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Monday, August 29, 2011

Made In China

I like to read labels and find out where things are made, especially my toys. A few days ago, while digging for her winter jacket hidden deep inside one of the compartments of my wardrobe, mummy stumbled upon a bag of toys... my baby toys, to be exact.... toys that have been put away years ago (I think after I turned 2).

She took them out for me to see (and play, of course). Boy, they were like new toys to me! I had no idea at all that I once played with these toys. I could only remember a few of them vaguely. Mummy takes very good care of my toys and things. She cleaned and wiped every single one of them before storing them. Therefore, these toys came out of storage looking clean and new...

Toys from the past... just some of the better quality ones that mummy put away for "safekeeping". She didn't buy many toys for me too. Most of them were gifts.

I had such a toy? How come I don't remember anything at all?

So many nice toys... I miss being a baby :)

Later, I started inspecting the toys one by one to find out where each of them were made.

Fisher Price... made in China

Baby Einstein... made in China

Lamaze... made in China

Playgro... made in China

Tolo... made in China

"Everything is Made in China! Why ar?" I asked. Daddy gave me an answer which I didn't really understand but nevermind...

One of mummy's favourites... this Tolo "krak-krak" toy still looks very new after so many years :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Sleeping Companion

Of late, I do not take regular afternoon naps anymore unless I am very tired. If my nap is "planned", I will surely look for something to hold while I sleep. The Goofy Pez candy dispenser is my clear favourite...

Me and my Goofy Pez

Goofy again...

... and again (and many other times too)

Sometimes, when I can't find Goofy, I will opt for funny and unlikely stuff...

... like a kazoo...

... an empty dental floss box...

... or a clothes peg

And this, I did not hold this on purpose, I just happened to fall asleep while drinking and mummy found this funny.  hehe...

I held on to this Transformers Bumble Bee toy overnight! I held it when I went to bed at night and the next morning, the toy was still in my hand. Unbelievable! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Happy Friday

It is the last day of school today... yippee! A Merdeka-Raya party was held in my kindergarten today. We were encouraged to wear traditional costumes as stated in the circular...

I wore last year's baju kurung

With a few of my cute classmates

Mummy made these Hello Kitty sandwiches for our makan-makan/class party
(egg sandwich with mayo, cheese and butter)

I also made this card a few days ago

When mummy came to pick me up after school, I told her "Today is one of my happiest days ever!" I was happy because I ate ice-cream and chicken nuggets in school. From school, we headed straight to Giant for lunch, playground and grocery shopping. We had lunch in the same noodle restaurant and sat on the same table...

Made some faces while waiting for our orders, as usual

I even ordered the same noodle! I can use the chopsticks very well now. Everytime mummy gets a fork for me, I will leave it aside and refuse to use it
After lunch, it was playground time! 

While playing in the playground, I slipped and fell on the slide. I immediately ran to mummy to complain "This baju kurung is so slippery! It made me fall on the slide... my knee is very painful. Later you sek-sek me back ok" haha.

On our way home, I had a very unusual conversation with mummy in the car. I talked to her about our country's independence day and our Prime Minister! I sure know a thing or two about Malaysian history and its current affairs haha. This also shows that I have been paying attention in class :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fun Day at New Jusco in 1U

The all-new, bigger and better Jusco in 1 Utama has reopened recently and we went there on their very first day of opening. Coincidentally, daddy was on leave that day :) We headed there almost immediately after school and lunch (at home).

Of course, my main target was the kidddy play land. Since everything in it was brand new, daddy allowed me in and paid RM3 for a 20-minute play time. Needless to say, I had a whale of a time there...

Oh how I loved the ball pool!

And the slide...

And this bounce-bounce ball

There were lots of toys there for me to play too...

First, let's drive to the market *honk honk*

Buy veggies...

Buy fish...

Be careful with the eggs!

I'll be my own cashier :)

Welcome to my lovely kitchen

Your meal will be done in a jiffy

For once, it felt great playing with those new toys, where not a single piece was broken, dirty or missing :)

At the real supermarket, I shook hands with this Mr Mushroom, who after that gave me some cute mushroom stickers

I also adored this giant Sing-a-ma-jigs mascot. I was very naughty. I went behind and poked its buttocks when it was swarmed by kids teeheehee!

Playing with a Hotwheels set displayed at the toys section

The day ended with us pushing a trolley-ful of goodies from the supermarket to our car parked far, far away! Mummy also bought some junkfood hehe... half a dozen of Mister Donut (Japan's largest donut chain) to try.

The choco-ring donut was really yummy, with a very unique chewy texture

Friday, August 19, 2011

Arts n Crafts Day: Yoghurt Cup Animals

Do you like to eat yoghurt? I do! But what do you do with the cups after emptying its content? If you are like mummy, I'm sure you will automatically throw them all away. Well, mummy has thrown away dozens of such cups before she realized she could actually make something out of them.

Don't throw these cups away... I'll show you why :)

Since this craft required mainly cutting work with a pair of very sharp scissors, mummy did all the cutting while I was given an easier task...

Drawing dots and lines and gluing the googly eyes onto the animals

Introducing..... the red series:

Crab, ladybird, jellyfish and octopus

Close-up of Little Jellyfish

Introducing... the brown series:

Animals puppets... dog, bear, moose and cat

Close-up of Little Cat

The whole gang

From trash to treasure... I just love 'em!

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Birthday Outing

Daddy and mummy did not plan anything special for my birthday this year. Up until the very last minute (on the night of my birthday eve), daddy casually asked...

Daddy: Tomorrow is your birthday so what would you like to do?
Me: Something fun!
Daddy: Like what?
Me: Go to Genting Highlands?
Daddy: Err, besides that?
Daddy & mummy: *rolled eyes*

Well, after getting my hint, daddy and mummy planned a birthday surprise for me that very night, after I have gone to bed. It was something very impromptu.

The next morning (on 13th Aug, my actual birthday), Koo-koo joined us on our outing. We went to Berjaya Times Square in KL... a place totally unfamiliar to me. It was lunch time when we arrived so we had lunch at Vivo. I was still kept in the dark about the "secret place" that they were bringing me to. Although I did ask, they were very tight-lipped over it.

Walking around Vivo while waiting for our orders... playing and talking to my "twin" as usual (everytime I see large mirrors like this)

Let's dig in!

Seafood pizza, mushroom pizza, grilled fish sandwich and chocolate lava... yummy!

Finally, the surprise was revealed to me right after lunch...

I was extremely thrilled when led to the entrance of a theme park!

The Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest indoor theme park in Malaysia. The entrance fee turned out to be cheaper than Genting's indoor theme park because we got multiple discounts after flashing our MyKad/MyKid, a departmental store loyalty card and a credit card.

This was our very first visit here and we were quite impressed with the pleasant atmosphere that greeted us... everything looked clean and fairly new. The best part was, we DID NOT have to queue up for the rides at all (there was no crowd).

Bright, colourful and attractive

In almost every ride that we went on, we were always the first in the queue ;) I didn't feel bored riding the rides again and again and again and again (average of 5 times per ride)...

Botanic Drive (Total number of rides: 5)

From the 2nd ride onward, I insisted on driving the car all by myself and didn't allow mummy or daddy to sit with me

Molly-Cool's Swing... this was the only ride that I did not enjoy. After just a few swings, my face turned pale so mummy quickly asked the ride operator to stop the ride. Luckily I was the only kid on it. (Total number of rides: 0.5)

Buddy Go Round... a nice carousel with unusual-looking creatures (Total number of rides: 5)

I loved the spinning cup on the carousel...

Flying Bumble Bee... this was one of my favourites (Total number of rides: 6)

Crazy Bus (Total number of rides: 5)

On board the Crazy Bus... this was a very fun ride... even daddy and mummy enjoyed this :)

Fantasy Trail... a choo-choo train ride around the theme park (Total number of rides: 4)

Honey Bump... bumper-car for kids.

I loved this the most! For the record, I played this 8 times!

I enjoyed playing in the big playground there too (while daddy and mummy rested their tired feet)

Daddy the thrill-seeker even had a go on this hair-raising roller coaster... the Supersonic Odyssey as well as the Ooort's Express. Mummy the coward gave him two thumb-ups :)

After 5 hours of walking, spinning, twirling, gyrating, sitting and steering, we decided to call it a day. Just before leaving the theme park, I noticed something missing on my wrist. It was the brand new McD Hello Kitty watch that Koo-koo gave to me yesterday. I wanted to tell mummy about it but didn't dare to open my mouth so I hinted to her by lifting and pulling the sleeve of my blouse up and down to show her my bare wrist. As expected, I got nagged by her for being so careless!

Luckily the watch was captured in one of the photos taken by Koo-koo earlier in Vivo...

So sayang... gone within a day *sad* I told mummy not to delete this photo because I want to remember this watch forever haha.

I asked for sushi for dinner so we had that somewhere near home

That night, I thanked daddy and mummy profusely for giving me a fun-tastic day. I told them "I don't like today... I LOOOOOOOOOVE today!"

The following day, mummy baked me some cupcakes.

With my home-baked Choco-Berry Cuppies (chocolate cupcakes with homemade fresh cream, chocolate sprinkles and strawberries)

The Wonderful World of Ruoyi

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