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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Happy Friday

It is the last day of school today... yippee! A Merdeka-Raya party was held in my kindergarten today. We were encouraged to wear traditional costumes as stated in the circular...

I wore last year's baju kurung

With a few of my cute classmates

Mummy made these Hello Kitty sandwiches for our makan-makan/class party
(egg sandwich with mayo, cheese and butter)

I also made this card a few days ago

When mummy came to pick me up after school, I told her "Today is one of my happiest days ever!" I was happy because I ate ice-cream and chicken nuggets in school. From school, we headed straight to Giant for lunch, playground and grocery shopping. We had lunch in the same noodle restaurant and sat on the same table...

Made some faces while waiting for our orders, as usual

I even ordered the same noodle! I can use the chopsticks very well now. Everytime mummy gets a fork for me, I will leave it aside and refuse to use it
After lunch, it was playground time! 

While playing in the playground, I slipped and fell on the slide. I immediately ran to mummy to complain "This baju kurung is so slippery! It made me fall on the slide... my knee is very painful. Later you sek-sek me back ok" haha.

On our way home, I had a very unusual conversation with mummy in the car. I talked to her about our country's independence day and our Prime Minister! I sure know a thing or two about Malaysian history and its current affairs haha. This also shows that I have been paying attention in class :)


  1. Chloe looks so pretty in her baju kurung. She looks like a primary school student :)

  2. oh, so good that last years baju kurung can still fit her nicely.
    Happy holiday!

  3. Such a pretty dress. Suits you well. You are the prettiest there

  4. Chloe's very tall for her age...she is towering over her classmates! Lovely job with the Hello Kitty sandwiches! Wish I could bite into one! *wink wink* Happy holidays Chloe and mummy.

  5. You look very ayu in ur baju kurung chloe :D

    can use chopstick dy?! Fuiyo! clap clap!

  6. Chloe's so sweet in baju kurung. I guess she's the tallest in her class?

  7. It's Giant Kota D'sara with free kiddy rides! I love to bring Sam there ;P

  8. Chloe looks so sweet in her baju kurung.

  9. Yes, I remember this buju kurung that Cik Chloe wore last year. So fast, 1 year already. I have read 2 birthday celebrations of Chloe too.


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