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Friday, February 29, 2008

Feeding Bear and Minnie

I am starting to appreciate Bear and Minnie's presence now. They are my favourite playmates. I like to feed them and mummy likes to see the expression on my face.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Meeting with friends

I met 2 new friends today: Wyson and Ashley. Our mummies are online buddies. We met for dinner in Jusco, Seremban 2. Aunty Ivy surprised mummy with a birthday cake. It was a yummy mango cake and I ate almost a whole slice. Wyson the cake lover ate 2! And he’s only 3 weeks older than me.

Aunty Vicky came much later. While mummy and the aunties chatted the night away, daddy took the job of babysitting me. I was very, very attracted to this Fun Cart that was seen all over Jusco. Once I got into one, I completely REFUSED to get off.

Although I couldn't communicate with my little friends, I still had lots of fun. I had fun staring at them, observing them and touching them once in a while.

L-R: Wyson, me, Ashley

Friday, February 22, 2008

My 1st trip to KLCC

It is mummy's birthday today. Daddy took a day off from work to bring us gai-gai. We went to KLCC in the morning by LRT.

I finally got to ride on the LRT for the very first time. The half-hour ride was BORING. I couldn't sit still and became really restless as we were approaching our destination.

Upon reaching, we had a quick breakfast and went out to take some photos of the Petronas Twin Towers. It was so hot, we could hardly keep our eyes opened. We just took a few shots and ran back into the mall.
We strolled in Kinokuniya, Isetan and played some games at Petrosains. I loved the games so much, daddy and mummy had a hard time coaxing me to leave.

We planned to leave after lunch so that I could have my afternoon nap at home but I was so tired, I fell asleep in the LRT all the way home...

Later, I spent the whole evening and night at Mah-Mah's house because daddy and mummy "dumped" me there while they went out for a quiet dinner without me.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is how much I've grown

One and a half years later, this is how much I've grown:

Length at birth: 53.5cm
Height now: 83cm

Weight at birth: 4.39kg
Weight now: 11.5 kg

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Hib/DT/Polio Booster

Last Sunday, I went to this "ant-infested" clinic again for a scheduled jab. It has a mini “playground” in the waiting lounge and lots of toys in the doctor’s room. As usual, on the examination table, the doctor removed my diaper and said "ant bite" but I was so distracted by the toys, I didn’t even realize I just got shot in the butt. Needless to say, it was a calm and tearless event. Bravo to me!

Playing at the mini "playground"

My "new" toys

I recently got a big bag of hand-me-down toys from my cousin, Jeremy. He is a very gentle boy who takes very good care of his toys. Look, they are as good as new, with clean, smooth and shiny surfaces...
My "new" Mega Bloks

Tada... a giraffe.

Thank you, Jeremy & Koo Ma. I love it very much. I will also take good care of it and keep it nicely after playing with it.

Flashback 11 - My 7th month

And the flashback series continues...
At 7 months:

I could sit without support.

I started to drool (a lot).

I liked to "swim" on the floor and flap my hands like this:

I could hold my milk bottle.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I love arrowhead (or issit arrowshoot/arrowroot?) chips. Maybe this is the first time mummy allows me to eat chips, a type of forbidden food that is never on my "edible food" list. I find her strict ruling of 2-pieces per day unreasonably depriving so yesterday, discreetly, I did something that put a frown on her face.

I stole the chips from the dining table and happily helped myself to the whole container!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chloe the Destroyer

Who says only boys are destructive by nature? I have this superpower to change the shape of an object and I'm proud to show everyone my capability. Objects that are unfortunate enough to land in my hands, be it sturdy or flimsy, have a great possibility of being broken or smashed into pieces, bitten or chewed, bent and distorted, ripped apart, you name it, I’ll do it.

The top plastic layer of a loyalty card being ripped off and crumpled - nobody saw how I did it, but I did it.

A broken toy truck... this is a flimsy free gift so easy job nia.

I love balloons but I just have to do this. This balloon stick is lucky because it's quite elastic. The more brittle ones will end up in several separated pieces. Poor sticks.

My "ganas" look... GRRRRRRROWL!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The pre-bedtime work out

This is what I do every night just before bedtime - rolling and diving around to drain out my remaining energy before going into sleep mode to recharge.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

18 Months Old

I am one and a half years old today.

- I am more vocal now and can imitate most sounds that begin with vowels (single syllable) and the letters B, D, M, N, P, S, Y
- I can recognise and say the letters A, B, C, D, E, I, O, P, R, S, T (Capital). As for the rest, I can't pronounce but can recognise some of them.
- I know how to say “pis” (please) when mummy says no to something that I want
- My favourite toys: shape sorter, stack-up cups, building blocks. Now that I know how they work, I can spend minutes playing with them. There's no such thing as hours where a toddler's attention span is concerned.
- I can understand instructions very well and carry out simple chores correctly.
- I am still very much a kiddie-ride addict (esp those with steerings). I LOVE to steer.

My cousin, ZK

On the 2nd day of CNY, we went back to Seremban. There, I met a little boy called Zhong Keat, who is my 2nd cousin (mummy and his daddy are cousins). At last, I found someone my age to play with. He's just 8 months older so we kinda clicked. At least we didn't annoy each other or shoo each other away.

We played together...

Drank water together... (while holding my hand... cute and priceless!)
Played on the staircase (again!) together...

And posed for a photo together...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CNY 2008

This is my second CNY celebration. I was only 6 months old during last year's CNY. The only difference between this year and last year is that this year, I can run around and play with my cousins and eat some of the new year goodies. On the first day, we put on our new clothes and went over to Mah-mah's house. We spent almost the whole day there.
Wearing my new dress, socks and shoes and ready to go...
Over at Mah-mah's house, I spent most of the time playing with my cousins, Hayley and Jeremy. I kept grabbing, taking away and messing up their things until they found me annoying and shooed me away. I ended up playing by myself at the staircase which was also one of my favourite activities there. I also had Mah-mah's yummy vegetarian dish with rice for lunch and dinner besides some light snacks of cookies and arrowhead chips. I loved arrowhead chips and prawn crackers!
Hayley, Jeremy and me...
The one with the sulking face is obviously very unhappy with my presence

What a pity, nobody wants to play with me...

I was also showered with lots of ang paus. I had to "perform" the gong-xi, gong-xi action before each ang pau was given to me. Now I know why mummy taught me this action a few days ealier. However, I only gong-xi, gong-xi the people whom I know. Unfamiliar faces were short-changed with just blank stares.

Hmm... If I remember correctly, I think this is from 2nd Granduncle.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Under the Table

Since my crawling days, I've always enjoyed playing under the table.

Now: Every morning, I will position myself comfortably under mummy's dressing table (which faces the bathroom) like this and watch her brush her teeth.

At 8 months: Crawl, crawl, crawl under the coffee table and show the "you cannot catch me" look.

At 13 months: This is my favourite - the maze of the dining table and chairs.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A week in Seremban

Daddy had to attend a meeting in Penang from 27-31 Jan, so mummy and I left for Seremban where I spent a week at my grandparents'. With lots of grandparental love & attention plus new things to explore, I enjoyed every second of my stay there.

I love to climb up the lazy chair. I actually climbed almost halfway up the backrest and miraculously, it didn't fall or topple over but mummy's heart almost did *sneaky smile*

This front grill is fun. I can either climb it or shake it. The loud clanging sound is music to my ears.

Every afternoon, I took my nap on this comfy and cooling canvas bed, 100% handmade by gung-gung.

I also loved running around the front porch... All these are the simple pleasures that are not available in our home.

I also broke a few things in the house, tore the newspaper and other paper stuff, threw things around and created lots of mess, walked around the neighbourhood, went gai-gai in Jusco and Tesco, kept "sticking" to my gung-gung, learned new letters/words and sang new songs (taught by grandma), ate a lot and poo-poo a lot and many more...

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