Coconut? *giggle* Good night, sweet darling!
Me: Good night, sweet potato!
Mummy: *roll on bed laughing* (It is so NOT flattering to be called a "sweet potato" a.k.a "fan shu" in Chinese haha!)

Heng Pie Na
One day, as I was drawing some cats...

Me: Mummy, do you know that the cat's nose is actually heng pie na?
Mummy: Huh? Heng pie na?
Me: You see... heng... pie... na! (referring to the strokes of the Chinese character "you" ) It's like writing Chinese hehehe.
Mummy: Yes! You are absolutely correct. Clever la you!

Cats! Can you spot all the "heng pie na" in my drawing?


  1. hahaha......'hen pie na' ! YX used to describe certain drawings with Chinese strokes too!

    Sweet potato ! LOL .......

  2. Pengsan....sweet potatoes...not ubi kayu ah? *Muk shue*(Dont kalah)

  3. Oh yawor it's really "heng pie na".

  4. Hahaha... it turns out to be like "sambung perkataan" game before bedtime. And Chloe is good in this game, wakakaka!

  5. hhahahaha...yes i can spot the 'heng pie na'...just never thought of it that way :D

  6. LOL, I was abit confused with 'heng pie na' actually.. Now I know :P

  7. Oh...I get it now..hehe..heng pie na. Really cute kitty cats. :)

  8. Mmmm, I see cats only!

  9. Cute '横撇捺' nose!! I like her cats drawing :)

  10. LOL, Chloe's drawing gets better now. Sorry, auntie still can't figure out what is "heng pie na". Auntie is a bit silly huh!

  11. She's applying wat she's learnt in Mand class in everyday life (in this case, her drawing). Clever girl!


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