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Friday, December 28, 2007

Flashback 10 - My 6th month

At around 6 months:

- I tried solid food for the first time - plain rice cereal with milk (too bad, no photos)
- I cut my first tooth

- I could sit with support

- I had my first studio photos taken...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Flashback 9 - My 5th month

At around 5 months, I could roll over and keep my head up.

I also learned how to entertain daddy & mummy and make them laugh.

My botak head at its worst...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oh dad...

Daddy is fun to be with. Sharing an apple means eating it like this:

Putting on a skirt means pulling it up all the way to the armpit....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Love You

I love to sing to Barney's ending theme song "I Love You". Though it's not very in tune and my pronunciation is totally out, I am still my mummy's favourite singer....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flashback 8 - My 4th month

The saddest thing about my hair began somewhere around my 4th month. Little did I know that I was gradually going bald! And I was about to be called a "boy".
Visible scalp -- an early sign of my botak-ness

Another noticeable feat was my attempt to turn over... I tried as hard as I could but could only manage it halfway...

I also discovered something about my fingers -- I can grab and hold things with them, and they are "licking-good" too.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Flashback 7 - My 3rd month

At the end of my 2nd month, mummy returned to work. Mah-mah took care of me while daddy and mummy were at work. This was when I developed a "split personality". At Mah-mah's place, I was very clever at impressing her with my sweet and angelic behaviour. At home, I never failed to bully daddy and mummy by coming up with all sorts of fussy requests.

As I was still unable to sit upright for too long, I laid on my back most of the time. I disliked lying on my side or my tummy. As a result, the back of my head was totally flattened.

Flashback 6 - My 2nd month

At 2 months, all I could do was to eat, sleep and play. I loved bath time, play time and feeding time. I could smile and also giggle a bit.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

16 months old

I am 16 months old today. Besides getting naughtier than ever before, there isn't much changes in me.

- I can run. Shopping trips are more tiring than fun for daddy and mummy now.
- When asked to smile at the camera, I always blink my eyes.

- I learnt to put on my first attire --> a cap

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Lesson For Daddy

About three weeks ago, I was caught digging into daddy's wallet. Then I heard mummy telling daddy "Everything's intact. You're lucky that she did not go on a tearing spree." However, daddy did not get the message and continued to keep his wallet in the same place, which was easily within the reach of my itchy hands.

Last weekend, Oops... I did it again. And this was what happened:

This time, mummy said to daddy "You are still lucky. Only one piece is "victimised" and instead of finding just shredded bits, this is nicely torn and easily cellophane tape-able." They immediately "repaired" the note and used it on the very same morning. Hahaha...

Flashback 5 - My "Full Moon"

On the morning of my full moon, daddy collected the pre-ordered Fullmoon Package from Ayamas and distributed them to friends and relatives. Later in the day, more and more granduncles, grandaunties, uncles, aunties and cousins came. They all had lunch (3 tables of them) at the City Star restaurant while I slept soundly throughout their meal in my little Moses' Basket.

This is my very first family photo

The day of my full moon also happened to be daddy's birthday (13 Sept). So we had a small party at home, at night.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Flashback 4 - The Newborn

I was a quiet, adorable and fuss-free little baby in my first few months. I was very punctual, scheduled and predictable when it came to my feeding time, sleeping time and poo-poo time so that made me a very easy baby.

The day I came home for the first time

Unlike most newborns who love (and feel safer) being swaddled, I always unwrapped myself by squirming and kicking away whatever that restricted the movements of my limbs. Without the swaddling and with eyes alertly opened wide all the time, I did not look like a newborn at all...

4 days old:

12 days old:

19 days old:

22 days old:

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Flashback 3 - The Birth

The magic date arrived and passed without me showing any signs of wanting to greet the world. So, in order not to prolong the waiting, mummy decided to induce me on the 13th of August 2006, 2 days after her EDD.
About to deliver... anxious but eager

At 8am, she was admitted into the delivery suite. Shortly after that, she was put on drip to induce labour. Her contraction started immediately at 2-minute intervals. Then the doctor came to break her water bag. Ouch! At about 9:30am, an anaesthetist came knocking on the door like a peddler to ask if mummy needed an epidural. Without hesitation, she said “Yes, please!” And then the waiting continued... in a more relaxing and bearable condition.

She could even sleep after having the epidural

At 12pm, mummy was 5cm dilated. At 1pm, she progressed to 9cm! This was it. The nurses started “transforming” her bed to prepare for pushing. After about 10 minutes of pushing, I popped out of her with the help of a vacuum. I was a whopping 4.39kg / 9lb 11oz bundle of joy. Mummy’s jaw dropped instantly because my estimated weight was just above 3kg in her last scan a day before.

Goo-goo ga-ga... Daddy, mummy… I’m about to flip your world upside-down. Heh heh heh….

Friday, December 7, 2007

Flashback 2 - The Pregnancy

I gave mummy an overall easy and enjoyable pregnancy. She did not suffer from morning sickness at all, and she was always eating! She couldn’t say no to food or wait until she was hungry because that would be too late, and would make her nauseous. I did not crave for anything special so mummy just ate the usual stuff while daddy went “phew!” (for being spared the “torture” of going out searching for weird stuff at 3am).

Every month, mummy and daddy would come and visit me through this little window in a hospital. Sometimes I would wave at them. Sometimes I would turn away.

Towards the end of the 3rd month, mummy realized her clothes we getting tighter and she could no longer fit into them comfortably. It was after she put on her new line of mama-fashion that she started to feel pregnant.

At around the 4th month, daddy and mummy went for a cruise on Superstar Gemini. While it was their last honeymoon before becoming parents, it was my very first holiday! With 18 consecutive buffet meals in 6 days, that was the biggest and most enjoyable feast mummy and I have ever had.

Some time around the 5th month, mummy asked the doctor about my gender and she was very happy to know that I am a girl. On the very same day, immediately after her pre-natal check-up, she went shopping and bought some cute, girly clothing for me.

For the whole of the 6th month, daddy was away for training in the US. Mummy had to stay back because of me. It was a long and unhappy month for her as she couldn't help missing and pining for daddy. But he came back with lots of stuff for me!

At about 7 months into her pregnancy, mummy developed a super-nasty rash. It made her itch all over her arms, hands, legs and feet. Poor mummy could neither sleep nor sit still. She was prescribed various kinds of creams but nothing helped. And she looked so hideous that she couldn’t step out of home. As a result, mummy had to ponteng work again… Luckily she was leniently given MC throughout this agonizing period, which lasted until almost delivery.

Towards the final month, mummy was on an ice-cream binge. Almost every night, I feasted on Baskin Robbins and Haagen-Dazs along with mummy and I guess this was the main culprit that contributed to my baby-Sumo stature at birth.

Throughout the whole pregnancy, I squirmed and wriggled a lot. I also did acrobatic movements after every meal and hiccup-ed occasionally. I loved “dancing" to music, especially to lively classical music. Mummy would put a head-phone over her tummy to let me listen to Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Paganini and Vivaldi everyday at the office. Sometimes, I would respond to daddy’s voice too. In short, I really made my presence felt.... and created a great masterpiece (stretchmarks) on her belly.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Flashback 1 - The Conception

I “won the race” somewhere around mid-November 2005. It was an amazing race that led me to where I am now.

On a fine morning of 8th Dec 2005, mummy decided that this was the day! She eagerly took out her pregnancy kit (sponsored by Auntie Shellie who had a spare and had temporarily “closed shop”) and did something to it. In mere seconds, she froze in shock. And while she kept telling herself to be calm and to believe what she saw, this simple task proved to be extremely difficult. Daddy fared just as badly. He kept repeating “Are you sure? Is this reliable?” like a broken record.

After 5 long years of hope and disappointment, hope and disappointment, disappointment, disappointment and nothing but disappointment, it is not surprising to see a couple go berserk upon spotting one extra line on such an apparatus:

On that very morning, Daddy was so disorientated that he brushed his teeth twice before leaving for work while mummy ponteng work (emergency leave, kononnya) to spend the day at "baby fantasyland". Whether or not you are prepared…mummy, daddy… here I come!

The Flashback Series

I was nearly a year old when this blog was created. Therefore a large chunk of stories on my earlier days in life were left out. So mummy decided to fill in the missing parts in a mini-series called the Flashback Series.

Potty Training Part 1

After months and months of unsuccessful coaxing from mummy, from sitting on a small, plastic potty to a big, ceramic potty and after a long series of disappointments and frustrations, I finally decided to give her undying persistence a glimmer of hope. And so, in the last few random days, I managed to dump my load into this big and real and adult "poo-poo pot". *smiles proudly*

Hey, you! No peeking, please!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Balik kampung

Wait for me, Dad! I just can't seem to keep the straps on my shoulders!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Sleeping Child

Sleeping may not be one of my favourite activities but it is definitely mummy’s. I mean, mummy’s favourite time of the day is when I’m asleep.

My total snoozing time ranges from 12-13 hours daily. Here’s a typical schedule:

Bedtime: 10:00pm – 8:00am (Wake up at 6:00am for milk)
Naptime: 1:00pm-3:00pm

And this is my favourite sleeping position:

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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