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Monday, June 23, 2008

Little Miss Hurricane

A common sight in Mah-mah's house when I am around...

Heh heh heh... not me... I didn't do it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


It was love at second sight. When mummy first offered this fruit to me, I turned it away. I was not interested and did not even want to try. Then mummy persuaded me. I decided to give it a try (to please her).

I took a bite and mmmmmmmm... I love it!

I want some more *enjoy*

Look ma, no hands.


and messy...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Miss Home

I've been spending my weekdays at Mah-mah's house for about 3 months now. I miss home a lot lately. Fridays seem like a very long wait so every evening without fail, I ask daddy and mummy to take me home. Whenever they are about to leave, I will run to daddy, cling on to him tightly and plead pitifully "Go home... go home. Toys, books, puzzle..." Yes, I miss my toys, books and puzzles a lot.

Unfortunately, daddy always says "Wait for Friday ok. Another 3 more days". Sometimes I would cry. Sometimes I would put on a very dejected look and reluctantly say "Bye. See you. Daddy wan an. Mummy wan an" and *kiss kiss* them.

And run back to my usual activities here...

... such as reading the newspapers like Yeh-yeh.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Itchy Hands

Remember this?

Well, it has now become this...

I can't help it. The loose wooden flaps were seemingly "waving" to me, and my itchy hands found them too irresistable to be left alone.

Besides stripping off table tops, I also have this irritating habit of removing and throwing all the cushions on the floor. This never fails to put a BIG frown on mummy's face but Mah-mah likes it because she always says "Nevermind, let her throw!" Lalalalala....

Sunday, June 15, 2008


The latest Bigfoot discovery in Sarawak may turn out to be hoax but one thing for sure is... daddy and mummy are currently breeding one at home. Hahaha!

This afternoon we were out shopping for a pair of shoes. Unfortunately, my feet just couldn't fit into the whole range of cute-cute toddler shoes so we ended up buying a size 11, which is probably meant for a 4-5 year old... and I'm not even 2 yet!

I really loved my new shoes. I kept wearing it at home. It has blinking lights when I walk in it. Although it's a tight-fitting shoe, I could put it on and take it out without much effort.

My shoe in comparison with mummy's size 7 foot

Friday, June 13, 2008

22 Months Old

I am 22 months old today.

- I am 87cm tall and weigh about 12kg.
- Besides the 3 main solid meals, I still take 3 bottles of 7oz milk everyday.
- I love rice, even if it's just plain rice. I like veggies and fruits too.
- I am a water guzzler too. I can finish a whole bottle of water (8oz) in one sitting. I drink about 600-700ml of plain water everyday.
- I am more vocal now and can tell what I want.
- I can "tell" stories from my storybooks by flipping the pages, saying the words that I can say and imitating the sound effects that mummy makes.
- I can almost operate the DVD player. I think I would have successfully done it months ago if not for daddy or mummy's ceaseless interventions.
- I will pout my lips and hold back my tears when asked to stand (as a punishment).
- Overall, I am still a very cheerful and loveable kid.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I love to play with things that involve putting pieces together. First, it was the building blocks. Then, it was the jigsaw puzzle. Now, it's this alphabet foam mat...

Look, I made a long choo-choo train...

... and this (with somebody's help, of course)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My 1st Time-out

I served my first time-out today for being naughty. Daddy had repeatedly warned me not to do something but I chose to ignore him. Daddy sounded really angry when he led me to the corner and said "Stand here and hold your ears". I was so scared, I complied without making a sound.

However, luck was on my side. In less than 2 minutes (just enough time for mummy to grab the camera and capture this shot), the doorbell rang. It was Gung-gung, Ah Ma, Yee Ma and Ah Foo to the rescue! Of course, I tried to gain their sympathies by putting on a really pathetic look. It worked. Soon, I heard them muttering words like "kesian", "aiyo... so cham", "so pitiful" etc. and in no time, I was scooped into Ah Ma's loving arms. Phew! I was indeed saved by the bell.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

And the Magic Words are...

When I am not in the mood for photography, I will not co-operate (with the cameraman) no matter how much coaxing is done. I will just ignore the camera... until I hear something that interests me to perform the action:

Mummy: BB, smile.
Me: (ignore totally, look elsewhere)
Mummy: Look here, B.
Me: (ignore totally, play with my books)
Mummy: Look at the camera.
Me: (ignore totally, flip-flip my books)
Mummy: Hey, smile!
Me: (ignore totally, continue to flip-flip my books)
Mummy: Smile la... how do you smile? Show mummy...
Me: (ignore totally, do anything BUT look at the camera)
Mummy: Where's the camera?
Me: (ignore totally, pretend I didn't hear a thing)
Mummy: Make ugly face

Well, that's me.


I have a new friend, Mo (Elmo). I sayang it very much.
The very moment I laid my eyes on it, I gave it a kiss!
I even brought it along when we went out for gai-gai.

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