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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Bookworm

I read first thing in the morning (esp when daddy and mummy sleep in during the weekends and I wake up earlier than them, I will read quietly in the living room on my own)

I read in the bookstores with daddy (usually in a mall) when mummy goes shopping

I read while taking my meals (mummy often has to shout and remind me to EAT!

I read during our hotel stays

I read before bedtime everyday :)

How not to wear specs, like that??

I am able to read books that are of quite advanced level, like this Enid Blyton's Mr Pink-Whistle series, which mummy started reading (and loved) at around age 10

*Reading updates at 5 year 3 months

Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Getaway @ Holiday Inn Glenmarie

We went for another hotel stay last Saturday. It was somewhere very near home. Near home as in, well, let's just put it this way: Mummy wanted to take a photo of me when the welcome drinks were served. It was then that she realized the camera was left at home. Luckily her handphone was with her (she leaves this at home even more frequently!)

Refreshing juice and cold towels (photo taken with mummy's handphone)

The lobby and Cafe Terrace (also taken with mummy's handphone)

So apa lagi, we took a short drive home to get our camera :) Okay, back to the hotel room, there was a small glitch in the hotel's reservation system. After quite a long wait to check in, we were given a room upgrade to Executive Club :)

Our room number... not a very auspicious number for the superstitious Chinese hehe but we aren't superstitious, so no big deal for us :p

The room was very pleasant, comfortable and clean, clean as in dust-free (mummy's sensitive nose could tell if a room is dust-free or not)
The pillows came in "soft" and "firm" (two each) 

The view from our room... a golf course. Nice!

When can we go swimming???? *sulk*

The view of the swimming pool from the entrance of our room

Wow, the whole pool to ourselves? Unfortunately, barely 2 minutes after getting into the pool, we felt raindrops on our heads... and soon, it was pouring! 

Stranded in the little hut... we listened to the rhythm of the rain and waited patiently for it to stop...

... and it did! About 20 minutes later, it was clear blue skies all the way :)


Come and join in the fun, mummy! But no, mummy was too engrossed in this page-turner (book) hehe...

The pool is all "ours"... yay!!

Dinner at Kites Restaurant. This was our third time dining here (using our complimentary vouchers for 2 adults). They did not charge me this time. When we dined here the second time, the restaurant insisted that daddy paid the child fare for me (children above 5 years old were chargeable)... such inconsistent regulations. Hmph!

The food here was so-so only... yet daddy and mummy spent hours eating and enjoying themselves! 

When I got bored and restless, mummy bribed me with marshmallows to keep me quiet hehe :p

The bribing didn't last long. After a few minutes, I went over to her and whispered in her ears "Hurry up, mummy. I need to go to the toilet!" (for my big biz)! Of course, they quickly took their last bite and left in a hurry hahaha!

Let me tell you a secret, mummy... I need to "go"!

What about my "hotel homeworks"? Well, of course, I read my books and did my homework as diligently as usual...

This was the sight that daddy and mummy woke up to the next morning... I was quietly doing my homework (workbooks brought from home) after waking up earlier than them :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My First Pair of Spectacles

When I was a curious baby/toddler, I was called "The Serial Spectacles Murderer" because of the extensive damage I've done to the spectacles that belonged to the people around me. For the records, I have...

1. broken one of the lenses of daddy's glasses (not blogged),
2. bent and disfigured mummy's glasses,
3. twisted and damaged Ah Ma's reading glasses,
4. broken Mah-Mah's reading glasses, and
5. destroyed my first pair of sunglasses.

Of course, I no longer do any of that now so I can safely have my very own pair...

My very first pair of glasses... it's a pink half-frame, chosen by mummy and approved by me ;) 

How do I look? I told mummy "I look kinda cute" :p

After putting on my specs, I saw some "new" things that I couldn't see before this. I looked out of the balcony (of our home) and said "Wow, there are so many new houses there!" Well, actually those houses have been there all the while. Now only I know (can see) haha!

More pics of me as a "sei ngan mui" (four-eyed girl)

* Bespectacled at 5 years 3 months

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Generous Friend

Every now and then I would bring home some small gifts or party packs from school, given either by my teacher or friends. Just 2 days before the school holidays, I brought home some souvenirs as usual. It was from my classmate RP, who had just returned from a holiday to Hong Kong Disneyland.

RP gave me some candies, a sticker and a Disney Princess pencil

They all looked very ordinary, right? But when mummy saw the price tag still attached to the plastic wrapper of the Princess pencil...

... her eyes nearly popped out! This Cinderella pencil cost a whopping RM35!

Being a miser, mummy felt quite bad for letting me accept such an expensive gift from my friend. She definitely would not have bought it for me (she actually never bought anything for me during our trip to HK Disneyland last year) let alone buy it for my friends! *blush* She then made me thank RP again the next day and if I saw RP's mummy, I had to thank her too. 

Isn't she lovely? 

I loved the pencil very much. I held it and played with it the whole day...

... until I fell asleep... still holding on to my dear pencil! Haha!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Perfect Eyesight No More!

20112011 may appear to be a special date for many but for me, it is a date that signifies a big change in my physical appearance. I am going to wear glasses! *sobs*

It all started many months back when daddy and mummy noticed something wrong with my eyesight. I was unable to see or read signs/notices that were quite a distance away (although they could). After many similar "tests", when they told me to read something from a distance and I failed to do so, they finally brought me to consult an eye specialist.

I underwent a series of eye check, eye test, eye dilation and eye re-test, and the results indicated that I have myopia (short-sightedness) with signs of lazy eye. According to the doctor, my vision may be correctable but I will have to wear a special lens (specially for kids) until I am at least 10 years old.

The preliminary test... to roughly measure my "power" (the degree of my short-sightedness)
Going through the "alphabet test" to determine the accuracy of my power 

After my power has been confirmed, I had to wear these temporary lenses for at least 10 minutes to make sure the power was ok and did not make me dizzy 

My power... it's about 200+ in both eyes

Mummy was very, very upset at the very thought of me wearing glasses at such a tender age. Daddy and her started wearing glasses at the ages of 13 and 12 respectively so they had kinda expected me to follow suit at around that age too. I am currently awaiting my new pair of glasses that we had ordered on Sunday (yesterday). Come Wednesday, I will be "four-eyed" for a very, very long time, no thanks to my addiction to the telly and bad reading habits such as this...

A bookworm with the wrong reading position (actually I don't do this often, mummy caught me doing this just once hehe)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

While I Was Sick...

- I missed a mini family gathering (with mummy's cousins) and did not get to play with my cousins ZK, ZW, Leanne and Timmy from Singapore.

- I practiced very good self-control and stayed away from food that I knew I was not supposed to eat, even though mummy did not stop me. She even offered me a papadom when she was having her vegetarian banana leaf rice (she had forgotten about my condition) but I declined and said "sick cannot eat this".

- I was dragged to 1 Utama for a half-day shopping outing (on Saturday afternoon) even though I was sick. I told you, mummy is BAD! Because I was not feeling well, my refusal to walk was understandable so mummy suggested using the stroller... yes, my baby stroller, which has been sitting in daddy's car, unused and untouched since almost a year ago! I missed my stroller very much so I agreed to sit on it...

The stroller is still able to support this overgrown baby. It did not collapse or fall apart hehe :p 

And then the most embarrassing thing happened! We bumped into Aaron (my classmate and best friend). Gosh, I was so, so embarrassed (to be caught sitting in a baby stroller) that I didn't quite dare to look at him haha!

- I enjoyed eating my antibiotic (the white and fruity-flavoured Augmentin) and told mummy that "it's kinda yummy" *mummy rolls eyes*

- I recuperated really fast and got well in just 2 days. I fell ill on Friday night and by Sunday night, I had fully recovered. I also went to school on Monday the following day :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prone to Tonsilitis

I developed a fever out of the blue yesterday night. Mummy gave me a dose of paracetamol and we went to bed together soon after. Before that, she also placed an ice-pack on my forehead...

Hehehe... very cold and "ticklish"! 

Mummy slept like a log and did not get up to check my temperature at all! (what a horrible mum) This morning, daddy and mummy woke up feeling worried and upset because my body was still hot to the touch and they freaked out when they saw the thermometer reading... 40.1C! They immediately rushed me to my usual paediatrician's clinic.

Mummy was worried that I may have contracted urinary tract infection because I had earlier complained about "pain during urination". According to the doctor, I did not have any symptoms of UTI (urine colour and flow was normal). The culprit turned out to be my throat. The doctor gasped when she saw my very inflamed tonsils! This was obviously caused by heatiness. My whole body was so "overheated" that even my urine was hot, thus the burning sensation, which I described as "pain".

Now, mummy is very baffled as to why am I so prone to heatiness and tonsilitis. This is my second attack in 3 months (well, actually it's only the second attack in my life). I had my first bout in August and mummy doesn't remember me running such a high fever then. I don't eat fried food, I drink enough water daily, I take at least 2 servings of fruits every day, I drink homemade fresh fruit juice (with cucumber) quite regularly, I sleep well etc. What could be the cause? Daddy blamed it on the chocolate that I ate 2 days ago...

This poor Lindt chocolate bunny kena blamed although I only ate its ears! :p

Friday, November 11, 2011

I Love Them, I Love Them Not!

Because I Have You
On the way to school one day, while walking hand in hand with me (we walk to school every morning), mummy felt very happy, blessed and contented so she asked me...

Mummy: Are you a happy child?
Me: Yes!
Mummy: What makes you happy?
Me: When I am with you, I feel happy. I am happy because I have you and daddy :)
Mummy related this to daddy and both their hearts melted.

Sick, Sick lah
It was raining one morning so we did not walk to school. Mummy drove me there and wanted to drop me off at the covered lobby area so that neither of us would get wet. I did not want to get down on my own and insisted that she parked the car in the open carpark and use an umbrella to go down with me...

Mummy: What if I get wet in the rain and fall sick?
Me: Sick, sick lah... after that, you will get well wat!
Mummy: *rolls eyes* *heart shattered*

Daddy's Back-Stabber
Mummy the fussy clean-freak wipes my bicycle (esp the tyres) after each ride outside, before it is allowed to be pushed into the house. While she was wiping my bicycle one day...

Mummy: *in complain mode* You always make me spend so much time wiping your bicycle. See, I help you wipe until it's so sparkling clean! (expecting me to thank her)
Me: Ya la, not like daddy.... cincai wipe only! (daddy was not at home then)
Daddy: *shakes head* *heart shattered*

Good girl or bad girl?

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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