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Friday, June 13, 2008

22 Months Old

I am 22 months old today.

- I am 87cm tall and weigh about 12kg.
- Besides the 3 main solid meals, I still take 3 bottles of 7oz milk everyday.
- I love rice, even if it's just plain rice. I like veggies and fruits too.
- I am a water guzzler too. I can finish a whole bottle of water (8oz) in one sitting. I drink about 600-700ml of plain water everyday.
- I am more vocal now and can tell what I want.
- I can "tell" stories from my storybooks by flipping the pages, saying the words that I can say and imitating the sound effects that mummy makes.
- I can almost operate the DVD player. I think I would have successfully done it months ago if not for daddy or mummy's ceaseless interventions.
- I will pout my lips and hold back my tears when asked to stand (as a punishment).
- Overall, I am still a very cheerful and loveable kid.

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